Carrier Command: Gaea Mission: Walkthrough/Fulcrum

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This is a FPS mission that gives Myrick a chance to infiltrate the enemy facilities on Fulcrum and against all odds manage to disable the shield protecting the Command center.

From the gameplay perspective this is achieved by activating three switches in three different enemy installations in a specified order.

FIXME: these waypoints are not in order because I last played the mission a long time ago and do not remember how exacly it went

  1. Avoid the Coastal Dock

    This marker is NOT placed at the position of the coastal dock, but at a waypoint that it is necessary to reach.

  2. Reach the vantage point
  3. Leave the Station
  4. Clear access to Shaft
    Some players reported difficulty with this in the way that this waypoint was not displayed properly and they instead saw a "Leave the Bunker" waypoint. [1] In any case, at this point find a cabinet placed next to a wall. It is actionable from the side. Pressing use on it leads to Myrick pushing the cabinet away and revealing an lift shaft behind.
  5. Climb down the Elevator Shaft
  6. Leave the Bunker
  7. Cross the bridge
  8. Disable the Gate
  9. Open the Maintenance Door
  10. Enter the Control Room
  11. Enter the Maintenance Area
  12. Enter the Bunker
  13. Reach the mountain pass
  14. Proceed through the forest
  15. Proceed along path
  16. Avoid the APA Defenses
  17. Current Monitoring System (CMS)
  18. Proceed through the Station
  19. Get to the Manta LZ
  20. Enter the Station
  21. Run Security Bypass
  22. Remove the Power Socket
  23. Open the Vent
  24. Disable the CMS
  25. Disable the 2nd CMS
  26. Reach the Satellite Station
  27. Overload the power grid
  28. Board the Walrus

    At the area of impact, the radiation levels are dangerously high and cause damage to Myrick's health. Run quickly.

  29. Return to the Carrier


    • Fulcrum is likely the core of the APA forces in the Dead Zone. If we defeat the enemy there, we've practically incapacitated the APA.
    • Fulcrum has a large shield protecting the unit production facilities. If I overload the system, it will temporarily deactivate and we'll have enough time to blast the area with the Hammerhead Missile.
    • The first Current Monitoring System (CMS) is in a bunker. I'll need to get in and deactivate it there.
    • The second CMS is in the second bunker, quite a bit from the shore. On the up side it is on the way to the Satellite Station.
    • The main controls where I can override the shield are in the Satellite Station. I'll need to reach it and get inside.

Finishing this mission also means completing one of the Chapter II objectives the as Fulcrum is the enemy stockpile island we are to capture.