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Operation Flashpoint: Elite has a built-in mission editor much like the original Operation Flashpoint PC version. You can build decent, relatively complex missions using only the in-game editor and the mission templates provided. The editor does have limitations when compared to the Operation Flashpoint PC version.

Editing Limitations

The follow items are not supported by the in-game editor:

  • Triggers
  • Synchronizing triggers/waypoints
  • Scripts
  • Customized user text, addons, or sounds

Recently Operation Flashpoint fans have imported missions created in the PC version to Operation Flashpoint: Elite. These missions are generally tweaked using the editor in the PC version and then can be hashed together to work on the Xbox version. While this makes it a lot easier to construct the mission and add user text and scripts there are still some limitations. Most of these limitations concern the multiplayer missions.

Operation Flashpoint Conversion Limitations

  • Sounds are not supported (MP only)
  • .jpg file type is not supported - only .paa and .pac image file types are supported
  • Briefing files, scripts, and files residing on the host will not be transferred to clients. (think server-side scripting)
  • Fonts are limited and have changed to support TV format.
  • Building names have changed.
  • There is a problem with cutscenes created with triggers in that the trigger now has x,y,z coordinates and z seems to be set to 0 (height), thus most cutscenes are viewed from ground level.


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