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Overview is simple text describing game content in menu list.


Main article: Overview.html

The overview.html contains simple mission description and picture visible in main menu mission selection.


Take On Helicopters introduces ability to define overviews in config, making overview.html obsolete.

Main motivation was to unify overviews in a style, so presentation of community content will look as well as of the official one. This was sometimes difficult before, as overview images were using custom frames or shadows, which community have no access to.

Among other advantages of new format are easy maintenance (config supports macros and inheriting) and replacement of HTML Control with more versatile Structured Text.

It is compatible with:

  • CfgMissions
    • Campaigns
    • Missions
    • TimeTrials
    • Tutorial
  • CfgWorlds

Config overview cannot be used where no config exists, such as missions or campaigns placed directly in Missions or Campaigns folders.



String, which is converted to Structured Text in game.

overviewText = "This mission is extraodinarly splendid";


Path to mission picture. It doesn't need any external preparation and only requirement are:

  • 2:1 aspect ratio for CfgMissions
  • 1:1 aspect ratio for CfgWorlds
overviewPicture = "hsim\missions_h\data\overview_us_core_ca.paa";

Sample config

class CfgMissions
	class Campaigns
		class BIS_HSim_US
			directory = "hsim\missions_h\campaign";
			overviewText = "$STR_hsim_overview_us_campaign";
			overviewPicture = "hsim\missions_h\data\overview_us_core_ca.paa";
	class Missions
		class Visit
			directory = "HSim\Missions_H\campaign\missions\Proc_United_States_H.United_States_H";
			overviewText = "$STR_hsim_overview_missionVisit";
			overviewPicture = "hsim\missions_h\data\missionVisit_ca.paa";