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ConvertWrp Version 1.xx by Mikero

see readmegeneral
see fixes

ConvertWrp converts wrp formats from one format to another from Operation Flashpoint cwc thru to Elite and Arma2 type 24 chernarus

Any wrp will convert to

  • 4WVR (unbinarised ofp)
  • 8WVR (unbinarised arma)
  • Binarised arma (oprw) to another arma binarised type (17,18,20,24)
  • a pew file will convert to 8wvr


essentially, convert wrp converts binarised models of the same family to their unbinarised equivalent.

It is not possible to cross the divide between arma and Operation Flashpoint because arma uses material files(rvmat). Operation Flashpoint uses textures (pax)

all other conversions are at your own risk and will probably fail.

you CANNOT binarise files. Use BisTools

You CAN cut out visitor's depew export function, which is tedious, and use ConvertWrp to convert pew to 8WVR


                      • PEW EXPORT CONVERSION************

ConvertWrp AnyPew.Pew 8

Currently only pew59 and 60 (arma) pews can be converted to 8WVR only

This means you no longer have to have bulldozer or even arma installed on the machine.

There is no expectation at a later date for this tool to binarise the resulting wrp to produce oprw.

                      • WRP CONVERSION************

ConvertWrp [-options...] AnyWrp[.wrp] [toType] [Pew.Cfg]

Options(case insensitive)

-u. create Operation Flashpoint rvmats UNsafely

-s. create Operation Flashpoint rvmats Safely(default)

-c. convert Operation Flashpoint p3d's to ca equivalents

-O. convert Operation Flashpoint p3d's to ca equivalents (scan p drive)

-P don't Pause

8:8WVR (default)
18:OPRW_ARMA normal
20:OPRW_ARMA sara
58 pew POSE58 Format (arma/elite)
59:pew POSE59 Format (arma)
60:Pew POSE60 format (arma 1 & 2)

Pew.Cfg is for direct pew conversion only (type 60). See special text document


arma2 uses a different style of compression( lzo), the old style compression lzss is not supported (as a write function)