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Alright, so you either got a new copy of OFP and you feel screwed because your game doesn't look like those pics in the combat photography thread, or you reinstalled OFP, but just can't live without 8000 poly models with 2048^² textures. Get your improvements here!

The categories should be pretty clear. A unit replacement is meant to replace units and effects, as shown >here< (Y2K3), so you can play any mission with new units. It might also enhance AI. Unit replacements have issues online unless everybody uses the replacement.

As you might have figured out, since the units you have are being enhanced, almost all of the things listed below come with a performance penalty, but this does not mean the same as "render the game unplayable". Experiment to see what your system can handle.

Note that "(Beta!)" is used if the version number is below 1.0, or if the author has specified it is a beta release.

It is also wise to note that some mods come with a config.bin - please take into account that only one can be used at a time.

One of a kind:

OFPEC's Blood Addon link courtesy of

ORCS' Effect Pack link courtesy of

Dxdll link courtesy of

Material Properties Addon Pic1 (Without) / Pic2(With)
NIM Dynamic Weather and Enviroment Effects link courtesy of

Transparent Water link courtesy of
VME Chinese Mod with AI Enhancements for all sides link courtesy of

Uwar Grass Addon (dead link)
Improved Editor link courtesy of

OFP Mod Selector (dead link) (Select and play with your favorite mods).

Sky Replacements:

Hi Resolution Skies by Kegetys link courtesy of

Skies by Llauma link courtesy of
(Pic link courtesy of
Skies by WM Rabbit link courtesy of

Unsung Vietnam Skies link courtesy of

New Effects:

ECP 1.085 (Gameplay/AI Enhancement).
FlashFX 2.0 (dead link)

Effects and Unit Replacement:

Enhanced ECP Config Project link courtesy of
(Pic link courtesy of
FlashFX Unit Replacement 6.0 link courtesy of

Y2K3 7.1 Full (7.2 patch) (7.3 Patch with heavy scripting rendered the game impossible to play).
Wargames League (WGL) link courtesy of
(4.11 Patch link courtesy of
, 4.12 Patch link courtesy of

Animation Replacement:

Animation Replacement Pack link courtesy of
(Used in Y2K3).
DMA Animations link courtesy of
(Suitable to overwrite the one in Y2K3).
Pistol Animation Pack link courtesy of

Leaning and Rolling Animations link courtesy of


Retaliation link courtesy of


Finish Defence Forces link courtesy of
( Desert Module link courtesy of
, Winter Malden link courtesy of
CSLA II (w/ FIA Pack) link courtesy of

Tonal link courtesy of
( Patch 1 link courtesy of
, Patch 2 link courtesy of


-ORCS effects are compatible with FlashFX 2.0.
-Only full conversion mods get added to this list, i.e. addons/campaigns, for unfinished mods look at
This Page link courtesy of

-If anyone feels his mod is left out please PM me.
-Thanks go to link courtesy of
, if you're new to OFP, bookmark them!
-Almost all example pictures here are hosted by a site maintained by the addon creator, if the creator wants this page to keep its hands off his bandwidth, he should drop me an email.

Thanks go to:

Kegetys (Dxdll, New Skies).
Llauma (New Skies, in cooperation with Hit Squad Maximus).
Hit Squad Maximus (New skies, in cooperation with Llauma).
Where's My Rabbit (New Skies).
(E)ECP Team
Unknown OFPEC members (For the Blood Effects Addon).
Nemesis6 (FlashFX and Unit Replacement).
ORCS' Development Team (ORCS Effects).
Wargames League Team (Russin for reporting it).
Pappy (Year 2003 / Y2K3 mod).
Dreamy Knight! (Animation Replacement).
The Unsung Team (New Skies).
Sanctuary (Animation Replacement).
The FDF Mod Crew (FDF Mod).
The CSLA II Mod Crew (CSLA Mod).
The Retaliation Folks (Retaliation Campaign).
Voyager // Our Weapons Mod (Transparent Water).
The VME Team (People's Libaration Army addons and AI scripts).
Thunderbird ( FlashFx UR Mod).
Uwar Team (Grass Addon).
BOH Mod Team (Battle over Hokkaido Mod).
Nam Pack 2 Team (Nam Pack 2).
Operator of Dissidence (Mod Selector).
Locke@Germany (Leaning Animations).
Everyone who made addons used in the above mentioned unit replacements!

If I left anyone out PM me on Bis forums :;): .

Last updated 07 April 2006