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This article details Administration Log, a file which records key gameplay events such as chat, player hits and deaths. It's main purpose is to help server administrators identify exploiters, cheaters or spot breaches of any custom rules the server might have set up.

To enable the logging, server must run with the launch parameter -adminlog

The log file is named server_exe_name.ADM and it is created in the profiles folder, specified by the -profiles launch parameter.

The page is updated for patch 1.02

Logged events

Each message in the log is prefixed by a time stamp in a HH:MM:SS format

Event Description Example
Connect/Disconnect Connect and disconnect message for each player joining/leaving the server Player "Survivor" is connected (id=DAYZGUID)
Player "Survivor"(id=DAYZGUID) has been disconnected
Chat Chat log Chat("Survivor"(id=DAYZGUID)): hello log
Player report Report message activated by typing "#toadmin yourmessage" into the in game chat PLAYER REPORT: <2019-1-23_11-23-26> <DAYZGUID>: yourmessage
Unconscious state Player falling into and regaining consciousness Player "Survivor"(id=DAYZGUID, pos=<13212.8, 10124.8, 6.0>) is unconscious
Player "Survivor"(id=DAYZGUID, pos=<13212.8, 10124.8, 6.0>) regained consciousness
Player damage source Players receiving hits from other entities and falls - includes current global health, source of damage, hitzone(+component), ammunition used and range if the source was a ranged weapon Player "Survivor A"(id=DAYZGUID pos=<3605.9, 2296.0, 6.0>)[HP: 74] hit by "Survivor B"(id=DAYZGUID pos=<3605.9, 2296.0, 6.0>) into Head(0) for 26 damage (Bullet_45ACP) with FX-45 from 1.12831 meters
Player "Survivor" (id=DAYZGUID pos=<3605.9, 2296.0, 6.0>)[HP: 76.7] hit by Wolf into LeftArm(18) for 20 damage (MeleeWolf)
Player "Survivor" (id=DAYZGUID, pos=<13212.8, 10124.8, 6.0>)[HP: 96.7] hit by FallDamage
Player "Survivor" (id=DAYZGUID pos=<3605.9, 2296.0, 6.0>)[HP: 96.7] hit by Fireplace with FireDamage
Player death log Player cause of death. Will print generic death message with additional status information to help determine the cause if it's unclear. Player "Survivor A"(id=DAYZGUID, pos=<13212.8, 10124.8, 6.0>) killed by "Survivor B"(id=DAYZGUID, pos=<13212.8, 10124.8, 6.0>) with M4-A1 from 42 meters
Player "Survivor"(id=DAYZGUID, pos=<13212.8, 10124.8, 6.0>) killed by Infected
Player "Survivor"(id=DAYZGUID, pos=<13212.8, 10124.8, 6.0>) died. Stats> Water: 489.53 Energy: 594.765 Bleeding Sources: 2
Suicide Player death caused by the suicide gesture Player "Survivor"(id=DAYZGUID, pos=<13212.8, 10124.8, 6.0>) committed suicide
Bleeding out Player dying to lack of blood Player "Survivor"(id=DAYZGUID, pos=<13212.8, 10124.8, 6.0>) bled out
Placement Log when player places an item in the world using the placement action. Requires adminLogPlacement=1; Player "Survivor"(id=DAYZGUID, pos=<13212.8, 10124.8, 6.0>) placed Bear Trap
Player "Survivor"(id=DAYZGUID, pos=<13212.8, 10124.8, 6.0>) placed Fireplace
Base building actions Log when player executes a base building action. Requires adminLogBuildActions=1; Player "Survivor" (id=DAYZGUID pos=<3605.9, 2296.0, 6.0>) built Fence with Shovel
Player "Survivor" (id=DAYZGUID pos=<3605.9, 2296.0, 6.0>) dismantled Fence with Hammer
Player list print Prints a list of players on the server and their current positions every 5 minutes. Requires adminLogPlayerList=1; PlayerList log: 2 players

Player "Survivor A" (id=DAYZGUID pos=<3533.2, 2256.4, 6.8>)

Player "Survivor B" (id=DAYZGUID pos=<3533.2, 2256.4, 6.8>)


Some of the logging can be filtered in serverDZ.cfg depending on the server owner's needs

adminLogPlayerHitsOnly = 1; // log player hits only (no infected/animal hits)

adminLogPlacement = 1; // log placement ( traps, tents, ... )

adminLogBuildActions = 1; // log basebuilding actions ( build, dismantle, destroy, ... )

adminLogPlayerList = 1; // log periodic player list with position every 5 minutes


You can easily add your own messages to the admin log file from your mod using the script function CGame::AdminLog( string text )

If you would like to modify the existing logging, all of the logic can be found in \Scripts\4_World\Plugins\PluginBase\PluginAdminLog.c where you can override specific events or change the message output.

Following log prints are currently handled in the executable and so they are not moddable:



Player report