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Buldozer for Object Builder allows in-engine preview of any model that is loaded in Object Builder. It also supports preview for model config based animations (such as doors on buildings).


  • DayZ and DayZ Tools installed and configured.
  • Work-drive prepared using WorkDrive tool from DayZ Tools package. If you dont have that, follow these steps:
    • Choose a path for Work Drive in DayZ Tools Launcher > Settings (uncheck default if you want to use custom).
    • Use DayZ Tools Launcher > Tools > Extract Game Data to prepare data on your work-drive.
    • Please note that the process of extracting game data should be executed after each major game update to make sure your extracted game data reflect current state in the game.


To verify Buldozer is setup correctly in your Object Builder, check following settings:

  • Open File > Options
    • External viewer set to <path to your dayz installation>\DayZ_x64.exe -buldozer -window -noland -nopause -mod= -profiles=P:\Buldozer -name=Buldozer
    • Path for texture set to your work-drive letter (P:\ by default).

Buldozer Keybinds for Model Preview

This part describes default keybinds for Buldozer when used in -noland mode (for previewing models). Please note that these keybinds can be changed simply by pressing Esc key (while you have Buldozer open) and going into the controls options. You may see more options there than on this page, but that is because this menu also shows keybinds for the default mode of Buldozer, which is used for terrain editing (more on that at here). These keybinds can be also edited in profile input xml files if one wishes to.

Name Action name Key Description
reset camera UABuldResetCamera 0 [NUM] Resets camera to default state.
turbo UABuldTurbo U While holding it increases cursor speed, camera movement and other miscellaneous actions within Buldozer.
slow UABuldSlow J While holding it decreases cursor speed, camera movement and other miscellaneous actions within Buldozer.
object rotate left UABuldObjectRotateLeft LMB + MLEFT
4 [NUM]
Rotates previewed model.
object rotate right UABuldObjectRotateRight LMB + MRIGHT
6 [NUM]
Rotates previewed model.
object rotate forward UABuldObjectRotateForward LMB + MUP
8 [NUM]
Rotates previewed model.
object rotate back UABuldObjectRotateBack LMB + MDOWN
2 [NUM]
Rotates previewed model.
viewer move left UABuldViewerMoveLeft RMB + MLEFT
Moves camera left.
viewer move right UABuldViewerMoveRight RMB + MRIGHT
Moves camera right.
viewer move forward UABuldViewerMoveForward RMB + MUP
Moves camera forward.
viewer move back UABuldViewerMoveBack RMB + MDOWN
Moves camera back.
viewer move up UABuldViewerMoveUp Q Moves camera up.
viewer move down UABuldViewerMoveDown Z Moves camera down.
previous animation UABuldPreviousAnimation Page Down
Switches to the previous model-based animation (if available).
next animation UABuldNextAnimation Page Up
Switches to the next model-based animation (if available).
recede animation UABuldRecedeAnimation WHEEL UP
Increases value for currently selected model-based animation (if available).
advance animation UABuldAdvanceAnimation WHEEL DOWN
Decreases value for currently selected model-based animation (if available).