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What are gameplay settings?

Modding and customizing mission file (init.c) are very potent tools for server admins, however neither is very user friendly nor are they accessible to everyone.

Gameplay settings provide a way for server admins to tweak the game's behavior by simply modifying values inside the gameplay settings' JSON file.

Initial set-up

The gameplay settings are located in DZ\worlds\chernarusplus\ce\cfggameplay.json, before you can start using it, you need to copy this file to your mission folder.

Once there, you can freely modify any of the values inside. To enable the usage of the file, you also need to add a new parameter "enableCfgGameplayFile = 1;" to your server.cfg file.

From that point on, whenever you run the server, the cfggameplay.json will be loaded and used by the game.


Type Parameter Details
int version Internal parameter to keep track of the version of the file
bool disableBaseDamage Damage from structures built through base-building
bool disableContainerDamage Disable damage from items such as tents and barrels
bool disableRespawnDialog Disable a UI dialogue window in which the player selects the type of respawn they wish to perform after pressing the respawn button
bool disablePersonalLight Disables the omnipresent personal light lighting up objects close to player during night-time
float staminaWeightLimitThreshold This amount of stamina points (divided by 1000) will not count towards stamina weight deduction
float staminaMax Maximum stamina (setting to 0 may produce unexpected results)
float staminaKgToStaminaPercentPenalty Multiplier used when calculating stamina points deducted from max stamina given the player load
float staminaMinCap Minimum size of stamina cap (setting to 0 may produce unexpected results)
float sprintStaminaModifierErc Modifies the rate at which the stamina is being consumed during erected sprint
float sprintStaminaModifierCro Modifies the rate at which the stamina is being consumed during crouched sprint
float timeToStrafeJog Time to blend strafing (diagonal movement) while jogging
float rotationSpeedJog Rotation speed of the character while jogging
float timeToSprint Time to reach sprint from jog
float timeToStrafeSprint Time to blend strafing (diagonal movement) while sprinting
float rotationSpeedSprint Rotation speed of the character while sprinting
int lightingConfig What type of lighting will be used during night time (0 = bright, 1 = dark)
bool disableIsCollidingBBoxCheck Allows placement when the hologram is colliding with objects in the world
bool disableIsCollidingPlayerCheck Allows placement when the hologram is colliding with player
bool disableIsClippingRoofCheck Allows placement where placing would cause clipping with the roof
bool disableIsBaseViableCheck Allows placement on dynamic objects and other otherwise incompatible base
bool disableIsCollidingGPlotCheck Allows placement of garden plots despite incompatible surface type
bool disableIsCollidingAngleCheck Allows placement despite exceeding roll/pitch/yaw limits
bool disableIsPlacementPermittedCheck Allows placement event when not permitted by rudimentary checks
bool disableHeightPlacementCheck Allows placement with limited height space
bool disableIsUnderwaterCheck Allows placement under water
bool disableIsInTerrainCheck Allows placement when clipping with terrain
bool disablePerformRoofCheck Allows construction when clipping with the roof
bool disableIsCollidingCheck Allows construction when colliding with objects in the world
bool disableDistanceCheck Prevents construction when player gets bellow specified range
string array objectSpawnersArr File names of the JSON files containing spawner data (see Object Spawner )
bool hitDirectionOverrideEnabled Decides whether the values get used or not. Since anything undefined in the 'HitIndicationData' class (or any class in json file) is considered zero, allows us to determine that some valid data had been loaded.
int hitDirectionBehaviour Dictates general behaviour of the hit indicator. 0 == Disabled, 1 == Static, 2 == Dynamic (moving when displayed, WIP)
int hitDirectionStyle Dictates which type of indicator gets used. Set of images and position calculations. 0 == 'splash', 1 == 'spike', 2 == 'arrow'
string hitDirectionIndicatorColorStr Color of the indicator widget, in ARGB format. The color is written in string form (""). For more info on the ARGB format, see section below.
float hitDirectionMaxDuration Maximal duration of the hit indicator. Actual duration is between 0.6..1.0 of the defined value, depending on the severity of the hit (which generally means heavier hits == longer indication)
float hitDirectionBreakPointRelative Fraction of the actual duration, after which the indicator begins to recede (currently fade-out only), 0.0 = fades from the beginning, 0.5 == fades after 50% duration has elapsed, 1.0 == no fading
float hitDirectionScatter Amount of scatter to induce inaccuracy to the indication. Actual scatter is randomized by the amount of degrees in both directions (+- value, so value od 10 gives a potential scatter of 20 DEG)
bool hitIndicationPostProcessEnabled Allows for disabling of the old hit effect (red flash)
bool use3DMap Enables use of the 3D map only (disables the default 2d map overlay)
float shockRefillSpeedConscious Shock value recovery while the player is conscious (per second)
float shockRefillSpeedUnconscious Shock value recovery while the player is unconscious (per second)
bool allowRefillSpeedModifier Allow/disallow modifier of Shock value recovery based on ammo type settings (typically faster waking-up from uncon after getting shot)
bool ignoreMapOwnership Player can open a map (and just the map) using dedicated input ("M") even without map in player's inventory. [default: false]
bool ignoreNavItemsOwnership Compass and/or GPS receiver are not needed for displaying helpers on the 2D map. [default: false]
bool displayPlayerPosition Shows the red maker on the map, on player's position. It also display direction on the marker. [default: false]
bool displayNavInfo Hide GPS and Compass UI from the map legend completely (even when player has those items in inventory). [default: true]
float staminaDepletionSpeed Stamina depleted per second while drowning
float healthDepletionSpeed Health depleted per second while drowning
float shockDepletionSpeed Shock depleted per second while drowning

ARGB Format

ARGB used in the cfgGameplay.json is read as a string due to inherent file format limitations. It consists of:

  • Hexadecimal notation: 0x
  • Alpha value in hexadecimal format: 00 – FF
  • Red color value in hexadecimal format: 00 – FF
  • Green color value in hexadecimal format: 00 – FF
  • Blue color value in hexadecimal format: 00-FF

Result string looks like "0xFFFF0000" (red).

The value is not case sensitive, so it could be written in any case, or combination thereof.