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DeP3d Version 1.xx by Mikero

see readmegeneral and fixes

Without options, DeP3d simply inspects any p3d for errors.

With options, you can:

  • extract the skeleton
  • extract rvmats
  • list NamedSelections
  • convert from one p3d type to another

output is generally produced on screen


DeP3d [-options] Anyfile[.p3d] or AnyFolder or Any List or "Comma,Separated,list"


none list type of p3d(s) encountered

-P don't pause

-S list all named selections

-Es folder | nameof[.p3d] | <file.list> : extract skeleton(s) to <model.cfg>

-Em folder | nameof[.p3d] | <file.list> : extract rvmats to screen

-[B]nn nameof[.p3d] : convert p3d to type nn

nn must be hex or decimal and all of remaining chars in this option string

-B40 will convert to arma1 p3d

-40B will fail with syntax error

-B make a backup

Generic Scanning options (all dos tools)

It is useful to quickly scan a folder, series of folders, or a list of p3d's looking for changes to the format.

one such example is introduction of a physx lod.

To that end, and in keeping with other pbo tools, dep3d accepts scan syntax on the command line (-options are assumed)

  • dep3d \some\folder\anywhere

folders are recursively scanned inspecting each p3d it encounters

  • dep3d some.file

any file that is NOT a .p3d is taken to be a text scan list

This list file can be a permanently held test suite of 'favorite' p3d's and this list can be generated from something as simple as

dir/b somefolder >some.lst

  • dep3d "comma,separated,list"

the net effect of a "comma,separated,list" is the same as specifying a file.list. Quotes are ONLY required when spaces exist in the file names or between commas.

In both cases (file.list or comma separated), these in turn can be mixtures of specific files, folders and more scan lists.


Dep3d is not intended to reverse engineer odol p3d's back to mlods

If you are looking for cracking tools, look elsewhere.


(among other things) DeP3d will convert odol formats to other odol formats

The reasons for doing so is BI's tools such as buldozer, oxygen and visitor are not always up to date with respect to p3d's encountered in various engine patches.

This part of dep3d is intended to downgrade these p3d's into something usable for above tools. Whether they are subsequently usable 'as is' in a derived pbo is not relevant to being placed IN an island, or looked at IN buldozer.

Separately, dep3d conversion will fully convert OFP formatted p3ds (both odol and mlod) to Arma and vice versa.

The following is a list of version types current as of Arma3 release





40 ARMA1

43 ARMA1

47 ARMA2

48 ARMA2

49 ARMA2


52 TOH

56 ARMA3

58 ARMA3

10043 VBS2

Following conversions are available:

From To
ANY OFP MLOD (if text strings
ofp odol any mlod (arma or ofp)
vbs odol Arma 1
Any Arma1 Any Lower Arma1
Any Arma2 Any Lower Arma2
Arrowhead Any Arma2
TOH Arrowhead or lower
ARMa3 TOH or lower