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DePac Version 1.xx by Mikero
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DePax is a powerful analyser of any pac/paa file

Under all options, it lists the internal structure of the file:

  • It's type
  • It's Taggs
  • The compression used (and whether ok)
  • The the sizes of the mipmaps

In addition, it will scan given folder(s) for all paa's or all paa's of a given type.

Thus, you can rapidly search for instance the p:/ca folder for DXT1 *paa

output is produced on screen


DePac [-options] Anyfile[.pac | .paa]
DePac [-options] AnyFolder
DePac [-options] FileList[.txt | .lst]
DePac [-options] PboName[.pbo | .xbo | .ebo]

-options (case insensitive)

-N Noisy (default)
-B brief (dir listing). best used for folder and or T scan
-T<typelist> only list pax of type n. IF SPECIFIED must be last option


A typelist causes depax to only list specific types of paa.

A typelist is obviously only useful in conjunction with folder or pbo scan

The list consists of one or more comma separated values.

These values can either be expressed as hexadecimal, or the type name as follows

0xFF0n or "DXTn" (n==1..7)
0x1555 or "RGB5"
0x4444 or "RGB4"
0x8888 or "RGB8"
0x8080 or "GREY" or "GRAY" // alternate spelling
0x4747 or "INDX"
0x0000 or "DEMO" Operation Flashpoint demo (no number, since there is no 'type'


A FileList is useful in your projects where you *should* be checking quality-of-work before issuing to the public and you don't want
a folder scan because some pax are still under development


DePac -B MyGreatListOfShould-Be-Good-Pax

or, simply point depac to the folder under review

Specifying a pbo, obviously, looks for given pax in a given pbo


DePac thisfile
DePac -btDXT1,DXT2,DXT5 ThisFolder // list (briefly) only files of type DXT which might be in ThisFolder
DePac -tINDX ThisPbo.pbo // list only Operation Flashpoint pac-pallete types if they're in this pbo