Eden Editor: Transformation Widget

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Transformation widget is a tool for precise entity manipulation. It consists of a set of color-coded parts, each offering a transformation in a different axis:

  • X - West to East, or local left to right
  • Y - South to North, or local back to front
  • Z - up

Each of the axes can be manipulated by dragging it. The entity icon in the middle can still be used for moving the entity around.

The widget has several variants, between which you can toggle either using the toolbar buttons, or by the keyboard shortcut Space.

3den widget toggle.gif

The translation widget allows you to move an entity along each of its axes. The vertical mode is ignored, but the surface snap setting is still respected when moving the entity along its Z axis.

3den widget translation.gif

The rotation widget is used for rotating an entity along each of its axes. Turning some objects to the side or upside down can lead to unpredictable results once they are simulated in the preview.

3den widget rotation.gif

Use the area scaling widget to change the size of the triggers and the area markers. This widget is only available in the local coordinate space.

3den widget scaling.gif

You can chose the reference coordinate system the widget will use. The entity can be transformed either by world axes (X points to the East), or along its own local axes (X points to the right of the entity).

3den widget space.gif