Eden Editor: Transforming Crew

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Characters can become vehicle crew members, while still being independently editable entities. The available vehicle roles are:

  • 3den crew driver.png Driver / Pilot - controls vehicle movement
  • 3den crew commander.png Commander - can issue orders to other crew members.
  • 3den crew turret.png Turret - any other active crew member, such as the gunner, co-pilot, or passenger with the ability to shoot from the vehicle
  • 3den crew cargo.png Passenger - passive role, just takes a ride

Crew in the editor interface

When you hover over a vehicle, a panel with all the crew icons will be shown next to the vehicle's icon.

3den crewInfo.gif

The additional icon is shown on the crew members which are rendered in the scene (i.e., the car driver, but not a tank driver who is hidden inside).

3den crewIcons.gif

Moving crew into a vehicle

To move a character into a vehicle, drag it onto the vehicle's icon or model. If there is no space left, the character will only be moved to the vehicle's position.

You will be notified when attempting to drag a character into an enemy vehicle. While it is possible, it can cause problems in the scenario.
3den crewMoveIn.gif

Removing crew from a vehicle

To move the character out, drag its icon out again.

3den crewMoveOut.gif

Changing Seats

You can change the seat of a crew member. Click right mouse button on the crew member, expand Change Seat option and pick the new seat from the list. If someone else is sitting on the desired seat, the crew members will swap seats.

3den crewSeat.gif