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Basic information

Bohemia Interactive
Arma 3
Part of Arma 3 Tools package on Steam


FBX to RTM is a simple tool to convert animations from Motion Builder FBX format into RV Engine RTM


Line call:
Fbx2Rtm.exe [[-cfg model.xml] [-skeleton skeletonname]][-step bonename][-removestep][-bindpose bindpose.fbx][-fps framerate] [-scale scale][-log logname][-output filename.rtm] filename.fbx
  • cfg XML config with skeleton definitions
  • skeleton Name of skeleton definition
  • step Name of root bone defining movement (Usually "Hips")
  • removestep Neutralize movement (remove step)
  • bindpose Fbx scene with character in bind pose. When not defined, the first animation frame is taken as bind pose.
  • fps Desired animation framerate. Default 30
  • scale Scale factor. Default is 0.01
  • log Name of log-file
  • output Output file name. Default is source name with .rtm extension


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Additional information

Supported formats


  • FBX (Motion Builder)


  • RTM (nonbinarized)

How to use it

by Zdeněk "Vespa" Vespalec

in Motionbuilder
  • Use MoBu 2009. Other versions probably work too, but they are not tested. However, Mobu 2015 has been tested and does not work with FBXtoRTM.
  • Open a scene, do your animation and then select "Animation - Plot all" and plot it in the same FPS you intend it to have for game. Then save.
  • To match your animations on existing Arma3 ones, you can use poses from bank_20_07_2012.fbx.

export procedure using FbxToRtm:
  • Run FBXToRTMGui.exe and manually set paths in fields (to bindposeman.fbx and modelbox.xml).
  • Pick input file and output dir and filename.
  • Make sure FPS is the same as input file FPS.
  • Make sure to pick ManSkeleton and Hips as root bone.
  • Check or not check step. (aka normalization) Depends what you want to achieve.
  • Hit export, and it should produce an .rtm.
  • Test the RTM with \p3d_skeleton\Male-light.p3d. If the rifle and launcher float (don't stick on a characters back) then you encountered so called "rifle/launcher bug". it is some voodoo in motionbuilder that nobody knows how to solve.

"fixing" rifle/launcher bug
  • Open \rifle_bug_fix\AidlPercMstpSrasWrflDnon_1.fbx.
  • Plot all, do not save.
  • Open your actual file.
  • Plot all, save.
  • Try exporting and see if the bug disappeared.
  • If not, the repeat the process with \rifle_bug_fix\AmovPercMrunSlowWpstDbl.fbx.
  • Once you get your motionbuilder to a state when it doesn't produce weapon bugs, it will stay that way until you close it - so keep it running if you plan to work longer periods.