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Game Editor

This editor is used to create playable content of any game based on EnForce engine. Game Editor is a universal name and its because it's a really universal Editor. You can make corridor levels and also huge open areas. The basic building stone is Entity. Entity is everything - world, terrrain, tree, stone, character, particle or cutscene.

We can separete the User Interface in Game Editor into two main groups:

  • Content Window - Area where you can see whole inserted content in the opened world (Render View).
  • Tool windows - which can be undocked, moved to another monitor, showed or hided ( in panes menu ).
Ctrl + O Open dialog with list of *.ent files for loaded
Ctrl + S Saves the opened map
Ctrl + Z Undo
Ctrl + Y Redo
Ctrl + G Run map in game mode
E Show/hide debug layer (material tool has to be selected)
N Recalculate normal map on the terrain
B Recalculate supertexture map on the terrain
T Insert Entity selected in Template Manager

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Game Editor Layout

Panels which you can undock are: Entities, Entities Properties, Current Tool
All panels be can (re)opened/closed via toolbar - Panes GameEditor Layout.jpg

Content Window

Content Window is a render view of world you're editing. A lot of editing is made in this window - entity editing, material painting. There are two control modes:

  • Static
  • Free fly

You can switch between them with “space”.

In Static mode you can just look around using mouse. In free fly you can go with camera where you want using WASD + mouse. Mouse wheel will increase/decrease speed. Be careful you can fly very fast and you can go out of the world bounds.

Content Window Options

View Type

There can be switched type of view. The first three are good for editing interiors (when you need to see )

  • Front
  • Top
  • Right
  • Perspective


You can have more cameras in one world. This will switch between them.

Render Options

ContentWindow options.jpg

There you can switch on/off (show/hide) a lot of things which are rendered in the game. The most used ones are:

  • Ocean
  • Postprocess effects
  • Layer debug
  • Fog


Show/hide compass on the right bottom.

Send View

Here you can send the current view to another Workbench editor. So you can see in another editor how the edited thing will look on the place where you want to put it in the world. For now it's material and particle editor.


You can change here the snapping grid of entities. Very useful when editing set of blocks models.

Content Window Split

Can be found on the right side. Content Window can be split into more views. How it will be shown can be set in WB Options (F3)

Console Log

In this window you can see error messages or messages from scripting ( using Print() function ). It's stored in console.log file, which can be found in your: user profile -> Documents -> CarrierCommand

Current Tool

Things in this panel is changing depending on the current selected tool. Examples:

Textures Indicator

When loading world you have to wait, before you can start editing textures, till they all be loaded, this indicator is red when you can not edit textures, green when all needed files are loaded and you can begin the editing.


Each tool has his own settings, which can be found in Current Tool window.

Entity Editing

Tool Entity.jpg Entity Manipulation Tool

Terrain Editing

Tool Pattern.jpg Pattern Brush

Tool Terrain.jpg HeightMap Editing

Tool Blocks.jpg Blocks Editing

Tool Material.jpg Material Editing

Tool Other.jpg Other Terrain Tools

Tool Roads.jpg Roads Editing

Other Tools

Tool Sky.jpg Sky Preset Editor

Tool Camera.jpg Camera Animation

Tool Tape.jpg Tape tool