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[GER] Global Earth Re-Union
Luemmel, Cycloon, Sethian, Killer_of_Cologne, Snake, Weltretter, Crisis, Gefreiter_Pech, Rabauke, ratz, Macf, gole, peiran, Jok3r, Grauschleier, Smoka, Bosper, Iceman, Shenzu, Martin, h0bbit, Uzinator, Jin-Roh, Chris, n0rdisch, TroN and Totolinho
Former members
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November , 2002

[GER] Logo


The clan "Global Earth Re-Union" or [GER] is a German speaking gaming clan that exclusively focuses on Bohemia Interactive's Operation Flashpoint. It was founded in November, 2002 by Luemmel and Snake. Besides OFP, [GER] has had sections for Counterstrike 1.6, Counterstrike:Source, Battlefield 2, America's Army, Soldner Secret Wars and Call of duty.

[GER] has been active in a number of multiplayer leagues for Operation Flashpoint like the German ESL. Besides standard OFP, the clan also focused on a number of mods, created by the OFP community like BWmod and BASmod.

Due to the formerly massive presence with several online games [GER] nowadays has members from many different countries, e.g. the United States or Belgium. After concentrating back only on Operation Flashpoint [GER] now hosts and plays the successor Armed Assault.

The Slogan

"We fight as one" represents the teamspirit and stands for the fellowship within [GER] and reflects the clan's name, a global earth, re-united, altogether.


[GER] runs its own teamspeak server for meeting, chatting and ingame communication. You'll find it at the following address:

GER - Global Earth Re-Union @

Squad Events

[Clan meeting 2005]


Global Earth Re-Union has two own clanserver, which are running at the following addresses:

Server 1 @
Server 2 @


[Global Earth Re-Union homepage]