Global Mobilization Ammo

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This article is a work in progress!

Missing Penetration Values will be added at a later point.

Magazine Class Name
Ammo Class Name
Display Name
Penetration Power
gm_1Rnd_hot_heat_dm72 gm_missile_hot_heat_dm72 DM72 1 HEAT 800mm
gm_1Rnd_hot_heat_dm72_blk gm_missile_hot_heat_dm72 DM72 (Black) 1 HEAT 800mm
gm_1Rnd_hot_heat_dm72_red gm_missile_hot_heat_dm72 DM72 (Red) 1 HEAT 800mm
gm_1Rnd_hot_heat_dm72_yel gm_missile_hot_heat_dm72 DM72 (Yellow) 1 HEAT 800mm
gm_1Rnd_hot_heat_dm102 gm_missile_hot_heat_dm102 DM102 1 HEAT 900mm
gm_1Rnd_hot_heat_dm102_blk gm_missile_hot_heat_dm102 DM102 (Black) 1 HEAT 900mm
gm_1Rnd_hot_heat_dm102_red gm_missile_hot_heat_dm102 DM102 (Red) 1 HEAT 900mm
gm_1Rnd_hot_heat_dm102_yel gm_missile_hot_heat_dm102 DM102 (Yellow) 1 HEAT 900mm
gm_1Rnd_hot_heat_dm102_hornetarrow gm_missile_hot_heat_dm102 DM102 (Arrow) 1 HEAT 900mm
gm_1Rnd_hot_heat_dm102_hornet gm_missile_hot_heat_dm102 DM102 (Hornet) 1 HEAT 900mm
gm_1Rnd_milan_heat_dm82 gm_missile_milan_heat_dm82 LATGM HEAT DM82 1 HEAT 590mm
gm_1Rnd_milan_heat_dm92 gm_missile_milan_heat_dm92 LATGM HEAT DM92 1 HEAT 790mm
gm_100Rnd_127x99mm_B_M33 gm_bullet_127x99mm_B_M33 12.7 mm 100Rnd B M33 Mag 100 B 30mm@500m
gm_100Rnd_127x99mm_B_T_M17 gm_bullet_127x99mm_B_T_M17 12.7 mm 100Rnd B-T M17 Mag 100 B-T 30mm@500m
gm_50Rnd_127x108mm_AP_B32 gm_bullet_127x108mm_AP_B32 12.7 mm 50Rnd AP B32 Mag 50 AP 20mm@500m
gm_50Rnd_127x108mm_API_T_BZT gm_bullet_127x108mm_API_T_BZT 12.7 mm 50Rnd API-T BZT Mag 50 API-T 15mm@500m
gm_50Rnd_145x114mm_AP_B32 gm_bullet_145x114mm_AP_B32 14.5 mm 50Rnd AP-T B32 50 AP 45mm@1000m
gm_50Rnd_145x114mm_API_BS41 gm_bullet_145x114mm_API_BS41 14.5 mm 50Rnd API BS41 50 API 52mm@1000m
gm_50Rnd_145x114mm_API_T_BZT gm_bullet_145x114mm_API_T_BZT 14.5 mm 50Rnd API-T BZT 50 API-T 40mm@1000m
gm_50Rnd_145x114mm_HEI_T_MDZ gm_bullet_145x114mm_HEI_T_MDZ 14.5 mm 50Rnd HEI-T MDZ 50 HEI-T 2mm@1000m
gm_425Rnd_20x139mm_he_t_dm51 gm_bullet_20x139mm_he_t_dm51 20 mm 425Rnd HE-T DM51 425 HE-T 14mm@1000m
gm_425Rnd_20x139mm_hei_t_dm81 gm_bullet_20x139mm_hei_t_dm81 20 mm 425Rnd HEI-T DM81 425 HEI-T 16mm@1000m
gm_425Rnd_20x139mm_hei_t_dm111 gm_bullet_20x139mm_hei_t_dm111 20 mm 425Rnd HEI-T DM111 425 HEI-T 16mm@1000m
gm_75Rnd_20x139mm_ap_t_dm43 gm_bullet_20x139mm_ap_t_dm43 20 mm 75Rnd AP-T FM43 75 AP-T 45mm@1000m
gm_75Rnd_20x139mm_apds_t_dm63 gm_bullet_20x139mm_apds_t_dm63 20 mm 75Rnd APDS-T DM63 75 APDS-T 100mm@1000m
gm_150Rnd_23x115mm_hei_ofz gm_bullet_23x115mm_hei_ofz 23 mm 150Rnd HEI OFZ 150 HEI 14mm@1000m
gm_150Rnd_23x115mm_hei_t_ofzt gm_bullet_23x115mm_hei_t_ofzt 23 mm 150Rnd HEI-T OFZ 150 HEI-T 14mm@1000m
gm_150Rnd_23x115mm_api_t_bzt gm_bullet_23x115mm_api_t_bzt 23 mm 150Rnd API-T BZT 150 API-T 40mm@1000m
gm_2000Rnd_23x152mm_hei_ofz gm_bullet_23x152mm_hei_ofz 23 mm 2000Rnd HEI OFZ 2000 HEI 14mm@1000m
gm_2000Rnd_23x152mm_hei_t_ofzt gm_bullet_23x152mm_hei_t_ofzt 23 mm 2000Rnd HEI-T OFZT 2000 HEI-T 14mm@1000m
gm_2000Rnd_23x152mm_api_t_bzt gm_bullet_23x152mm_api_t_bzt 23 mm 2000Rnd API-T BZT 2000 API-T 40mm@1000m
gm_500Rnd_23x152mm_hei_ofz gm_bullet_23x152mm_hei_ofz 23 mm 500Rnd HEI OFZ 500 HEI 14mm@1000m
gm_500Rnd_23x152mm_hei_t_ofzt gm_bullet_23x152mm_hei_t_ofzt 23 mm 500Rnd HEI-T OFZT 500 HEI-T 14mm@1000m
gm_500Rnd_23x152mm_api_t_bzt gm_bullet_23x152mm_api_t_bzt 23 mm 500Rnd API-T BZT 500 API-T 40mm@1000m
gm_400Rnd_25x137mm_hei_t_M792 gm_bullet_25x137mm_hei_t_M792 25 mm 400Rnd HEI-T M792 400 HEI-T 14mm@1000m
gm_400Rnd_25x137mm_apds_t_M791 gm_bullet_25x137mm_apds_t_M791 25 mm 400Rnd APDS-T M791 400 APDS-T 60mm@1000m
gm_400Rnd_25x137mm_apfsds_t_M919 gm_bullet_25x137mm_apfsds_t_M919 25 mm 400Rnd APFSDS-T M919 400 APFSDS-T 100mm@1000m
gm_640Rnd_35x228mm_hei_t_DM21 gm_bullet_35x228mm_hei_t_DM21 35 mm 640Rnd HEI-T DM21 640 HEI-T 35mm@1000m
gm_40Rnd_35x228mm_hvapds_t_DM23 gm_bullet_35x228mm_hvapds_t_DM23 35 mm 40Rnd HVAPDS-T DM23 40 HVAPDS-T 130mm@1000m
gm_640Rnd_35x228mm_fapds_t_DM33 gm_bullet_35x228mm_fapds_t_DM33 35 mm 640Rnd FAPDS-T DM33 640 FAPDS-T 100mm@1000m
gm_1Rnd_73mm_he_og15v gm_shell_73mm_he_og15v 73mm 1Rnd HE OG-15V 1 HE
gm_1Rnd_73mm_heat_pg15v gm_shell_73mm_heat_pg15v 73mm 1Rnd HEAT PG-15V 1 HEAT 300mm
gm_1Rnd_76x385mm_he_of350 gm_shell_76x385mm_he_of350 76mm 1Rnd HE OF350 1 HE 19mm@500m
gm_1Rnd_76x385mm_HEAT_T_bk350m gm_shell_76x385mm_HEAT_T_bk350m 76mm 1Rnd HEAT-T BK350M 1 HEAT-T 280mm
gm_1Rnd_76x385mm_HVAP_T_br354p gm_shell_76x385mm_HVAP_T_br354p 76mm 1Rnd HVAP-T BR354P 1 HVAP-T 110mm@500m
gm_1Rnd_100x695mm_apfsds_t_bm8 gm_shell_100x695mm_apfsds_t_bm8 100mm 1Rnd APFSDS-T BM-8 1 APFSDS-T 264mm@1000m
gm_1Rnd_100x695mm_apfsds_t_bm20 gm_shell_100x695mm_apfsds_t_bm20 100mm 1Rnd APFSDS-T BM-20 1 APFSDS-T 390mm@1000m
gm_1Rnd_100x695mm_apfsds_t_bm25 gm_shell_100x695mm_apfsds_t_bm25 100mm 1Rnd APFSDS-T BM-25 1 APFSDS-T 325mm@1000m
gm_1Rnd_100x695mm_he_of412 gm_shell_100x695mm_he_of412 100mm 1Rnd HE OF-412 1 HE 19mm@1000m
gm_1Rnd_100x695mm_heat_t_bk5m gm_shell_100x695mm_heat_t_bk5m 100mm 1Rnd HEAT-T BK-5M 1 HEAT-T 400mm
gm_1Rnd_105x617mm_apds_t_dm13 gm_shell_105x617mm_apds_t_dm13 105mm 1Rnd APDS-T DM13 1 APDS-T 250mm@1000m
gm_1Rnd_105x617mm_apfsds_t_dm23 gm_shell_105x617mm_apfsds_t_dm23 105mm 1Rnd APFSDS-T DM23 1 APFSDS-T 390mm@1000m
gm_1Rnd_105x617mm_apfsds_t_dm33 gm_shell_105x617mm_apfsds_t_dm33 105mm 1Rnd APFSDS-T DM33 1 APFSDS-T 420mm@1000m
gm_1Rnd_105x617mm_apfsds_t_dm63 gm_shell_105x617mm_apfsds_t_dm63 105mm 1Rnd APFSDS-T DM63 1 APFSDS-T 530mm@1000m
gm_1Rnd_105x617mm_heat_mp_t_dm12 gm_shell_105x617mm_heat_mp_t_dm12 105mm 1Rnd HEAT-T DM12 1 HEAT-MP-T 450mm
gm_30Rnd_105x617mm_apds_t_dm13 gm_shell_105x617mm_apds_t_dm13 105mm 30Rnd APDS-T DM13 30 APDS-T 250mm@1000m
gm_30Rnd_105x617mm_apfsds_t_dm23 gm_shell_105x617mm_apfsds_t_dm23 105mm 30Rnd APFSDS-T DM23 30 APFSDS-T 390mm@1000m
gm_30Rnd_105x617mm_apfsds_t_dm33 gm_shell_105x617mm_apfsds_t_dm33 105mm 30Rnd APFSDS-T DM33 30 APFSDS-T 420mm@1000m
gm_30Rnd_105x617mm_apfsds_t_dm63 gm_shell_105x617mm_apfsds_t_dm63 105mm 30Rnd APFSDS-T DM63 30 APFSDS-T 530mm@1000m
gm_30Rnd_105x617mm_heat_mp_t_dm12 gm_shell_105x617mm_heat_mp_t_dm12 105mm 30Rnd HEAT-T DM12 30 HEAT-MP-T 450mm
gm_1Rnd_265mm_flare_single_wht_gc 26.5 mm Flare (White) 1 Flare (White)
gm_1Rnd_265mm_flare_single_grn_gc 26.5 mm Flare (Green) 1 Flare (Green)
gm_1Rnd_265mm_flare_single_red_gc 26.5 mm Flare (Red) 1 Flare (Red)
gm_1Rnd_265mm_flare_multi_red_gc 26.5 mm Flare (Multi Red) 1 Flare (Multi, Red)
gm_1Rnd_265mm_smoke_single_yel_gc 26.5 mm Smoke (Yellow) 1 Smoke (Yellow)
gm_1Rnd_265mm_smoke_single_blu_gc 26.5 mm Smoke (Blue) 1 Smoke (Blue)
gm_1Rnd_265mm_smoke_single_blk_gc 26.5 mm Smoke (Black) 1 Smoke (Black)
gm_1Rnd_265mm_flare_para_yel_DM16 26.5 mm Flare DM16 (Yellow) 1 Flare (Chute, Yellow)
gm_1Rnd_265mm_flare_single_wht_DM15 26.5 mm Flare DM15 (White) 1 Flare (White)
gm_1Rnd_265mm_flare_single_red_DM13 26.5 mm Flare DM13 (Red) 1 Flare (Red)
gm_1Rnd_265mm_flare_single_grn_DM11 26.5 mm Flare DM11 (Green) 1 Flare (Green)
gm_1Rnd_265mm_flare_single_yel_DM10 26.5 mm Flare DM10 (Yellow) 1 Flare (Yellow)
gm_1Rnd_265mm_flare_multi_wht_DM25 26.5 mm Flare DM25 (Multi White) 1 Flare (Multi, White)
gm_1Rnd_265mm_flare_multi_red_DM23 26.5 mm Flare DM23 (Multi Red) 1 Flare (Multi, Red)
gm_1Rnd_265mm_flare_multi_grn_DM21 26.5 mm Flare DM21 (Multi Green) 1 Flare (Multi, Green)
gm_1Rnd_265mm_flare_multi_yel_DM20 26.5 mm Flare DM20 (Multi Yellow) 1 Flare (Multi, Yellow)
gm_1Rnd_265mm_smoke_single_yel_DM19 26.5 mm Smoke DM19 (Yellow) 1 Smoke (Yellow)
gm_1Rnd_265mm_smoke_single_org_DM22 26.5 mm Smoke DM22 (Orange) 1 Smoke (Orange)
gm_1Rnd_265mm_smoke_single_vlt_DM24 26.5 mm Smoke DM24 (Purple) 1 Smoke (Violet)
gm_1Rnd_265mm_flare_multi_nbc_DM47 26.5 mm Flare DM47 (NBC) 1 Flare (NBC)
gm_1Rnd_bastion_heat_9M117 gm_missile_bastion_heat_9M117 Bastion HEAT 9M117 1 HEAT 550mm
gm_1Rnd_bastion_heat_9M117M gm_missile_bastion_heat_9M117M Bastion HEAT 9M117M 1 HEAT 600mm
gm_1Rnd_bastion_heat_9M117M1 gm_missile_bastion_heat_9M117M1 Bastion HEAT 9M117M1 1 HEAT 750mm
gm_1Rnd_2650mm_potato_dm11 265mm 1Rnd POTATO DM11 1 Po. Tato
gm_2Rnd_76mm_RP_dm35 2
gm_2Rnd_81mm_RP_zd6 2
gm_10Rnd_engine_smoke 10
gm_1Rnd_84x245mm_heat_t_DM12_carlgustaf gm_rocket_84x245mm_HEAT_T_DM12 84 mm HEAT-T DM12 1 HEAT-T 350mm
gm_1Rnd_84x245mm_heat_t_DM12a1_carlgustaf gm_rocket_84x245mm_HEAT_T_DM12A1 84 mm HEAT-T DM12A1 1 HEAT-T 400mm
gm_1Rnd_84x245mm_heat_t_DM22_carlgustaf gm_rocket_84x245mm_HEAT_T_DM22 84 mm HEAT-T DM22 1 HEAT-T 450mm
gm_1Rnd_84x245mm_heat_t_DM32_carlgustaf gm_rocket_84x245mm_HEAT_T_DM32 84 mm HEAT-T DM32 1 HEAT-T 500mm
gm_1Rnd_84x245mm_ILLUM_DM16_carlgustaf 84 mm Illum DM16 1 ILLUM
gm_1Rnd_fagot_heat_9m111 gm_missile_fagot_heat_9m111 Fagot HEAT 9M111 1 HEAT 410mm
gm_1Rnd_70mm_he_m585_fim43 FIM-43 M585 1 HE
gm_1Rnd_70mm_he_m585_fim43_dummy FIM-43 M585 1 HE
gm_1Rnd_maljutka_heat_9m14 gm_missile_maljutka_heat_9m14 Maljutka HEAT 9M14 1 HEAT 400mm
gm_1Rnd_maljutka_heat_9m14m gm_missile_maljutka_heat_9m14m Maljutka HEAT 9M14M 1 HEAT 430mm
gm_1Rnd_maljutka_heat_9m14_pylon gm_missile_maljutka_heat_9m14 9M14 1 HEAT 400mm
gm_1Rnd_maljutka_heat_9m14m_pylon gm_missile_maljutka_heat_9m14m 9M14M 1 HEAT 430mm
gm_16rnd_55mm_he_s5_mars2_grn gm_rocket_55mm_HE_s5 S-5 (Green) 16 HE
gm_16rnd_55mm_he_s5_mars2_bge gm_rocket_55mm_HE_s5 S-5 (Beige) 16 HE
gm_16rnd_55mm_he_s5_mars2_gry gm_rocket_55mm_HE_s5 S-5 (Grey) 16 HE
gm_16rnd_55mm_he_s5_mars2_blu gm_rocket_55mm_HE_s5 S-5 (Blue) 16 HE
gm_16rnd_55mm_he_s5_mars2_oli gm_rocket_55mm_HE_s5 S-5 (Olive) 16 HE
gm_16rnd_55mm_heat_s5k_mars2_grn gm_rocket_55mm_heat_s5k S-5K (Green) 16 HEAT 130mm
gm_16rnd_55mm_heat_s5k_mars2_bge gm_rocket_55mm_heat_s5k S-5K (Beige) 16 HEAT 130mm
gm_16rnd_55mm_heat_s5k_mars2_gry gm_rocket_55mm_heat_s5k S-5K (Grey) 16 HEAT 130mm
gm_16rnd_55mm_heat_s5k_mars2_blu gm_rocket_55mm_heat_s5k S-5K (Blue) 16 HEAT 130mm
gm_16rnd_55mm_heat_s5k_mars2_oli gm_rocket_55mm_heat_s5k S-5K (Olive) 16 HEAT 130mm
gm_16rnd_55mm_illum_s5O_mars2_grn S-5-O (Green) 16 ILLUM
gm_16rnd_55mm_illum_s5O_mars2_bge S-5-O (Beige) 16 ILLUM
gm_16rnd_55mm_illum_s5O_mars2_gry S-5-O (Grey) 16 ILLUM
gm_16rnd_55mm_illum_s5O_mars2_blu S-5-O (Blue) 16 ILLUM
gm_16rnd_55mm_illum_s5O_mars2_oli S-5-O (Olive) 16 ILLUM
gm_1Rnd_44x537mm_heat_dm32_pzf44_2 gm_rocket_44x537mm_HEAT_dm32 44 mm HEAT DM32 1 HEAT 380mm
gm_1Rnd_40mm_heat_pg7v_rpg7 gm_rocket_40mm_HEAT_pg7v 40 mm HEAT PG-7V 1 HEAT 320mm
gm_1Rnd_40mm_heat_pg7vl_rpg7 gm_rocket_40mm_HEAT_pg7vl 40 mm HEAT PG-7VL 1 HEAT 500mm
gm_1Rnd_72mm_he_9m32m Strela-2M 9M32M 1 HE
gm_1Rnd_72mm_he_9m32m_dummy Strela-2M 9M32M 1 HE
gm_2rnd_72mm_he_9m32m_gad 9M32M 2 HE
gm_2rnd_72mm_he_9m32m_gad_mi2_left 9M32M 2 HE
gm_2rnd_72mm_he_9m32m_gad_mi2_right 9M32M 2 HE
gm_120Rnd_762x51mm_B_T_DM21_mg3_grn 7.62 mm 120Rnd Ball-T DM21 Mag 120 B-T
gm_120Rnd_762x51mm_B_T_DM21A1_mg3_grn 7.62 mm 120Rnd Ball-T DM21A1 Mag 120 B-T
gm_120Rnd_762x51mm_B_T_DM21A2_mg3_grn 7.62 mm 120Rnd Ball-T DM21A2 Mag 120 B-T
gm_240Rnd_762x51mm_B_T_DM21_mg3 7.62 mm 240Rnd Ball-T DM21 Mag 240 B-T
gm_250Rnd_762x51mm_B_T_DM21_mg3 7.62 mm 250Rnd Ball-T DM21 Mag 250 B-T
gm_500Rnd_762x51mm_B_T_DM21_mg3 7.62 mm 500Rnd Ball-T DM21 Mag 500 B-T
gm_1000Rnd_762x51mm_B_T_DM21_mg3 7.62 mm 1000Rnd Ball-T DM21 Mag 1000 B-T
gm_100Rnd_762x54mmR_B_T_7t2_pk_grn 7.62 mmR 100Rnd Ball-T 7T2 Mag 100 B-T
gm_100Rnd_762x54mmR_API_7bz3_pk_grn 7.62 mmR 100Rnd API 7BZ3 Mag 100 API
gm_1000Rnd_762x54mmR_B_T_7t2_pk 7.62 mmR 1000Rnd Ball-T 7T2 Mag 1000 B-T
gm_4000Rnd_762x54mmR_B_T_7t2_pk 7.62 mmR 4000Rnd Ball-T 7T2 Mag 4000 B-T
gm_1000Rnd_762x54mmR_API_7bz3_pk 7.62 mmR 1000Rnd API 7BZ3 Mag 1000 API
gm_100Rnd_762x54mm_B_T_t46_pk_grn 7.62 mmR 100Rnd Ball-T T46 Mag 100 B-T
gm_100Rnd_762x54mm_API_b32_pk_grn 7.62 mmR 100Rnd API B32 Mag 100 API
gm_1000Rnd_762x54mm_B_T_t46_pk 7.62 mmR 1000Rnd Ball-T T46 Mag 1000 B-T
gm_1000Rnd_762x54mm_API_b32_pk 7.62 mmR 1000Rnd API B32 Mag 1000 API
gm_200Rnd_762x54mmR_B_T_7t2_sgm 7.62 mmR 200Rnd Ball-T 7T2 Mag 200 B-T
gm_200Rnd_762x54mmR_API_7bz3_sgm 7.62 mmR 200Rnd API 7BZ3 Mag 200 API
gm_1000Rnd_762x54mmR_B_T_7t2_sgm 7.62 mmR 1000Rnd Ball-T 7T2 Mag 1000 B-T
gm_1000Rnd_762x54mmR_API_7bz3_sgm 7.62 mmR 1000Rnd API 7BZ3 Mag 1000 API
gm_32Rnd_9x19mm_B_DM51_mp2_blk 9 mm 32Rnd Ball DM51 Mag 32 B
gm_32Rnd_9x19mm_B_DM11_mp2_blk 9 mm 32Rnd Ball DM11 Mag 32 B
gm_30Rnd_9x19mm_B_DM51_mp5_blk 9 mm 30Rnd Ball DM51 Mag 30 B
gm_30Rnd_9x19mm_B_DM11_mp5_blk 9 mm 30Rnd Ball DM11 Mag 30 B
gm_30Rnd_9x19mm_B_DM51_mp5a3_blk 9 mm 30Rnd Ball DM51 Mag 30 B
gm_30Rnd_9x19mm_B_DM11_mp5a3_blk 9 mm 30Rnd Ball DM11 Mag 30 B
gm_15Rnd_9x18mm_B_pst_pm63_blk 9 mm 15Rnd Ball PST Mag 15 B
gm_25Rnd_9x18mm_B_pst_pm63_blk 9 mm 25Rnd Ball PST Mag 25 B
gm_8Rnd_9x19mm_B_DM11_p1_blk 9 mm 8Rnd Ball DM11 Mag 8 B
gm_8Rnd_9x19mm_B_DM51_p1_blk 9 mm 8Rnd Ball DM51 Mag 8 B
gm_8Rnd_9x18mm_B_pst_pm_blk 9 mm 8Rnd Ball PST Mag 8 B
gm_explosive_petn_charge_dummy PETN Charge 1
gm_30Rnd_762x39mm_B_57N231_ak47_blk 7.62 mm 30Rnd Ball 57N231 Mag 30 B
gm_30Rnd_762x39mm_B_T_57N231P_ak47_blk 7.62 mm 30Rnd Ball-T 57N231P Mag 30 B-T
gm_30Rnd_762x39mm_AP_7N23_ak47_blk 7.62 mm 30Rnd AP 7N23 Mag 30 AP
gm_30Rnd_762x39mm_B_M43_ak47_blk 7.62 mm 30Rnd Ball M43 Mag 30 B
gm_30Rnd_762x39mm_B_T_M43_ak47_blk 7.62 mm 30Rnd Ball-T M43 Mag 30 B-T
gm_75Rnd_762x39mm_B_57N231_ak47_blk 7.62 mm 75Rnd Ball 57N231 Mag 75 B
gm_75Rnd_762x39mm_B_T_57N231P_ak47_blk 7.62 mm 75Rnd Ball-T 57N231P Mag 75 B-T
gm_75Rnd_762x39mm_AP_7N23_ak47_blk 7.62 mm 75Rnd AP 7N23 Mag 75 AP
gm_75Rnd_762x39mm_B_M43_ak47_blk 7.62 mm 75Rnd Ball M43 Mag 75 B
gm_75Rnd_762x39mm_B_T_M43_ak47_blk 7.62 mm 75Rnd Ball-T M43 Mag 75 B-T
gm_30Rnd_545x39mm_B_7N6_ak74_prp 5.45 mm 30Rnd Ball 7N6 Mag 30 B
gm_30Rnd_545x39mm_B_T_7T3_ak74_prp 5.45 mm 30Rnd Ball-T 7T3 Mag 30 B-T
gm_30Rnd_545x39mm_B_7N6_ak74_org 5.45 mm 30Rnd Ball 7N6 Mag 30 B
gm_30Rnd_545x39mm_B_T_7T3_ak74_org 5.45 mm 30Rnd Ball-T 7T3 Mag 30 B-T
gm_45Rnd_545x39mm_B_7N6_ak74_prp 5.45 mm 45Rnd Ball 7N6 Mag 45 B
gm_45Rnd_545x39mm_B_T_7T3_ak74_prp 5.45 mm 45Rnd Ball-T 7T3 Mag 45 B-T
gm_45Rnd_545x39mm_B_7N6_ak74_org 5.45 mm 45Rnd Ball 7N6 Mag 45 B
gm_45Rnd_545x39mm_B_T_7T3_ak74_org 5.45 mm 45Rnd Ball-T 7T3 Mag 45 B-T
gm_20Rnd_762x51mm_B_T_DM21_g3_blk 7.62 mm 20Rnd Ball-T DM21 Mag 20 B-T
gm_20Rnd_762x51mm_B_T_DM21A1_g3_blk 7.62 mm 20Rnd Ball-T DM21A1 Mag 20 B-T
gm_20Rnd_762x51mm_B_T_DM21A2_g3_blk 7.62 mm 20Rnd Ball-T DM21A2 Mag 20 B-T
gm_20Rnd_762x51mm_B_DM111_g3_blk 7.62 mm 20Rnd Ball DM111 Mag 20 B
gm_20Rnd_762x51mm_B_DM41_g3_blk 7.62 mm 20Rnd Ball DM41 Mag 20 B
gm_20Rnd_762x51mm_AP_DM151_g3_blk 7.62 mm 20Rnd AP DM151 Mag 20 AP
gm_20Rnd_762x51mm_B_T_DM21_g3_des 7.62 mm 20Rnd Ball-T DM21 Mag 20 B-T
gm_20Rnd_762x51mm_B_T_DM21A1_g3_des 7.62 mm 20Rnd Ball-T DM21A1 Mag 20 B-T
gm_20Rnd_762x51mm_B_T_DM21A2_g3_des 7.62 mm 20Rnd Ball-T DM21A2 Mag 20 B-T
gm_20Rnd_762x51mm_B_DM111_g3_des 7.62 mm 20Rnd Ball DM111 Mag 20 B
gm_20Rnd_762x51mm_B_DM41_g3_des 7.62 mm 20Rnd Ball DM41 Mag 20 B
gm_20Rnd_762x51mm_AP_DM151_g3_des 7.62 mm 20Rnd AP DM151 Mag 20 AP
gm_30Rnd_556x45mm_B_M855_stanag_gry 5.56 mm 30Rnd Ball M855 Mag 30 B
gm_30Rnd_556x45mm_B_T_M856_stanag_gry 5.56 mm 30Rnd Ball-T M856 Mag 30 B-T
gm_20Rnd_556x45mm_B_M855_stanag_gry 5.56 mm 20Rnd Ball M855 Mag 20 B
gm_20Rnd_556x45mm_B_T_M856_stanag_gry 5.56 mm 20Rnd Ball-T M856 Mag 20 B-T
gm_10Rnd_762x54mmR_AP_7N1_svd_blk 7.62 mmR 10Rnd AP 7N1 Mag 10 AP
gm_10Rnd_762x54mmR_API_7bz3_svd_blk 7.62 mmR 10Rnd API 7BZ3 Mag 10 API
gm_10Rnd_762x54mmR_B_T_7t2_svd_blk 7.62 mmR 10Rnd Ball-T 7T2 Mag 10 B-T
gm_handgrenade_frag_dm51 Fragmentation Grenade DM51 1 Frag Grenade
gm_handgrenade_frag_dm51a1 Fragmentation Grenade DM51A1 1 Frag Grenade
gm_handgrenade_pracfrag_dm58 Practice Fragmentation Grenade DM58 1 Practice Grenade
gm_handgrenade_conc_dm51 Concussion Grenade DM51 1 Conc Grenade
gm_handgrenade_conc_dm51a1 Concussion Grenade DM51A1 1 Conc Grenade
gm_handgrenade_pracconc_dm58 Practice Concussion Grenade DM58 1 Practice Grenade
gm_handgrenade_frag_rgd5 Fragmentation Grenade RGD5 1 Frag Grenade
gm_smokeshell_grn_dm21 Smoke Grenade DM21 (Green) 1 Smoke (Green)
gm_smokeshell_red_dm23 Smoke Grenade DM23 (Red) 1 Smoke (Red)
gm_smokeshell_yel_dm26 Smoke Grenade DM26 (Yellow) 1 Smoke (Yellow)
gm_smokeshell_org_dm32 Smoke Grenade DM32 (Orange) 1 Smoke (Orange)
gm_smokeshell_wht_dm25 Smoke Grenade DM25 (White) 1 Smoke (White)
gm_smokeshell_grn_gc Smoke Grenade (Green) 1 Smoke (Green)
gm_smokeshell_blk_gc Smoke Grenade (Black) 1 Smoke (Black)
gm_smokeshell_red_gc Smoke Grenade (Red) 1 Smoke (Red)
gm_smokeshell_yel_gc Smoke Grenade (Yellow) 1 Smoke (Yellow)
gm_smokeshell_blu_gc Smoke Grenade (Blue) 1 Smoke (Blue)
gm_smokeshell_org_gc Smoke Grenade (Orange) 1 Smoke (Orange)
gm_smokeshell_wht_gc Smoke Grenade (White) 1 Smoke (White)