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LOL Clan
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Bluester British, Bovia Unknown, Daveyboy Irish, Diesel Unknown, Dodgy Unknown, Equinox British, Evilivan British, Excalibur German, Filth Merchant British, Incubus Hungarian, jumper8 American, Killer Bee Dutch, Kylie Minogue N.Ireland, Nikiller French, Number 23 Austria, Mr Peanut Canadian, Muerte American, ROKKA Unknown, SerialPsychoKiller Irish, Stooker Unknown, Striker French, surpher British, Teemo Unknown, theNoob Unknown, Volk Irish, Weedmasta Belgian, Whoarmongar Unknown, Zapperguy American

Charm Unknown, Husky Unknown, jäppiskä Unknown, Pacodeaf Belgian, Snowshoe British

Former members
4 IN 1 Hong Kong, Aegis American, anarcho British, Antilight German, Apache Dutch, ArmedButBlind Swedish, BaronHurlothrumbo British, Bisk Canadian, Bobby British, Cooperman British, CowChris Unknown, Craig British, Daneen American, dolfinnman British,Erikje Dutch, HiReD_GuN American, IRRI British, Jack British, Jedediah German, Killa German, Linx British, Mad Irish, Mantel German, Marco British, Monster Weapon Unknown, Postal British, RainerZufall German, Semtex British, Sgt. Rock German, Sheepie Welsh, Sonafets Greek, Stormrider Irish, Starbegotten Unknown, Tak Belgian, Tricky British, Trigger Welsh, Underdog Unknown, Wombat British
None! We're clowns

About [LOL]

[LOL] was started so that a group of friends (Wombat, Craig, Thos, SniperD, Ken, Squid, Sheepie and Tricky) could play the game in a less than serious way! The clown faces soon followed, this meant that we really couldn't be playing CTF and such as walking around with a bright yellow face made you somewhat of a target. The first [LOL] server ran on Ken's home server (it did well for a 10Mb line) but this was eventually taken over by Majors server. Named after a film character and to do with where it was based. Gradually more people started to play on the server and the clan grew from the 8 founding idiots to the lunatics we see today.

[LOL] Public Servers

You are welcome to join the clowns on our servers.

We currently running three public servers, one for Arma2OA (Major's) and two for OFP (Clowns Of War, Side Show).

Our server has a custom face size limit of 28k and custom sounds have been disabled.

To ensure uninterupted play please ensure you have the latest addons as listed below.

These can be found in our downloads section along with our map packs. The server is run in Veteran mode and is co-operative missions only. No respawns, No crosshairs, No Muppets.

Please visit our forums and become part of our community.

Have fun

The [LOL] Team

Arma2OA Server


title = [LOL] New Majors game_types = Coop dns = ip = publicprivate = Public addons = @cba; @cba_a2; @cba_oa; @FRAN_quesh_kibrul; @GLT_F16; @GLT_MissileBox; @GLT_RealAirWeapons; @brg_africa; @ibr_plants; @ibr_dtowns; @lingor; @Lingor_units; @MBG_Buildings2; @isla_duala; @fallujah; @Thirsk; @WinterCamos; @panthera; @ibr_rn; @sap_everon; @rkt_coaler; @MBG_KillHouses; @csj_snake; @chn_crocodile; @ibr_lcivilians; @mbg_buildings2_eu; @mbg_gen_afr_buildings link =


OFP Servers


title = [LOL] Clowns of War game_types = Coop (Veteran) dns = ip = publicprivate = Public addons = @[LOL]; @LOLExtras; @LOLIslands; @LOLExtras2; @ww4mod25 link =



title = [LOL] Side Show WW2 and Nam game_types = Coop (Veteran) dns = ip = publicprivate = Public addons = @lolww2; @lolnam link =



[LOL] Homepage

[LOL] Forums