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Disclaimer: This page describes internal undocumented structures of Bohemia Interactive software.

This page contains unofficial information.

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As of Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead, the root folder of your @mod can contain an (optional) mod.cpp/bin.


and on the command line to start Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead


A mod.cpp/bin allows for more detailed information in the Game's expansion menu for mod folders (rather than the engine simply declaring there is a mysterious @yourmod)

Contents of this cpp/bin could be as follows:

name			= "mod_";					// Name of your mod
author			= "author_mod";				// Affects Arma 3 Launcher, when the mod are loaded as local
logo			= "files\ic.paa";			// Logo displayed in the main menu
logoOver		= "files\ic_active.paa";	// When the mouse is over, in the main menu
tooltip			= "mod_";
tooltipOwned	= "credit_mod";				// Tool tip displayed when the mouse is left over, in the main menu
picture			= "files\overview.paa";		// Picture displayed from the expansions menu. Optimal size is 2048x1024
actionName		= "GitHub";
action			= "";			// Website URL, that can be accessed from the expansions menu
overview		= "This awesome mod does this and that.";	// Supports structured text
hideName		= 0;						// Hide the extension name
hidePicture		= 0;						// Hide the extension menu
dlcColor[]		= { 0.23, 0.39, 0.30, 1 };	// Color used for DLC stripes and backgrounds (RGBA)
logoSmall		= "files\ic_small.paa";		// Display in creative lists, next to the entities added by the mod

This is the standard, easy to apply, method.

As convenient (and clever) as it may be, it does not fit well with standard methods of distribution. E.g.m, all things pbo.

Arma 3
In Arma 3 the mod.cpp is needed to display mod information in the Arma 3: Launcher.


As of Arma 3 logo black.png2.02 CfgMods is broken and does not work!

The alternative is to insert a CfgMods class into one of your pbo's, or, make one specifically for this. The following are BI samples of how it is done (find more samples here):

true/false values are invalid values in mod.cpp; use 1/0 instead or define them with
#define true 1
#define false 0

Arma 2

#define true 1
#define false 0

class CfgMods
	defaultAction = "";

	class Expansion
		dir = "Expansion";
		name = "Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead";
		picture = "ca\ui\data\logo_arma2ep1_ca.paa";
		hidePicture = false;
		hideName = true;
		action = "";

	class BAF
		dir = "BAF";
		name = "Arma 2: British Armed Forces (Lite)";
		picture = "ca\data_baf\mod.paa";
		action = "";
		hash = "BAF v. 1.03";
		hideName = 1;
		actionName = "Buy Now";
		hidePicture = 1;
		islite = 1;

	class PMC
		dir = "PMC";
		picture = "ca\ui\data\logo_arma2pmc_ca.paa";
		hash = "PMC v. 1.02";
		action = "";
		hideName = 1;
		name = "Arma 2: Private Military Company";
		hidePicture = 0;

Arma 3 - Zeus

class CfgMods
	class Mod_Base;
	class Curator : Mod_Base
		picture = "\A3\Ui_F_Curator\Data\Logos\arma3_zeus_icon_ca.paa";
		logo = "\A3\Ui_F_Curator\Data\Logos\arma3_curator_logo_ca.paa";
		logoOver = "\A3\Ui_F_Curator\Data\Logos\arma3_curator_logoOver_ca.paa";
		tooltipOwned = "$STR_A3_CFGMODS_CURATOR_NAME";
		action = "";
		fieldManualTopicAndHint[] = {"Curator","Curator"};
		dlcColor[] = { 0.31, 0.78, 0.78, 1 };
		hideName = 1;
		hidePicture = 0;
		dir = "Curator";
		appId = 275700;


Benargee - c
Posted on Feb 02, 2015 - 06:39 (UTC)
Use <br /> to get a line break for mod overview.

HTML Link tags can also be used in overview, but you must use single quotes around the url. Example:
"<a href=''>Arma 3 Home Page</a>"
Colored text works too: <t color='#ffff00'>Your yellow text!</t>
Other html tags might work, but I have not tested them. See: Structured Text.