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This lists all the p3d filenames and their associated classnames that are configured under class cfgEffects and class cfgTitles in the game config files.

In addition, the p3d filenames of any models referenced by resource.bin are also listed.

Files from Data3d.pbo are in normal text.

Files from Res\Addons\O.pbo are marked in bold.

Cold War Crisis & Resistance

Class CfgEffects

P3d Filenames Class Names Description
blesk1 "ThunderboltNorm" Light Thunderbolt
blesk2 "ThunderboltHeavy" Heavy Thunderbolt

Class CfgTitles

P3d Filenames Class Names Description
bohemiaolor2 "BISLogo" BIS Logo
koule "Sphere" Light Sphere
TvHi "TVSet" TV Screen


P3d Filenames Description
blok Open NoteBook
blok_selmis2 Closed NoteBook
O\char\civilistka_head Womans Head
desky ClipBoard
hlavaW Male Head
karta I.D. Card
kniha6 Book
kompas Compass
notebook Laptop PC

also used in cfgWeapons - modelOptics

Binocular Optics
O\Misc\Resistance_logo Resistance Logo
vysilacka Walkie Talkie