Models & Classnames: Simulation Types

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The following applies to Operation Flashpoint and Operation Flashpoint: Resistance.

These tables list the simulations and the locations within the game configs where they are used.

  • Information specific to Data3d.pbo is in normal text
  • Information specific to Res\Addons\O.pbo or the Addons folder is marked in bold.


Simulation Used In
simulation=""; class Default
simulation="shotBullet"; class Shell: Default
" class Grenade: Default
" class GrenadeHand: Grenade
" class MortarShell: Grenade
simulation="shotMissile"; class AT3: Default
" class CarlGustav: AT3
" class AT4: CarlGustav
" class AA: CarlGustav
" class 9K32: AA
" class Hellfire: AT3
" class AT6: Hellfire
" class Maverick: Hellfire
" class LaserGuidedBomb: Default
simulation="shotRocket"; class LAW: AT3
" class Zuni: Hellfire
" class Rocket57: Zuni
simulation="shotStroke"; class StrokeFistHit: Default
" class StrokeGunHit: StrokeFistHit
simulation="shotIlluminating"; class Flare: Grenade
simulation="shotSmoke"; class SmokeShell: GrenadeHand
simulation="shotTimeBomb"; class TimeBomb: Default
simulation="shotPipeBomb"; class PipeBomb: TimeBomb
simulation="shotMine"; class Mine: TimeBomb
simulation="laserDesignate"; class LaserDesignator: Default


Simulation Used In
simulation=""; class All
simulation="invisible"; class Logic: All
simulation="car"; class Car: LandVehicle
" class BRMD: LandVehicle
simulation="motorcycle"; class Motorcycle: LandVehicle
simulation="tank"; class Tank: LandVehicle
" class APC: Tank
" class ZSU: Tank
simulation="soldier"; class Man: Land
simulation="helicopter"; class Helicopter: Air
simulation="airplane"; class Plane: Air
simulation="ship"; class Ship: AllVehicles
simulation="parachute"; class ParachuteBase: Helicopter
simulation="laserTarget"; class LaserTarget: All
simulation="house"; class Static: All
" class Fortress: Static
" class Building: Static
" class NonStrategic: Building
" class Strategic: Building
" class ReammoBox: Strategic
" class WeaponHolder: ReammoBox
" class HeavyReammoBox: Strategic
" class MachineGunBox: Strategic
" class Target: Strategic
" class Camp: Strategic
" class Fence: NonStrategic
" class Shed: Strategic
" class Office: Shed
" class Hangar_Hall: Shed
" class ShedSmall: Shed
" class House: NonStrategic
" class HeliH: NonStrategic
" class TargetTraining: NonStrategic
" class Chapel: NonStrategic
" class FuelStation: Strategic
simulation="thing"; class Thing: All
" class BarrelHelper: Thing
" class Table: Thing
" class Tablemap: Table
simulation="thingeffect"; class ThingEffect: Thing
simulation="flagcarrier"; class FlagCarrier: Strategic
" class Danger: FlagCarrier
simulation="fire"; class Fire: NonStrategic
simulation="fountain"; class Fountain: NonStrategic
simulation="forest"; class Forest: NonStrategic
simulation="church"; class Church: NonStrategic


Simulation Used In
simulation="detector"; class EmptyDetector
simulation="track"; class Track
simulation="mark"; class Mark
simulation="SmokeSource"; class SmokeSource
simulation="ObjectDestructed"; class ObjectDestructed
simulation="Explosion"; class Explosion
simulation="Crater"; class Crater
simulation="CraterOnVehicle"; class CraterOnVehicle
simulation="Slop"; class Slop
simulation="Smoke"; class Smoke
simulation="DynamicSound"; class DynamicSound
simulation="StreetLamp"; class StreetLamp
simulation="SoundOnVehicle"; class SoundOnVehicle
simulation="ThunderBolt"; class ThunderBolt
simulation="EditCursor"; class EditCursor
simulation="ObjView"; class ObjView
simulation="Temp"; class Temp
simulation="SeaGull"; class SeaGull
simulation="Camera"; class Camera
simulation="ProxyWeapon"; class ProxyWeapon
simulation="ProxySecWeapon"; class ProxySecWeapon
simulation="alwaysshow"; class ProxyAT1_Proxy: ProxyWeapon
" class ProxyAmmoInTruck
" class Proxypostel_panelak1
" class Proxypostel_panelak3
" class Proxykytka3
" class Proxylustr_kuch1
" class Proxysporak02
" class Proxystul_kuch1
" class Proxyhrabe
" class Proxyalmara
" class Proxybedna_modr
" class Proxybedna_zel
" class Proxykachlaky
" class Proxykfietina_mensi
" class Proxykfietina1
" class Proxykybl
" class Proxylustr_zarov1
" class Proxyobraz_kancl1
" class Proxyobraz_kancl2
" class Proxyobraz_kancl3
" class Proxyobraz_kancl4
" class Proxyobraz_kancl5
" class Proxyobraz_kancl6
" class Proxypostel_panelak2
" class Proxyradio2
" class Proxyseno_balik
" class Proxyskrin_s1
" class Proxyskrinka_kuch1
" class Proxyskrinka_kuch2
" class Proxystul_kancl1
" class Proxystul_kancl2
" class Proxytelevizka
" class Proxyvana
" class Proxyzachod2
" class Proxyzidle_dvojsedlo
" class Proxyzidle_kancl1
" class Proxyzidle_mala1
" class ProxyDhangar_brownskrin
" class ProxyDhangar_psacistul
" class ProxyDhangar_whiteskrin
" class ProxyDhangar_zidle
" class ProxyDhangar_knihovna
" class ProxyDkamna_bila
" class ProxyDkamna_uhli
" class ProxyDskrin_trojdvera
" class ProxyDtelevize
" class ProxyDtopeni
" class ProxyDstul_konferenc
" class Proxylustr_koule
" class Proxyskrinka_loznice1
" class Proxyskrinka_loznice2
" class Proxyskrinka_drez
" class Proxystolni_lampa1a
" class ProxyDhangar_radio
" class Proxyrucniky
simulation="maverickweapon"; class ProxyMaverik_Proxy: ProxyWeapon
" class ProxyHellfire_proxy: ProxyWeapon
simulation="scud"; class ProxyScud_Strela_Proxy: ProxyWeapon
simulation="proxycrew"; class ProxyCrew
simulation="flag"; class ProxyFlag
simulation="ProxyHandGun"; class ProxyHandGun: ProxyWeapon