Muzzle Flash Bug

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The Problem

This problem may occur for addonmakers in the form of the muzzle flash of a weapon model is visible at all times ingame, and does not simply flash when fired.

The Solution

This Problem has two solutions. You may have to do both.


Open your model in Oxygen 2 and make sure that the selection zasleh does infact highlight the model part of the muzzle flash on your weapon. Do this in all the LODs.

If in some LOD the muzzle flash selection does not highlight when clicking the zasleh selection, select it on your model, rightclick zasleh in the selections window and select redefine selection.


In your Config.cpp (for OFP) or model.cfg (for ArmA), you should include (or already have) a CfgModels class, which includes the weapon name as classes. For instance, your weapon model is named "MyM16A2.p3d", then the CfgModels section should look as following:

class CfgModels
	class Default {};
	class Weapon: Default {};
	class MyM16A2: Weapon {};

This should be inserted into your Config.cpp (only for OFP) before your CfgVehicles or CfgWeapons sections and you have to put it in there before binarizing the model.