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# VII. How to improve OAC

Project OAC uses Git as source control (SC) system for the development.

You can:

  • download the complete source with Git and play-test unreleased missions and campaigns
  • improve the existing missions and campaigns
  • add new class mappings to the OFP compatibility addon

and upload your changes again for everyone to use and improve.

The repository contains all campaigns and missions in development and released,
all their voice files, the OFP music files, replacement addons for community addons,
CWR and Project 85. The size is 1 GB and growing.

Git: Source control system

1) Install git and check out the repository:

IMPORTANT: Download OAC directly into this folder:


2) Pull (download) and push (upload) are explained in the guide above.

If you have any questions, please use the new OAC forum.

Making campaigns and missions folder available to arma

IMPORTANT OAC campaigns or missions (only MP mission are an exception) note.

By default these are in .\arma\x\oac\*. This way they are not loaded.

Two options:


Copy stuff to .\arma\campaigns, .\arma\missions, .\arma\mpmissions.

  • Use junctions:
  1. Install Link Shell Extension
  2. RMB click on a folder, for example .\arma\x\oac\campaigns\bi\1985.
  3. Select "pick link source".
  4. Goto .\arma\campaigns.
  5. RMB click on empty area in explorer inside that said folder.
  6. Select "drop as - junction".

The result is that the OS will create a link in this folder to the
source location. In other words on the hard disk level it does some
rewiring to make the 1985 folder also found in the dropped location.

More simply said 1985 is also found in .\arma\campaigns and if any of
those two instances gets updated, so will the other.

Get latest files from the repository

In the local repository (.\arma\x\oac) you find a file called git_pull.bat.
Execute it to update the repository to the latest version.

Do not forget to build the updates non mission PBOs.

Use the OAC repository browser and the OAC revisions details to get an idea
what folders have been updated and need to built to PBO after an update.

Repository access

Repository URL:


Anon read access

Just git clone the above URL.

git clone git://git.dev-heaven.net/oac.git

Write access

Send kju your ssh key. Check the ssh guide how to create one for you.

Coding standards

  • Get a proper text editor like notepad++ or editpadpro.
  • Do not mess up the code:
    • Preceding tabs - NO spaces! - before the code.
    • Correct number of preceding tabs.
    • NO tabs or spaces at the end of the line.
    • Spaces around an equal sign are standard.
    • One space after a colon, not before it.
    • Do not forget a semicolon to end definitions.
    • Use quotes for strings.
    • Correct placement of brackets.
  • Use comments where they are meaningful.
  • Use empty lines to separate code.
  • Order lists alphabetically - use editor functions!
  • Create a file header for addons according to the standard.
  • Name addons according to the standard.

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