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Also known as:

  • ofpr.info
  • ofp.gamepark.cz
  • ofp.gamezone.cz
  • ofp.gamezone.eu


The greatest OFP/CWA content-oriented website that existed around 2001-2018. It was the spotlight for creation of the community content via regular news section in 5 different languages. Due to the huge database of addons, mods, missions and other community-made content it was the crucial OFP/CWA legacy site. On 2nd of June, 2018, the website was closed down.

On 22th of June, 2018, [PFC] Polish Flashpoint Community announced a revival project of the website known as OFP.INFO 2.0. On 15th of July, 2018, beta version of OFP.INFO 2.0 was launched.