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Classname Full Name Screens
SoldierWB Soldier Ofp soldierwb.jpg
SoldierW - Ofp soldierwb.jpg
SoldierWNOG - Ofp soldierwb.jpg
SoldierEFakeW Soldier (west uniform) Ofp soldierwb.jpg
SoldierWCaptive Captive Ofp soldierwcaptive.jpg
SoldierWG Grenadier Ofp soldierwg.jpg
SoldierWMiner Miner Ofp soldierwb.jpg
SoldierWMedic Medic Ofp soldierwmedic.jpg
SoldierWMG Machinegunner Ofp soldierwmg.jpg
SoldierWLAW LAW Soldier Ofp soldierwlaw.jpg
SoldierWAT AT Soldier Ofp soldierwat.jpg
SoldierWAA AA Soldier Ofp soldierwaa.jpg
SoldierWCrew Crew Ofp soldierwcrew.jpg
SoldierWPilot Pilot Ofp soldierwpilot.jpg
SoldierWPilotHG Pilot (Handgun)
(Patch 1.85)
Ofp soldierwpilot.jpg
SoldierWSniper Sniper Ofp soldierwsniper.jpg
SoldierWLAWSniper LAW Sniper Ofp soldierwsniper.jpg
SoldierWSaboteurPipe Saboteur Ofp soldierwaboteur.jpg
SoldierWSaboteurCheat Saboteur (Cheat!) Ofp soldierwaboteur.jpg
SoldierWSaboteurDay Saboteur (Day) Ofp soldierwaboteurday.jpg
SoldierWSaboteurPipeHG Saboteur (Handgun)
Ofp soldierwaboteur.jpg
SoldierWSaboteurXMS Saboteur (XMS)
(Patch 1.30)
Ofp soldierwaboteurdayxms.jpg
SoldierWSaboteurPipeHGS Saboteur (GlockS)
(Patch 1.85)
Ofp soldierwaboteur.jpg
SoldierWSaboteurLaser Saboteur (Laser)
(Patch 1.46)
Ofp soldierwaboteurdaylgb.jpg
OfficerW Officer Ofp officerw.jpg
OfficerWNight Officer (Night) Ofp officerwnight.jpg
OfficerWHG Officer (Handgun)
Ofp officerw.jpg
SoldierWXMS Soldier (XMS)
(Patch 1.30)
Ofp soldierwxms.jpg
SoldierWG36a Soldier (G36)
(Patch 1.30)
Ofp soldierwg36a.jpg
SoldierWSteyr Soldier (Steyr)
(Patch 1.30)
Ofp soldierwsteyr.jpg
HeavyGW Heavy Grenadier
(Patch 1.10)
Ofp heavygw.jpg


Classname Full Name Screens
SoldierEB Soldier Ofp soldiereb.jpg
SoldierE - Ofp soldiereb.jpg
SoldierENOG - Ofp soldiereb.jpg
SoldierWFakeE Soldier (east uniform) Ofp soldiereb.jpg
SoldierEG Grenadier Ofp soldiereg.jpg
SoldierEMedic Medic Ofp soldieremedic.jpg
SoldierEMiner Engineer Ofp soldiereb.jpg
SoldierEMG Machinegunner Ofp soldieremg.jpg
SoldierELAW LAW Soldier Ofp soldierelaw.jpg
SoldierEAT AT Soldier Ofp soldiereat.jpg
SoldierEAA AA Soldier Ofp soldiereaa.jpg
SoldierECrew Crew Ofp soldierecrew.jpg
SoldierEPilot Pilot Ofp soldierepilot.jpg
SoldierESniper Sniper Ofp soldieresniper.jpg
SoldierESaboteurPipe Speznaz Ofp soldieresaboteur.jpg
SoldierESaboteurCheat Speznaz (Cheat!) Ofp soldieresaboteur.jpg
SoldierESaboteurBizon Speznaz (Bizon)
(Patch 1.30)
Ofp soldieresaboteur.jpg
SoldierESaboteurPipeHG Speznaz (Handgun)
Ofp soldieresaboteur.jpg
OfficerE Officer Ofp officere.jpg
OfficerECheat Officer (Cheat!) Ofp officere.jpg
OfficerENight Officer (Night) Ofp officerenight.jpg
OfficerWHG Officer (Handgun)
Ofp officere.jpg
HeavyGrenadier Heavy Grenadier
(Patch 1.10)
Ofp heavygrenadier.jpg
SoldierGFakeE Soldier (east uniform) Ofp soldiereb.jpg
GeneralE General Ofp generale.jpg
Angelina Angelina Ofp angelina 01.jpg


Classname Full Name Screens
SoldierGB Soldier Ofp soldiergb.jpg
SoldierGNOG - Ofp soldiergb.jpg
SoldierGCheat Soldier (Cheat!) Ofp soldiergb.jpg
SoldierGG Grenadier Ofp soldiergg.jpg
SoldierGMedic Medic Ofp soldiergmedic.jpg
SoldierGMG Machinegunner Ofp soldiergmg.jpg
SoldierGLAW LAW Soldier Ofp soldierglaw.jpg
SoldierGAT AT Soldier Ofp soldiergat.jpg
SoldierGAA AA Soldier Ofp soldiergaa.jpg
SoldierGCrew Crew Ofp soldiergcrew.jpg
SoldierGPilot Pilot Ofp soldiergpilot.jpg
SoldierGSniper Soldier (Handgun)
(Patch 1.85)
Ofp soldiergsniper.jpg
OfficerG Officer Ofp officerg.jpg
OfficerGCheat Officer (Cheat!) Ofp officerg.jpg
OfficerGNight Officer (Night) Ofp officergnight.jpg
OfficerGHG Officer (Handgun)
Ofp officerg.jpg
Hunter Soldier
(Patch 1.46)
Ofp hunter.jpg


Classname Full Name Screens
Civilian Man Ofp man.jpg
Civilian2 Man 2 Ofp man2.jpg
Civilian3 Man 3 Ofp man3.jpg
Civilian4 Man 4
Ofp man4.jpg
Civilian5 Man 5
Ofp man5.jpg
Civilian6 Man 6
Ofp man6.jpg
Civilian7 Man 7
Ofp man7.jpg
Civilian8 Man (Police - Scorpion)
Ofp policemanSa61.jpg
Civilian9 Man 8
Ofp man8.jpg
Civilian10 Man 9
Ofp man9.jpg
Civilian11 Man (Police - CZ75)
Ofp policemancz75.jpg
Woman1 Woman 1
Ofp woman1.jpg
Woman2 Woman 2
Ofp woman2.jpg
Woman3 Woman 3
Ofp woman3.jpg
Woman4 Woman 4
Ofp woman4.jpg
Woman5 Woman 5
Ofp woman5.jpg
SoldierGFakeC Man
SoldierGFakeC2 Man 2 [AK74]
SoldierGFakeC3 Man 4 [AK74]

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