Arma 2: Infantry

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Classname Full Name Screens
FR_Miles Miles Arma2 FR miles.jpg
FR_Cooper Cooper Arma2 FR cooper.jpg
FR_Ohara O'Hara Arma2 FR ohara.jpg
FR_Rodriguez Rodriguez Arma2 FR rodriguez.jpg
FR_Sykes Sykes Arma2 FR sykes.jpg
FR_AC FAC Operator Arma2 FR fac operator.jpg
FR_AR Heavy Gunner Arma2 FR machinegunner.jpg
FR_Assault_GL Assault Grenadier Arma2 FR assault gren.jpg
FR_Assault_R Assault Rifleman Arma2 FR assault.jpg
FR_Commander Commander Arma2 FR miles.jpg
FR_Corpsman Corpsman Arma2 FR medic.jpg
FR_GL Grenadier Arma2 FR grenadier.jpg
FR_Light Force Recon Unarmed Arma2 FR captive.jpg
FR_Marksman Marksman Arma2 FR sniper.jpg
FR_R Saboteur Arma2 FR saboteur.jpg
FR_Sapper Demolitions Specialist Arma2 FR miner.jpg
FR_TL Team Leader Arma2 FR tl.jpg
USMC_LHD_Crew_Blue LHD Crew (Blue) Arma2 NAVY lhd blue.jpg
USMC_LHD_Crew_Brown LHD Crew (Brown)
USMC_LHD_Crew_Green LHD Crew (Green)
USMC_LHD_Crew_Purple LHD Crew (Purple)
USMC_LHD_Crew_Red LHD Crew (Red)
USMC_LHD_Crew_White LHD Crew (White)
USMC_LHD_Crew_Yellow LHD Crew (Yellow)
USMC_Soldier Soldier Arma2 USMC soldier.jpg
USMC_Soldier2 Soldier (M1014) Arma2 USMC m1014.jpg
USMC_SoldierM_Marksman Designated Marksman Arma2 USMC m24.jpg
USMC_SoldierS Scout Arma2 USMC recon.jpg
USMC_SoldierS_Engineer Engineer Arma2 USMC m1014.jpg
USMC_SoldierS_Sniper Sniper Arma2 USMC sniper.jpg
USMC_SoldierS_SniperH Sniper (M107) Arma2 USMC m107.jpg
USMC_SoldierS_Spotter Spotter Arma2 USMC spotter.jpg
USMC_Soldier_AA Soldier (AA) Arma2 USMC aa.jpg
USMC_Soldier_AR Automatic Rifleman Arma2 USMC lmg.jpg
USMC_Soldier_AT Soldier (M134) Arma2 USMC m134.jpg
USMC_Soldier_Crew Crew Arma2 USMC crew.jpg
USMC_Soldier_GL Grenadier Arma2 USMC grenadier.jpg
USMC_Soldier_HAT Soldier (Javelin) Arma2 USMC javelin.jpg
USMC_Soldier_LAT Soldier (SMAW) Arma2 USMC smaw.jpg
USMC_Soldier_Light Soldier (unarmed) Arma2 USMC captive.jpg
USMC_Soldier_MG Machinegunner Arma2 USMC machinegunner.jpg
USMC_Soldier_Medic Medic Arma2 USMC medic.jpg
USMC_Soldier_Officer Officer Arma2 USMC officer.jpg
USMC_Soldier_Pilot Pilot Arma2 USMC pilot.jpg
USMC_Soldier_SL Squad Leader Arma2 USMC sl.jpg
USMC_Soldier_TL Team Leader Arma2 USMC tl.jpg

Chernarussian Defence Forces (CDF)

Classname Full Name Screens
CDF_Soldier Soldier Arma2 CDF soldier.jpg
CDF_Commander General Arma2 CDF general.jpg
CDF_Soldier_AR Light Machinegunner Arma2 CDF lmg.jpg
CDF_Soldier_Crew Crewman Arma2 CDF crew.jpg
CDF_Soldier_Engineer Engineer Arma2 CDF pio.jpg
CDF_Soldier_GL Grenadier Arma2 CDF grenadier.jpg
CDF_Soldier_Light Soldier (unarmed) Arma2 CDF captive.jpg
CDF_Soldier_MG Machinegunner Arma2 CDF mg.jpg
CDF_Soldier_Marksman Marksman Arma2 CDF recon.jpg
CDF_Soldier_Medic Medic Arma2 CDF medic.jpg
CDF_Soldier_Militia Militia Arma2 CDF militia.jpg
CDF_Soldier_Officer Officer Arma2 CDF officer.jpg
CDF_Soldier_Pilot Pilot Arma2 CDF pilot.jpg
CDF_Soldier_RPG RPG Specialist Arma2 CDF rpg7.jpg
CDF_Soldier_Sniper Sniper Arma2 CDF sniper.jpg
CDF_Soldier_Spotter Spotter Arma2 CDF spotter.jpg
CDF_Soldier_Strela AA Specialist Arma2 CDF aa.jpg
CDF_Soldier_TL Team Leader Arma2 CDF tl.jpg



Classname Full Name Screens
RU_Commander General Arma2 RU general.jpg
RU_Soldier Rifleman Arma2 RU soldier.jpg
RU_Soldier2 Rifleman (Saiga) Arma2 RU saiga.jpg
RU_Soldier_Crew Crewman Arma2 RU crew.jpg
RU_Soldier_GL Grenadier Arma2 RU grenadier.jpg
RU_Soldier_AR Automatic Rifleman Arma2 RU lmg.jpg
RU_Soldier_HAT AT Specialist (Metis) Arma2 RU at.jpg
RU_Soldier_LAT Rifleman (RPG-18) Arma2 RU rpg18.jpg
RU_Soldier_Light Soldier (unarmed) Arma2 RU captive.jpg
RU_Soldier_MG Machinegunner Arma2 RU machinegunner.jpg
RU_Soldier_Marksman Marksman Arma2 RU svd.jpg
RU_Soldier_Medic Medic Arma2 RU medic.jpg
RU_Soldier_Officer Officer Arma2 RU officer.jpg
RU_Soldier_Pilot Pilot Arma2 RU pilot.jpg
RU_Soldier_SL Squad Leader Arma2 RU sl.jpg
RU_Soldier_Sniper Sniper Arma2 RU sniper.jpg
RU_Soldier_SniperH Sniper (KSVK) Arma2 RU ksvk.jpg
RU_Soldier_Spotter Spotter Arma2 RU spotter.jpg
RU_Soldier_TL Team Leader Arma2 RU tl.jpg
RUS_Commander Spetsnaz Officer Arma2 RUS officer.jpg
RUS_Soldier1 Spetsnaz Operator Arma2 RUS spetsnaz.jpg
RUS_Soldier2 Spetsnaz Operator (SD) Arma2 RUS sd.jpg
RUS_Soldier3 Spetsnaz Scout Arma2 RUS recon.jpg
RUS_Soldier_GL Spetsnaz Assaultman Arma2 RUS assault.jpg
RUS_Soldier_Marksman Spetsnaz Marksman Arma2 RUS sniper.jpg
RUS_Soldier_Sab Saboteur Arma2 RUS sd.jpg
RUS_Soldier_TL Spetsnaz Team Leader Arma2 RUS tl.jpg
MVD_Soldier Operator Arma2 MVD operator.jpg
MVD_Soldier_AT Operator (RPG-7) Arma2 MVD rpg7.jpg
MVD_Soldier_GL Operator (GL) Arma2 MVD grenadier.jpg
MVD_Soldier_MG Machinegunner Arma2 MVD machinegunner.jpg
MVD_Soldier_Marksman Marksman Arma2 MVD snipersd.jpg
MVD_Soldier_Sniper Sniper Arma2 MVD sniper.jpg
MVD_Soldier_TL Operator Arma2 MVD tl.jpg

Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star (ChDKZ)

Classname Full Name Screens
INS_Lopotev Lopotev Arma2 INS boss.jpg
INS_Bardak Bardak Arma2 INS insurgent.jpg
INS_Commander Commander Arma2 INS commander.jpg
INS_Soldier_1 Rifleman Arma2 INS soldier.jpg
INS_Soldier_2 Rifleman (AK-47) Arma2 INS ak47.jpg
INS_Soldier_AA AA Specialist Arma2 INS aa.jpg
INS_Soldier_AR Automatic Rifleman Arma2 INS lmg.jpg
INS_Soldier_AT AT Specialist Arma2 INS rpg7.jpg
INS_Soldier_CO Officer Arma2 INS officer.jpg
INS_Soldier_Crew Crewman Arma2 INS crew.jpg
INS_Soldier_GL Grenadier Arma2 INS grenadier.jpg
INS_Soldier_MG Machinegunner Arma2 INS mg.jpg
INS_Soldier_Medic Medic Arma2 INS medic.jpg
INS_Soldier_Pilot Pilot Arma2 INS pilot.jpg
INS_Soldier_Sab Saboteur Arma2 INS saboteur.jpg
INS_Soldier_Sapper Sapper Arma2 INS sappeur.jpg
INS_Soldier_Sniper Sniper Arma2 INS sniper.jpg
INS_Villager3 Farmer Arma2 INS farmer.jpg
INS_Villager4 Villager Arma2 INS villager.jpg
INS_Woodlander1 Woodman Arma2 INS woodman.jpg
INS_Woodlander2 Gamekeeper Arma2 INS gamekeeper.jpg
INS_Woodlander3 Forester Arma2 INS forester.jpg
INS_Worker1 Local Arma2 INS local.jpg


National Party (NAPA)

Classname Full Name Screens
GUE_Soldier_3 Rifleman Arm2 GUE soldier.jpg
GUE_Soldier_1 Rifleman (AKSU) Arm2 GUE ak74su.jpg
GUE_Commander Warlord Arm2 GUE warlord.jpg
GUE_Soldier_2 Rifleman (AKM) Arm2 GUE akm.jpg
GUE_Soldier_AA AA Specialist Arm2 GUE aa.jpg
GUE_Soldier_AR Automatic Rifleman Arm2 GUE lmg.jpg
GUE_Soldier_AT AT Specialist Arm2 GUE rpg7.jpg
GUE_Soldier_CO Officer Arm2 GUE commander.jpg
GUE_Soldier_Crew Crewman Arm2 GUE crew.jpg
GUE_Soldier_GL Grenadier Arm2 GUE grenadier.jpg
GUE_Soldier_MG Machinegunner Arm2 GUE mg.jpg
GUE_Soldier_Medic Medic Arm2 GUE medic.jpg
GUE_Soldier_Pilot Pilot Arm2 GUE pilot.jpg
GUE_Soldier_Sab Saboteur Arm2 GUE soldier.jpg
GUE_Soldier_Scout Scout Arm2 GUE spotter.jpg
GUE_Soldier_Sniper Sniper Arm2 GUE hunter.jpg
GUE_Villager3 Farmer Arma2 INS farmer.jpg
GUE_Villager4 Villager Arma2 INS villager.jpg
GUE_Woodlander1 Woodman Arma2 INS woodman.jpg
GUE_Woodlander2 Gamekeeper Arma2 INS gamekeeper.jpg
GUE_Woodlander3 Forester Arma2 INS forester.jpg
GUE_Worker1 Local Arma2 INS local.jpg



Classname Full Name Screens
Assistant Assistant Arma2 civ assistant.jpg
RU_Assistant Assistant
Citizen1 Citizen (Brown) Arma2 civ citizen.jpg
Citizen2 Citizen (Blue)
Citizen3 Citizen (Gray)
Citizen4 Citizen (Green)
RU_Citizen1 Citizen (Brown)
RU_Citizen2 Citizen (Blue)
RU_Citizen3 Citizen (Gray)
RU_Citizen4 Citizen (Green)
Priest Priest Arma2 civ priest.jpg
RU_Priest Priest
Pilot Pilot Arma2 civ pilot.jpg
RU_Pilot Pilot
Policeman Policeman Arma2 civ policeman.jpg
RU_Policeman Policeman
Doctor Doctor Arma2 civ doctor.jpg
RU_Doctor Doctor
Teacher Teacher Arma2 civ teacher.jpg
RU_Teacher Teacher
Functionary1 Functionary (Brown) Arma2 civ functionary.jpg
Functionary2 Functionary (Black)
RU_Functionary1 Functionary (Brown)
RU_Functionary2 Functionary (Black)
Rocker1 Rocker (black) Arma2 civ rocker.jpg
Rocker2 Functionary (brown)
Rocker3 Functionary (blue)
Rocker4 Functionary (green)
RU_Rocker1 Functionary (black)
RU_Rocker2 Functionary (brown)
RU_Rocker3 Functionary (blue)
RU_Rocker4 Functionary (green)
Profiteer1 Profiteer (gray) Arma2 civ profiteer.jpg
Profiteer2 Profiteer (blue)
Profiteer3 Profiteer (brown)
Profiteer4 Profiteer (red)
RU_Profiteer1 Profiteer (gray)
RU_Profiteer2 Profiteer (blue)
RU_Profiteer3 Profiteer (brown)
RU_Profiteer4 Profiteer (red)
Villager1 Villager (blue check) Arma2 civ villager.jpg
Villager2 Villager (green check)
Villager3 Villager (green)
Villager4 Villager (blue)
RU_Villager1 Villager (blue check)
RU_Villager2 Villager (green check)
RU_Villager3 Villager (green)
RU_Villager4 Villager (blue)
Woodlander1 Woodlander Arma2 civ woodlander.jpg
Woodlander2 Woodlander (blue)
Woodlander3 Woodlander (brown)
Woodlander4 Woodlander (camo)
RU_Woodlander1 Woodlander (blue)
RU_Woodlander2 Woodlander (brown)
RU_Woodlander3 Woodlander (camo)
RU_Woodlander4 Woodlander (green)
Worker1 Worker Arma2 civ worker.jpg
Worker2 Worker (Gray)
Worker3 Worker (Green)
Worker4 Worker (Blue)
RU_Worker1 Worker (Gray)
RU_Worker2 Worker (Green)
RU_Worker3 Worker (Blue)
RU_Worker4 Worker (Brown)
Secretary1 Secretary Arma2 civ secretary.jpg
Secretary2 Secretary
Secretary3 Secretary
Secretary4 Secretary
RU_Secretary1 Secretary
RU_Secretary2 Secretary
RU_Secretary3 Secretary
RU_Secretary4 Secretary
Damsel1 Damsel Arma2 civ damsel.jpg
Damsel2 Damsel
Damsel3 Damsel
Damsel4 Damsel
RU_Damsel1 Damsel
RU_Damsel2 Damsel
RU_Damsel3 Damsel
RU_Damsel4 Damsel
Hooker1 Hooker Arma2 civ hooker.jpg
Hooker2 Hooker
Hooker3 Hooker
Hooker4 Hooker
RU_Hooker1 Hooker
RU_Hooker2 Hooker
RU_Hooker3 Hooker
RU_Hooker4 Hooker
Madam1 Madam Arma2 civ madam.jpg
Madam2 Madam
Madam3 Madam
Madam4 Madam
RU_Madam1 Madam
RU_Madam2 Madam
RU_Madam3 Madam
RU_Madam4 Madam
WorkWoman1 Work woman Arma2 civ workwife.jpg
WorkWoman2 Work woman
WorkWoman3 Work woman
WorkWoman4 Work woman
RU_WorkWoman1 Work woman
RU_WorkWoman2 Work woman
RU_WorkWoman3 Work woman
RU_WorkWoman4 Work woman
HouseWife1 Houswife Arma2 civ housewife.jpg
HouseWife2 Houswife
HouseWife3 Houswife
HouseWife4 Houswife
RU_HouseWife1 Houswife
RU_HouseWife2 Houswife
RU_HouseWife3 Houswife
RU_HouseWife4 Houswife
Farmwife1 Farmwife Arma2 civ farmwife.jpg
Farmwife2 Farmwife
Farmwife3 Farmwife
Farmwife4 Farmwife
RU_Farmwife1 Farmwife
RU_Farmwife2 Farmwife
RU_Farmwife3 Farmwife
RU_Farmwife4 Farmwife
Sportswoman1 Sportswoman Arma2 civ sportswoman.jpg
Sportswoman2 Sportswoman
Sportswoman3 Sportswoman
Sportswoman4 Sportswoman
RU_Sportswoman1 Sportswoman
RU_Sportswoman2 Sportswoman
RU_Sportswoman3 Sportswoman
RU_Sportswoman4 Sportswoman

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