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OnlineWarfare (OW for short) is an active tournament community site that places emphasis on harmony between members and staff. There are many ways for a normal member of the site to influence the big picture, from posting news, movies and screenshots to advertising another community, suggesting a tournament theme and telling what's wrong with the site and how to make it better. With the right attitude an individual has endless possibilities in OnlineWarfare.


This is what the winners get. SOBR HA won the second Desert Combat event in 2006.

OnlineWarfare hosts many kinds of tournaments from traditional Capture the Flag knockouts to Capture & Hold and Crime City events. Having multiple tournaments running at the same time is more like a rule than exception. Anyone can sign up to tournaments because they are not restricted to clan level. Anyone can form or join a team of mixed players if they want.

All tournaments are played in a friendly and sporty atmosphere. Having fun is the main goal of the OnlineWarfare community and possible prizes for the winners is not a reason to make playing a grudgeful experience. All tournament winners will get a unique trophy in the hall of fame and they can show the graphic on their home page if they want. The trophies are also displayed in member profiles for everyone to see. OnlineWarfare is taking a step forward and is introducing material or value prizes for future winners in the form of money, dog tags and possible sponsored items.

The release of Armed Assault and transition from Operation Flashpoint has put OnlineWarfare into a temporary state of inactiveness in tournaments. There will be some starter tournaments with enticing awards to encourage clans to get Armed Assault. Once the new game is released in the rest of Europe in February, there will be many tournaments to welcome late arrivals.


The relationship between ordinary members and OW staff is unusually open and relaxed. Members are respected as who they are (as long as they behave) and in turn the staff is treated as an equally human faction. It is not uncommon for admins and members to joke together in perfect harmony on the shoutbox. The staff is not a feared and respected authority but a nice group of people who can handle the everyday business of the community. This atmosphere enables an excellent transaction of information between the two castes and truthful critique and comments are immediate when something new is presented.

If you have important news that have not been posted on the site yet or want to talk about the latest thrill in OnlineWarfare, you are most welcome to share your thoughts on the OW forums. A custom ABC has been written by one of the many helpful members and it is a good place to start your happy journey in the community.

OnlineWarfare frequently has competitions to help with the site design or promote the diversity of the game and anyone can participate. Prizes range from advertising space to raw cash. OW always has room for another clan or individual player, so don't be shy to give it a go in one of our many upcoming tournaments.


OnlineWarfare is home to many top quality movies made from actual multiplayer footage.

OnlineWarfare has an established tradition of having its games recorded by a staff member using an advanced spectator script. The raw video is sent to one of our movie specialists and the material is then transformed into a work of art that doesn't have to be ashamed in any competition.

The site has a massive selection of movies from privately made ownage clips and clanwar collages to teasers, feature demos and official OnlineWarfare videos. OW has a huge download spike whenever a new official video is released, and the site can be considered as an entertainment channel for those who do not want to bloody themselves in tournaments personally, but rather watch others do it with impeccable style.

Below are some samples of official OnlineWarfare tournament movies:

Desert Combat Volume 3

Full of Hexen Tournament Volume 1

Tequila Slammer - oLd Skool

LiL E - The Final Chapter


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