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Can I fly OFP aircraft with a joystick?

This is available as of the version 1.20 US release of OFP and in the equivalent Upgrade #2 patch for those who are using earlier OFP versions 1.00 or 1.10.

Can I take off from Malden Island and land on Everon?

No, you can't go island hopping in OFP. The individual island maps are in no way interconnected. You can't fly off a map, either. You'll just continue traveling over an endless ocean. Remember to fasten you safety belts and have a pleasant journey!

I'm piloting and my vehicle starts zigzagging from side to side!

This problem is resolved as of OFP version 1.30.

If you're running OFP version 1.20 or below, whether you're driving a land vehicle or piloting an aircraft in OFP, there's a bug in OFP that can make you lose control.

One solution is to hit your keyboard's ALT or asterisk ("*") key, which will put you into "mouse look" view but will force your vehicle to go straight. Hit the ALT or asterisk key again to quit "mouse look" view and resume driving.

Another solution to this problem is to jump into 3rd person view and, when the cursor returns to the center of the screen, return back to 1st person view.

Yet another solution is to quickly tap the "A" or "D" keys or right or left arrow keys.

Is there a US C130 or Russian Antonov transport in OFP?

In the past, shortly after OFP was released, pictures seen in forums of C-130s in OFP were fakes. Now, however, C130s are making their way into OFP.

The first one available is that of addon maker Adammo. Way back in May 2002, he was still working on the textures and details. In September 2002, Adammo released versions 1 and 1A of his C-130 to the public, available at reliable OFP addon download sites everywhere.

Many other OFP addon makers may still be working on modeling a C-130. An example of a work in progress can be found on this page on OFPN's Operation Vietnam site.

In June 2002, OFP addon maker Konyak, shocked everyone on this BIS OFP forum thread (dead link), when he revealed his work-in-progress development of a Soviet AN-124 Condor (Antonov) transport jet. He's still got a long way to go, says Konyak, but this is certainly something to look forward to.

That's one big bird!

How the heck do you fly a helicopter?!

Here are some elementary instructions to get you novices started:

To go up and down, press the PAGE UP and PAGE DOWN keys respectively or use the Q key to go up and the Z key for going down.

To move forward, push the mouse forward. The helicopter's nose should tilt down and you should then begin to accelerate. To slow down or move in reverse, pull the mouse back towards you. The helicopter's nose should tilt up, causing you to slow down and eventually fly in reverse.

To move right or left, either use the mouse or your keyboard's arrow keys.

Once you've earned your wings, you might be interested in reading or downloading a helicopter tactics guide, courtesy of FlashpointCenter NB: this domain has been lost; any idea where these files have gone?. --BenTrem 00:10, 18 July 2010 (CEST)

When playing a mission with Apache helicopters, OFP sometimes freezes up. How come?

This has been reported by a limited number of users. See this OFP Network forum thread, for example. No solution has been offered so far.

How the heck do you fly an airplane, such as the A10 or SU25?!

These elementary instructions ought to help you get off the ground:

  • Once in the plane, press the forward arrow key to start the engines and get the plane moving. Keep it slow while taxiing to the runway.
  • Get onto the runway. Use the arrow keys for movement.
  • Line yourself up with the center of the runway.
  • Lower your flaps once, using ACTION MENU.
  • Begin your takeoff and push the mouse forward.
  • Once in the air, raise your flaps and landing gear, using the ACTION MENU.

Some players say you don't need to use flaps at all in OFP. Just keep them up all the time.

Attacking targets with missiles:

  • Lock onto your target using the TAB key.
  • Make a pass around the target and verify that there are no mountains or trees blocking it.
  • Fly back around, and line the plane up with the target.
  • Remain at an altitude of about 200 meters.
  • Fire.

Where have the Hellfire missiles on my Apache gone to?!

There could be 2 reasons for this in OFP version 1.30. Either you upgraded to version 1.30 from a 1.2x beta version of OFP or you're one of many with a good 1.30 install that is experiencing this problem, including yours truly! BIS has already taken note of it.

I cannot completely land a helicopter. It hovers a meter or two off the ground!

This is an annoying bug, introduced in OFP version 1.45. This has been corrected in OFP version 1.46. If you insist on staying behind with version 1.45, you can bypass the problem by using the ACTION menu to shut the engine off for the chopper to touch ground and complete the landing.

I can't get the WWI Sopwith Camel plane off the ground!

I had this problem at first, when I downloaded BIS' bonus Sopwith Camel addon and sample missions for OFP 1.90 and above. Fortunately, OFP reg Harnu taught me the tricks of flying this biplane. When you start on the runway, don't touch your mouse. For that matter, I recommend you don't touch the flaps either.

Rev your engine up full throttle. When you hit 64 kph, keep your mouse level. When you start gaining altitude, very gradually move your mouse up to climb higher.

It took me a few tries but I'm a regular Eddie Rickenbacker now!

How can I get an AI helicopter pilot under my command to land?

Either issue the DISMOUNT command (4-1) or issue an order to at least one of your AI squad members to mount and board the chopper. ==