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I'm having trouble with an official campaign

Take a look at the appropriate campaign's page:

Do any other third party commercial campaigns exist?

A relatively unknown German company, XMP, released their own campaign package, "Between the Lines". They've even got a downloadable demo available (size: 12.3MB). Currently, Between the Lines is available from Amazon UK and from GamesStreet.

The Avon Lady reports having played the demo and can only say that she, personally, was not impressed. However, some folks who've bought the campaign say it is not a waster of money. More reviews can be found on Amazon UK's "Between the Lines" product page.

Codemasters has never clearly stated whether they consider privately produced OFP merchandise a violation of their legal rights. When we last heard from Codemasters on they subject, they stated:

"We are looking into the legal and commercial ramifications of XMP's mission pack and will issue a statement in due course. We are looking into all aspects of the legal issue of third party missions - this includes mission maker's rights."

The "Between The Lines" campaign can be purchased through links on the FAQ's OFP purchase page(NEEDS LINK).

(START SECTION OBSOLETE?) XMP have also marketed the OFP mod "Planet of War" (PoW). Find out why PoW is not just another campaign by reading this general information about PoW. XMP's PoW product page is here. PoW was scheduled for release on June 3, 2002.

Currently, there's a not-so-exciting PoW downloadable demo available (5.4MB - OFP version 1.46 or above required) as well as a movie trailer (2.1MB). I found the playable demo buggy. XMP emailed me back in April 2002 that a corrected version would be made available shortly. Ahem! (END SECTION OBSOLETE?)

What about free community-made campaigns?


There are quite a number of campaigns that are in the making at the moment but there are some that are already available for downloading.

For starters, have a go at the popular and updated PMC Fury Campaign. Snake Man describes the PMC Fury Campaign in a nutshell as a standard infantry combat campaign. There are no saboteur or vehicle based missions. Your job is to systematically attack the enemy occupying Everon, until they are wiped out. The campaign consists of some 60 missions and cut-scenes. Wow!

I'll also give mention here to the ULOTC (University of London Officer's Corps) Campaign. While currently not compiled together as an actual campaign file (the author is considering working on that), the ULOTC Campaign is a story-lined 33 single player mission pack, produced by OFP player Challenger3. Filefront is temporarily hosting the ULOTC Campaign file. Get it while you can! Any questions about the ULOTC Campaign should be emailed to [mailto:challenger3@hotmail.com?subject=About_the_ULOTC_Campaign Challenger3].

The Avon Lady has adapted Spanky-G's popular 1969 Vietnam Campaign, so that it can now be played with SEB Nam Pack 2. Over 30 missions. What are you waiting for!!!!

At OFP.info link courtesy of
, quite a few campaigns can downloaded from their campaigns page link courtesy of
. Be careful, however, as some of these campaigns make use of faulty addons or outdated addon versions.

For a change of scenery, take a look at Flashpoint Conversion(NEEDS LINK). They've converted several official and unofficial campaigns to be used with the available winter(NEEDS LINK), desert(NEEDS LINK) and jungle(NEEDS LINK) island addons.

Mission maker US Mapper911 has produced a campaign, Operation Freedom. You play on the Russian side. The Soviets are attempting to liberate Kolgujev Island from a terrorist threat. The campaign has custom Russian voices and English briefings and subtitles. There are nine fighting missions and a couple of non-fighting ones. There are two versions available: one for OFP: Resistance (when installing, password is XqZ014klp8Wg) and one for older OFP versions (when installing, password is Lr9Ish6Qw8Yd)

The Delta Operations Campaign, by Nagual and Blue Streak at the L13 Mission Vault, has you playing a spec-ops commander in charge of five subordinates. You've been sent to Malden Island, years after Guba has been long gone, to uncover what mayhem the local FIA militia and residual Russian troops are up to lately. The current version's download is available from AtWar. If that doesn't work, look around the popular mission sites for a link or contact the campaign's contact person, L13, here or here.

And now for campaigns under construction (maybe):

The Advanced Editing Forum (AEF) has so far issued a trailer for their upcoming campaign, Operation Phoenix. The trailer is worth the download!

What appears to be an excellent campaign under development, with a superb demo and constantly updated site, is called Retaliation. Read all about it on FlashPoint.Ru's Retaliation Campaign page and download the demo mission there.

Schusch has made a demo of his upcoming campaign, which you can get from his site, The Kremlin Affair.

OFP Player SFG is in charge of developing the Operation Signal Strike campaign. It's 1986 and the Russians have come back to Everon with a vengeance to feed their thirst for power. They're back with a stronger force than before, one that the Resistance will find hard to overcome. You can download the trailer from Operation Signal Strike's site.

Another campaign in the making is the Codename Guardian campaign.

Zodiak Productions introduces its resistance-based campaign under development, Operation: Blackened Gold. We'll have to wait and see how that will compare to BIS' very own OFP Resistance expansion pack. Estimated date of release is December 2002, according to the folks at Zodiak.

How can I play any campaign mission in any order I want?

While playing any mission within the campaign, press your keyboard's left SHIFT key along with the minus sign key ("-") on your keyboard's numeric key pad, let go and just type the word "campaign" without the quotes (no text box will appear - that's OK) and press the ENTER key. The words "CAMPAIGN ACTIVATED" should now appear on the upper left screen corner. Escape from the mission and go back to the campaign book and you should see all the campaign missions listed and be able to select any of them to play.

Can I skip to the next campaign mission without completing the current one?

One of OFP's built-in cheats will allow you to do this, but it can be at a price. While in the campaign mission, hold down your keyboard's left SHIFT key and then the numeric keypad's minus ("-") key, release them and type the word ENDMISSION. This will allow you to progress to the next campaign mission should you get stuck, begin to pull your hair out and want to move on.

So what's the price? By using the ENDMISSION cheat, OFP will add a penalty to your stellar record. In the 1985 Cold War Crisis Campaign, this could eventually lead to your dishonorable discharge by Colonel Blake.

For an alternative solution, look here to see how you can play any mission within the campaign.