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What is OFP: Resistance?


OFP: Resistance is a new expansion pack being produced by Bohemia Interactive Studios. It was first hinted at in January 2002, when Codemasters revealed in this PC Zone article that they would be publishing a new OFP expansion pack, to be released on June 28, 2002.

Towards the end of February 2002, BIS opened OFP Resistance's official WEB site. In April, Codemasters opened their own Resistance site.

Based on Codemasters' initial press release, highlights of the expansion pack include:

  • A new island.
  • Industrial-style buildings and original landscape scenery.
  • High-resolution textures.
  • The new OFP: Resistance Campaign.
  • New vehicles and weapons.
  • New single-player and multiplayer missions on the new island.
  • Completely overhauled multiplayer network code.

Unlike the original 1985 Cold War Crisis Campaign and the more recent Red Hammer Campaign, where you play the US NATO and Russian sides respectively, in Resistance you'll be playing on the side of the local natives, that is, as a resistance fighter against the invading Russian forces.

On February 24 2002, Viktor Bocan, BIS' chief designer of the Resistance expansion pack, gave this exclusive interview to Tiscali Games, of the Czech Republic. However, the article didn't reveal anything we didn't know already.

Then, in late March, articles and some new pictures began appearing at various game sites: WorthPlaying, Gameport CZ and XGR. These articles allude to the fact that BIS is incorporating an in-game server browser, which might joyfully mean that you will no longer need to connect to Gamespy and other programs to find MP games.

Another improvement that OFP Resistance will bring is the ability to retain supplies, ammo, equipment and AI team mates from one campaign mission to the next.

No details have been released yet on what new weapon models will be available. It does appear, however, that OFP Resistance will introduce handguns into the game. One of the new pictures in the above-mentioned articles shows a resistance fighter in civilian clothing with a shoulder holster. There will also be bridges running across rivers and streams.

More pre-release articles about OFP Resistance can be found at:

  • Action Vault
  • Home Lan
  • Doupe CZ
  • Worth Playing
  • Game Spot
  • Computer & Video Games

If you want the latest pre-release in-games screen pics of OFP Resistance, you can download these from Codemasters and view new mission and cutscene pics on BIS' Resistance picture page.

Copy of the original OFP: Resistance press release.

Here is a full copy of Codemasters' February 19 2002 press release all about the Resistance expansion pack:

Expansion pack for one million best seller as Codemasters announces Operation Flashpoint: Resistance
- 19th February 2002
With over one million copies shipped of the award-winning Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis, Codemasters today confirms details of a dedicated expansion for the PC best seller titled Operation Flashpoint: Resistance.
Due to launch at retail on June 21st and requiring the original game to play, Operation Flashpoint: Resistance is a full expansion.
Enhancing the Flashpoint universe, Operation Flashpoint: Resistance creates an additional 100km2 island complete with industrial-style buildings and original landscape scenery. Thanks to the use of high-resolution textures throughout, the visuals will be much more detailed and dramatic than ever before.
The expansion also delivers a new campaign that forms a prequel to the original game’s plot and is set years before Operation Flashpoint’s Cold War hit crisis point.
Operation Flashpoint: Resistance casts the player as Victor Troska, an experienced ex-Special Forces militia soldier. Having turned his back on his military past, Troska has settled into a respectable civilian life on the island of Nogova*, a short distance from the original game’s three islands. However, his situation changes when the Soviet force invades the island group and destroys Troska's idyllic dreams.
Reluctant at first to return to a conflict situation, he is forced to participate in, and then lead, the ramshackle Resistance effort, which grows up in response to the Soviet occupation of the island.
As Operation Flashpoint: Resistance begins before the US Army and its resources came to the islands, players have to scavenge equipment from whatever sources they can manage, which provides for different play experience to the heavily-resourced original game.
Throughout the closely linked missions, the overriding objectives include growing your resistance force by gaining new recruits and gathering equipment, preserving as many of your comrades as you can to build an army strong enough to repel the Soviets.
With new vehicles and weapons featuring, a series of original multiplayer missions on the new island, and completely overhauled network code Operation Flashpoint: Resistance is scheduled for release on June 21**, with a RRP of £19.99 (UK Sterling).
* - working title
** - in May 2002, the release date was revised to June 28. On June 25 2002, Codemasters announced that the North American release date was postponed until July 2.

Is there a demo for OFP: Resistance?

Sure. Head on over to Codemasters' Resistance site. You can download it from there.

Are there any movie trailers for OFP:Resistance?

Yes. The first trailer was released on May 14, 2002. It's not that great, but you will see the new bus, new urban settings, scenes from the new island's landscape and some action. The trailer is 12.6MB and can be downloaded from the Codemasters Resistance site.

When was OFP: Resistance released?


OFP: Resistance was originally supposed to be released on June 21, 2002. Some time ago, Codemasters announced that the official release date was pushed off by a week, to June 28.

Now, online software retailers in North America are showing availability dates in early or mid-July. For example, Amazon.com now shows the release date as being July 11. So far, European retailers, such as Amazon.UK, are still showing the June 28 release date.

Who knows? Well, Codemasters does. On June 25, they sent out an email that stated that OFP: Resistance's European release date is still June 28 but that the North American release date has been postponed until July 2.

Say, how about Australia and the rest of the folks down under? From what I'm reading on the forums, OFP: Resistance will be made available there as of July 10. Bugger!

What new weapons and vehicles come with OFP: Resistance?

Here's a full list for you:


  • Beretta-92
  • Glock-17 (standard and silenced)
  • Tula Tokarev TT-33
  • Ceska Zbrojovka CZ-75
  • Samopal vz.61 Skorpion
  • M-10 submachine gun
  • Revolver

Main Weapons:

  • Fabrique Nacional Fusil Automatique Legere aka FN-FAL
  • Heckler und Koch Gewehr 3 A4 aka HK G3A4
  • Silenced UZI
  • Hunting Rifle


  • Kamov KA-50 (V-80) Soviet helicopter
  • Skoda SM-11 transit Bus
  • Chrysler CJ5 Police Jeep
  • Jawa 354/03 Motorcycle
  • bicycle
  • small car


Do I need the original OFP CD to install OFP: Resistance?

No. However, the original legitimate version of OFP must be installed and you will need the OFP: Resistance CD to complete Resistance's installation procedure.

Note that you can have any version of the original OFP installed, from version 1.00 through version 1.46, to install OFP: Resistance.

What are the system requirements to play OFP: Resistance or the GOTY edition?

If you glance at the back of the case of OFP: Resistance's European edition, it says "Minimum system requirements are equivalent to the original Flashpoint Recommended specifications (note: recommended - not Minimum - specifications). That would be the following:

  • Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP
  • DirectX 8
  • Pentium III 600 CPU or better
  • 128MB RAM
  • 16 Bit DirectX Sound Compliant Sound Card
  • Compatible 3D graphics card with 32MB RAM
  • 24x CDROM
  • 450MB hard drive space

However, the European GOTY edition's box explicitly lists the following as minimum requirements:

  • Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
  • DirectX 8.1
  • Pentium III 500 CPU or equivalent Athlon
  • 128MB RAM
  • 16 Bit DirectX 8.1 Sound Compliant Sound Card
  • Compatible 3D graphics card with 16MB RAM
  • 8x CDROM
  • 550MB hard drive space
  • 250MB free hard drive space after installation

Ron Milbrandt, Codemasters USA Lead Technician, summarized the changes in minimum requirements introduced by OFP: Resistance and GOTY as follows:

  • DirectX 8.1 versus version 8.0 specified for the original OFP version.
  • CPU minimum was increased from 400 MHz to 500MHz and not to 600MHz, as implied by the European version.
  • All references to the Voodoo 2 card are dropped.
  • Hard drive space required is increased from 450MB to 550MB.
  • Windows 95 is dropped from the supported Windows version list.

OFP: Resistance and the GOTY edition have slightly upped the recommended system requirements as follows:

  • Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
  • DirectX 8.1
  • Pentium III 733 CPU, equivalent Athlon or better
  • 256MB RAM
  • 16 Bit DirectX 8.1 Sound Compliant Sound Card
  • Compatible 3D graphics card with 32MB RAM
  • 24x CDROM
  • 1GB Hard drive space
  • 500MB free hard drive space after installation

(Source: BIS' OFP: Resistance site and the GOTY edition's box cover)

The Avon Lady personally recommends a 1GHz or stronger CPU and adding an additional 128 or 256 MB of RAM. If you don't, you'll have to set OFP: Resistance's and the GOTY edition's graphics preference and option settings lower to maintain reasonable play performance. You'll also be hard pressed with any graphics adapter that has less than 16MB of video memory.

How will OFP: Resistance's installation affect my existing OFP folders and files?

OFP: Resistance will only modify some of the official mission PBO files in OFP's MISSIONS and MPMISSIONS subdirectories. Other than that, OFP: Resistance's installation only adds new folders and files to your OFP installation.

Except as mentioned above, nothing else installed will be deleted or changed, including any unofficial addons or OFP version 1.5X or 1.60 beta, if you've installed it.

Do I need to uninstall OFP version 1.5 or 1.6 MP beta folders and files before installing OFP: Resistance?

No. You can leave them in place or remove them either before or after installing OFP: Resistance.

Does OFP: Resistance apply any of the earlier Ultimate Upgrade patches to my existing old OFP installation?

No. In other words, if your old OFP version was 1.00, it will remain 1.00. Of course, when executing the new OFP: Resistance program EXE file, you will be running at version 1.75 or greater, assuming you've installed the latest upgrade patch.

Does OFP: Resistance install all official addons made available in previously released upgrade patches?

Yes. New copies of all released official addons are installed by OFP: Resistance to subdirectory \RES\ADDONS. Look here for a full list of all official addon files.

Should I do a clean reinstall of old OFP before installing OFP: Resistance?

This is absolutely unnecessary. It will make no difference to OFP: Resistance's own installation.

However, some people report that OFP: Resistance encounters problems when you try playing OFP: Resistance (not when installing) if they leave their old addon files in OFP's ADDONS subdirectories.

So, after installing OFP: Resistance, if you try running it and encounter problems such as system freezes, crashes to desktop (CTDs), extremely slow performance or other anomalies, try moving all unofficial weapon, vehicle, soldier and island addon files out of OFP's subdirectories and restart OFP: Resistance to see if removing the unofficial addons resolves the problem.

If you have some other reason to reinstall old OFP, do it before installing OFP: Resistance. Here is a recommended reinstall procedure.

I've already installed OFP: Resistance but I want to upgrade my old OFP to version 1.46. Is it safe?

No. The correct procedure to do this is:

  1. Uninstall OFP: Resistance.
  2. Upgrade your old OFP version.
  3. Reinstall OFP: Resistance and the latest upgrade patch.

What happens if I run the old OPERATIONFLASHPOINT.EXE program file after installing OFP: Resistance?

You'll wind up playing your old OFP version, plain and simple. Remember, none of your old OFP versions files have been changed. You'll have access to all your old missions, campaigns and addons. You can even join MP games on servers running the same version of old OFP as you're running.

However, you won't have access to anything from OFP: Resistance. Not the new island, new missions, the new campaign, improved graphics and new sounds.

What OFP version will the Resistance CD upgrade me to?

Version 1.75.

Can the international edition of OFP: Resistance be installed if I have the Polish version of OFP?

No, according to Polish Gamesite, Cenega.

Is there an official list of changes and fixes introduced by OFP: Resistance?

Sure, take a look at this wiki article for changes made since version 1.75. This list was released by Ondřej Španěl, BIS' Lead OFP Programmer, on July 15, 2002:

1.75 - Added: function object
1.75 - Added: function setObjectTexture
1.75 - Added: function primaryWeapons, secondaryWeapons
1.75 - Added: function skill, setSkill
- Added: function weapons, magazines
1.75 - Added: user actions assigned to vehicle type (ATUserType)
1.75 - Added: Support for reload animations for vehicles
1.75 - Added: functions animate, animationPhase
1.75 - Added: function fillWeaponsFromPool
1.75 - New: rotation machine gun animation
1.75 - Added: functions saveIdentity, loadIdentity
1.75 - Added: function drop
1.75 - Added: Play user defined sound (voice) when section in briefing changes
1.75 - Added: directory structure at single missions
1.75 - Added: Player can drop actual weapon and magazine
1.75 - Added: functions saveStatus, loadStatus
1.75 - Added: functions addWeaponPool, addMagazinePool
- Added: functions putWeaponPool, pickWeaponPool
- Added: functions clearWeaponPool, clearMagazinePool
- Added: functions queryWeaponPool, queryMagazinePool
1.75 - Added: script initIntro.sqs is launched on the beginning of intro
1.75 - New: Terrain subdivision to make terrain data appear smmother.
1.75 - Added: Player can take weapons and magazines from vehicle if sitting in cargo
1.75 - Added: Blood slops under dead bodies
1.75 - Improved: Group page in briefing
1.75 - Improved: Gear page in briefing
1.75 - Added: functions onBriefingPlan, onBriefingNotes, onBriefingGear, onBriefingGroup
1.75 - Added: exit.sqs script launched if mission ends
1.75 - Added: user defined dialogs
- functions createDialog, closeDialog
- functions ctrlVisible, ctrlEnabled, ctrlShow, ctrlEnable, ctrlText, ctrlSetText
- functions buttonAction, buttonSetAction
- functions lbSize, lbCurSel, lbSetCurSel, lbClear, lbAdd, lbDelete
- functions lbText, lbData, lbSetData, lbValue, lbSetValue, lbPicture, lbSetPicture, lbColor, lbSetColor
1.70 - Fixed: Improved dead body collisons.
1.70 - Added: Support for templates in banks
1.66 - Improved: Mission editor - sort vehicle types in Insert unit dialog
1.64 - Fixed: Lighting of interior objects (like furniture) was broken, they were often black.
1.63 - New: When mission attempts to use addon that is not listed in mission addOns header, error message is shown.
1.63 - Improved: Addons added by mission editor as required are also removed by the mission editor.
1.63 - Changed: Addon requirements are now determined by addon entry creator, not only by CfgPatches config section. This makes addon list more reliable with addons that omitted to list some added types.
1.63 - Fixed: AIPilot headChange was wrong if vehicle was banked (like motorcycle).
1.63 - Fixed: Shining faces in optics and ironsight view did not shine.
1.63 - Changed: Increased addon safety: Addons can now only add classes, not single entries, in ReadAndCreate config areas.
1.62 - Added: optional parameter for function say - titles speed
1.62 - Fixed: Map contour drawing was not correct in some places with highly variable gradient.
1.62 - Added: Instead of arrays controls], objects] and controlsBackground] classes may be used. This way it is not necessary to write class names twice.
1.61 - Fixed: Enable put action for all owned explosives
1.61 - Added: Label of waypoint, unit or trigger in mission editor now contains extended information.
1.61 - Fixed: Helicopters can no longer stay under water.
1.61 - Fixed: Map has wrong center when notepad is hidden
1.61 - Fixed: Multiplayer setup display - when roles was scrolled down and switched on side with fewer roles, listbox was corrupted
1.61 - Fixed: SetPos scripting command now changes vehicle orientation accordingly to terrain.
1.61 - Fixed: Decreased car lateral air friction. This should make car free fall speed higher (more realistic).
1.61 - Changed: CfgSounds, RscTitles and CfgSFX no longer require array listing class names. This enables addons to add new entries that can be used in mission editor.
1.61 - Fixed: Tanks now move main gun intro neutral position after any collision. This should make tank movement in urban areas more robust.
1.59 - Added: Ingame server browser
1.59 - Fixed: Fonts in some dialogs or briefing were sometimes blurred.
1.58 - New: New scripting function setTerrainGrid.
1.58 - Fixed: Group respawn - sometimes two nonleader units respawns into single body
1.58 - Fixed: It was possible to see through coast in some places (e.g. Kolgujev Fd72)
1.58 - Fixed: Second wheels on 8-wheels vehicles (SCUD) were not animated.
1.58 - Fixed: Car jumping after explosion fixed.
1.58 - Fixed: Airplane jumping after crash fixed.
1.58 - Fixed: AI targeting laser designated targets improved.
1.58 - Fixed: AI Airplane maneuvering when aiming significantly improved.
1.57 - Fixed: Switching streetlamps took often too long. This was especially visible when starting mission.
1.57 - Fixed: Default network port changed (2234 -> 2302) due to compatibility with DirectPlay 9
1.57 - Fixed: When one sound with no pauses is played in CfgSFX, it is now correctly looped.
1.57 - Improved: Identified killed in player group doesn't appear in next missions in campaign
1.56 - Changed: CfgMusic no longer requires "tracks" list. This makes music addons easier to use.
1.56 - Improved: Ingame UI - icons in unit list
1.56 - New: When player is kicked off or banned, specific message is shown.
1.56 - Fixed: More robust handling of addons missing on client.
1.56 - Improved: New algorithm for removing bodies in MP game
1.56 - Added: function cheatsEnabled
1.56 - Added: function cameraOn
- Added: functions deleteStatus, deleteIdentity
1.55 - Fixed: Save of motorcycles fixed
1.55 - Fixed: Save of cars fixed
1.55 - Fixed: Soldiers now climb ladders fasters.
1.55 - Fixed: MP - when mission was voted repeatedly, all players was green (even when didn't vote yet)
1.55 - Changed: All radio traffic that is done in mission init is now processed before the mission starts, expect for messages transmitted via xxxRadio and xxxChat scripting commands.
1.54 - Fixed: Jeep with machine gun shows ammo count.
1.53 - Added: new version of say: <object> say [<sound>, <maxTitlesDistance>]
1.53 - Added: mission editor - buttons "Show IDs" and "Show Textures"
1.53 - Fixed: Geometry used for walking is now also deformed during object destruction deformation.
1.53 - New: Autocomplete for mission editor fields and chat (use Tab key to complete).
1.53 - Fixed: When satchel charge was placed under some walkable surface, it appeared on top of it.
1.53 - New: Bridge supported as part of road network.
1.53 - New: Scripting function
1.53 - Fixed: Addons could make main config unusable by omitting base class of redefined class.
1.53 - Fixed: Barrel destruction effect type changed.
1.53 - Fixed: Kill/damage message have now higher priority - this should improve latency on kill.
1.53 - Fixed: Bandwidth estimation on dedicated server
1.53 - Fixed: Min and MaxBadwidth were understood as if given in Bytes per second (Bps). Accordingly to documentation and general understanding it should be bits per second (bps).
1.53 - Fixed: AI units when both Engage at will and Hold fire were given.
1.52 - Changed: Fog density is not dependent on setviewdistance for fog>0.4
1.52 - Added: Support for multiple types of forests on single island
1.52 - Fixed: Units sometimes aimed into air when searching for unknown target.
1.52 - Fixed: AI perceived volume of helicopters and planes was too low.
1.52 - Fixed: Soldiers sometimes turned their head around completely.
1.52 - New: All men are now interested in what is happening around them.
1.52 - Fixed: Improved tank driver reactions for turning commands.
1.52 - Fixed: Damage alarm was still functional in some fully destroyed vehicles.
1.52 - Fixed: Mouse cursor was sometimes lost in tank commander optics view.
1.52 - Fixed: When gamemaster disconnect from server during mission selection, server was in bad state.
1.52 - Fixed: Bad position of last soldier when inserting group
1.51 - Fixed: Vehicle crew "Fire" command is now higher priority than reporting enemies messages.
1.51 - Fixed: Improved vehicle/group radio channel interleaving.
1.51 - Fixed: Target reporting often did not work, especially when using binoculars.
1.51 - Added: Additional program parameter: -mod
1.50 - Fixed: Grenades do not fly through glass.
1.50 - Added: Can choose DirectPlay / Sockets MP implementation at run time.
1.50 - Fixed: Mission editor - list of markers is not longer in default settings for newly added units.
1.50 - Changed: Multiplayer assignment screens reworked
1.50 - Fixed: Landscape texture size in preferences was ignored, Object texture settings was used instead.
1.50 - Fixed: When session was lost, client doesn't fully escape from game to basic multiplayer screen
1.50 - Added: Label of waypoint in mission editor contains name of group leader
1.50 - Fixed: Water surface normals were reversed. As a result, water was drawn too dark.
1.50 - Added: Enable different fonts for titles
1.50 - Added: It is now possible to issue watch command from map interface using left ALT key and click.
1.50 - New: Scripting language hiding rules changed. User defined variables now hide functions with identical name. This ensures old scripts / conditions will certainly work even when new functions conflict with names of existing variables.
1.50 - Fixed: Dead player (sea-gull) can communicate only on global channel
1.50 - Fixed: When setViewDistance is used to increase visible range, tanks did not adjust their IR detector range accordingly.
1.50 - Improved: side chat channel selected when entering briefing screen
1.50 - Fixed: Better visible bullet tracers for ZSU and Vulcan.
1.50 - New: AI uses crouch position in some situations.
1.50 - Improved: Multiplayer screen design
1.50 - Fixed: Multiple AI units asked "Where are you" same time.
1.50 - Optimized: Memory usage during save-game is now lower.
1.50 - Added: tooltips for UI controls
1.50 - Fixed: Minor visual bug in AI soldier turning animation interpolation.
1.50 - Changed: Error "No entry in config" no longer exits game. This makes mission editing easier in case of misspelled class names.
1.50 - Change: First warning during each mission is shown. Only first warning after game was launched was shown before.
1.50 - Fixed: Memory leak on dedicated server during night time (when lights are on).
1.50 - New: Specular highlight material support added for HW T&L.
1.50 - Fixed: MP: Collisions of predicted remote vehicle caused excessive data transfers.
1.48 - Fixed: Incorrect texture source (like JPG file not loaded) caused shutdown. Warning message is shown instead.
1.47 - Fixed: Server crashed when very large squad.xml was loaded.
1.47 - Improved: Chat message priority increased when mission is not running. This should help when chatting during mission transfers.
1.47 - Fixed: Config verification checks have increased priority to avoid timeouts during mission transfer.
1.47 - Fixed: Different number of cargo slot could crash server or client in MP.
1.47 - Fixed: Taking weapon from cargo space could crash dedicated server.
1.47 - New: Player ID now displayed in server console when player is connected.
1.47 - New: Mouseless control scheme possible. Aiming may be assigned to joystick buttons or keyboard.

Install error: file ijl15.dll cannot be copied from the CD!

No one's really sure why this sometimes happens. If the rest of the installation went OK, you can probably ignore the error. At worst, you can manually copy the file from OFP's RES\BIN folder on the original CD.


I had this problem too, completely stopping installation. installing into different (and one level shorter) path solved this.

non-working path c:/hry/bis/Operation Flashpoint/

working path c:/hry/Operation Flashpoint/

dont know if its sensitive to "bis" letters or path depth, just try to change path if you encounter this problem.

If I've previously installed the beta version 1.91 patch, should I also install the final version 1.91 patch?

No. They are exactly the same. Note that 1.96 is the latest patch for OFP!


Can I play all my old OFP missions and campaigns with OFP: Resistance?

The general answer is yes. Old OFP missions and campaigns are upward compatible.

However, OFP: Resistance has instituted a new requirement regarding the referencing of addons in missions that use them. Missions not abiding by this standard will not be playable in OFP: Resistance until they are modified to conform to the new standard.

Will my old island, weapon and vehicle addons work with OFP: Resistance?

Most of them will but the missions that reference them may need to be modified to conform to this addon declaration rule, introduced by OFP: Resistance.

By the way, when you play missions in OFP: Resistance that take place on the original islands, you'll still see the old textures and models being used for houses and foliage but the old island's terrain geometry will be smoother than before.

I used a soundpack addon for old OFP. Will it work in OFP: Resistance?

It will most probably not work, if you try installing it in OFP: Resistance's separate folders. Besides, OFP: Resistance introduces its own new and improved sounds to the game.

Your old soundpack will continue to work with the old version of OFP. Remember, OFP: Resistance hardly modifies your old OFP version's folders or files.

So, are there other soundpack addons available for OFP: Resistance?

(OUTDATED) Yes. On June 29, 2002, just a day after OFP: Resistance was officially released, Amon Goeth's OFPR Sound Replacement addon was made available for download. It's available from LDD Kyllikki and other OFP fansites.

Not to be outdone, in early July 2002, OFP addon maker Munger released another soundpack, Battlesounds 1.0 for Operation Flashpoint Cold War Crisis/Resistance. This pack can be installed whether you have OFP: Resistance or an older OFP version. In September, Munger released version 1.1 of his soundpack. It's essentially the same as the earlier version but borrows some sounds from Satchel's Dynamic Range soundpack for older OFP versions. You should be able to find Munger's soundpacks at reliable OFP download sites.

IMPORTANT: Using a sound pack addon may affect your ability to participate in MP games. Read about it here.

Now that I've installed OFP: Resistance, where should I place unofficial addon files?

They could be placed in the <Operation Flashpoint/Res/Addons> folder, but a much better alternative would be to use the -mod command statement parameter.

OFP: Resistance lets you organize your SP missions in subdirectories!

Have you noticed that OFP: Resistance's new SP missions are located in their own subdirectory?

Take a hint! OFP: Resistance introduces support for subdirectories in its MISSIONS subdirectory. So, if you've got a large SP mission collection, you can now organize them in separate folders, if you wish.

CAUTION: It is recommended that you do not place the original OFP SP mission files in a new subfolder, as old OFP's install procedures placed them where they should remain. For your convenience, here's a full list of all of old OFP's SP mission files:

  • 01TakeTheCar.ABEL.pbo
  • 02Infantry.Abel.pbo
  • 03Bomberman.CAIN.pbo
  • 04Helitrain.ABEL.pbo
  • 05HeavyMetal.Eden.pbo
  • 06Ninjas.EDEN.pbo
  • 07ShadowKiller.ABEL.pbo
  • 08LoneWolf.Cain.pbo
  • 09SniperTeam.Cain.pbo
  • 10Commander.ABEL.pbo
  • 11CleanSweepII.EDEN.pbo
  • A01Revenge.Abel.pbo
  • A02Vulcan.ABEL.pbo
  • B01HeliTrain2.Cain.pbo
  • B02HMMWV.Abel.pbo
  • B03Chinook.Eden.pbo
  • c01convoy.eden.pbo
  • c02battlefields.Eden.pbo

Managing your addons with -mod subdirectories.

OFP Resistance offers a way of letting you organize your addons and loading only those you'll currently need to reference. See this wiki article for more information.

High resolution ground textured OFP Islands.

Would you like better ground textured versions of OFP's original Malden, Everon, Kolgujev and Desert islands? No problem! Addon maker FatWombat has replaced OFP's default 128x128 pixel ground textures with new 512x512 pixel equivalents. Looks much nicer, in my opinion. The island's topography, foliage, buildings and other objects all remain the same. So installing these islands will have no negative effect on missions or campaigns that take place on the islands.

OFP version 1.75 or greater is required. Here are the download links:

I recommend using mod folders to install Malden, Everon and Kolgujev islands. For the Desert Island, there's no alternative but to back up the original file and replace it with the new version.

Can more than one soundpack addon be used simultaneously?

Yes, according to new OFP player Kenneth. He's got mod folders and desktop shortcuts set up to run OFP with practically any combination of three different soundpack addons he's installed.

Kenneth says combing Satchel's Dynamic Range soundpack and LDD Kyllikki's soundpack is a winning combination! For lowering overhead in CPU intensive missions, he switches to Munger's Battlesounds soundpack.

IMPORTANT: Using a sound pack addon may affect your ability to participate in MP games. Read about it here.

Single Player

I have a question about the Resistance Campaign

Take a look at this article for all questions relating to the Resistance campaign.

Which CD do I need to play OFP: Resistance?

To play OFP: Resistance, you'll need the OFP: Resistance CD, not the original OFP CD. The final patch 1.96 removed the CD-check, so you do not need either CD in the drive to play.

Are there any new SP missions in OFP: Resistance?

Yes, there are five new single player missions:

  1. 1. War Cry
  2. 2. Laser Guide
  3. 3. Under Hill
  4. 4. Rat's Nest
  5. 5. Tank Platoon

You'll find them in \OPERATION FLASHPOINT\MISSIONS\RESISTANCE, a new missions subdirectory.

I've seen snow capped mountains in OFP: Resistance. Does that mean there are snowy winter missions?

There are no official winter missions or addons. Of course, no one's stopping you from making your own missions that take place on those snowy peaks.

Now that I have Resistance, will I automatically see pistols in old missions and campaigns?

No. OFP: Resistance has new soldier unit class names, such as "Officer (HandGun)" and "SpetzNatz (HandGun)", that have pistols. These unit names were not available for use in earlier missions and campaigns.

Of course, you're perfectly free to editing the old stuff and toss in the new.


Danger! OFP can delete your entire disk partition.

Several OFP players have reported having entire directories or even complete disk partitions deleted at some point while playing OFP. At first, this was generally dismissed as a general PC error affecting a random handful of players for some unknown reason.

However, On June 12, 2003, BIS admitted that there is a bug in OFP versions 1.75 through 1.91 that can cause this problem under the following circumstances:

  • If the user creates a multiplayer server in DirectPlay mode and the TCP/IP protocol is not fully supported or is not working properly (e.g., it is disabled under Windows Network settings or there's a firewall disabling TCP/IP).

The problem can never happen when running an OFP multiplayer server in Sockets mode, when playing single player missions or campaigns and when playing under OFP 1.46 and below under any circumstances.

Therefore, in order to avoid the risk of data loss on your PC, BIS strongly recommends that you do not create any multiplayer servers in DirectPlay mode when running OFP versions 1.75 through 1.91.

More information will be presented as details become available.

What firewall ports does OFP: Resistance use?

OFP: Resistance uses UDP port 2302 by default. Compared to old OFP versions, this will resolve some compatibility problems that used to occur when running with Internet Connection Sharing (ICS). Also, the default query port is now UDP port 2303. If an OFP server host selects a different port for their server, the query port used is the selected server port number plus one.

While OFP MP beta versions 1.5X and 1.60 made use of UDP port 2314, OFP: Resistance does not.

My PC freezes just after selecting MULTIPLAYER from Resistance's main menu.

While many things may cause OFP to freeze your PC (search The FAQ for "freeze"), OFP reg Stephen Morton, a.k.a. Medwaypvb, says his freezes were caused by his firewall software having rules that were only appropriate for Gamespy when playing OFP's older version. By deleting the old OFP/Gamespy permission rules in his firewall and then restarting OFP: Resistance, new firewall rules were created and Stephen has since been playing happily ever after!

I don't have OFP: Resistance. Will BIS release a patch for old OFP versions to be able to play on Resistance level MP servers?

BIS has stated that for the moment, development of such a patch is not being planned for old OFP versions. Buy OFP: Resistance or fall behind!

Is Voice Over Net (VON) supported with OFP: Resistance's new socket MP interface?

No. For the moment, only the old DirectPlay MP interface has VON support. As an alternative, consider using an independent VON product, such as the ever-popular TeamSpeak. Of course, whoever you play with online will also have to have the same product installed and in use.

Can I play on 1.4x version servers with OFP: Resistance?

No. If you want to play on older version servers, you'll have to execute the old version of OFP, which remains in place by OFP: Resistance's installation.

Changes in on-the-fly MP map download processing in OFP: Resistance.

OFP clients download from the server machine on-the-fly copies of maps that the client computer is missing. Keep in mind that more time is needed for the download to complete before the game can begin. The larger the map files, the longer the game start delay.

Where are these on-the-fly maps downloaded to? It depends:

  • For OFP versions up to 1.4x, the on-the-fly map PBO files were downloaded into OFP's MPMISSIONS subdirectory.
  • For OFP: Resistance version 1.75, on-the-fly MP maps are downloaded into OFP's TMP subdirectory, in order to avoid overwriting missions that might exist with the same file names in the MPMISSIONS subdirectory. As its name implies, TMP is a temporary file folder. If you want to save on-the-fly MP maps in OFP: Resistance version 1.75, you'll have to ALT+TAB out of Resistance and manually save them.
  • For OFP: Resistance version 1.85 and above, on-the-fly MP map copies are now saved to a new subdirectory, MpmissionsCache. The difference between the MpmissionsCache subdirectory and the previous use of the TMP subdirectory is that now, downloaded map files are not deleted, and therefore are not downloaded again when playing the same map, unless of course, the map has since been changed. OFP's MP code is cleaver enough to make a file checksum comparison between the cached copy and the one currently on the server side. If checksums don't match, a new copy of the map is downloaded to replace the currently cached copy in the MpmissionsCache subdirectory.

Will the client's or the server's VISIBILITY setting be used during multiplayer games?

I'm sure many a cheater would love their own VISIBILITY setting to take effect, giving them a terrain viewing advantage over opponents with lower settings. Fortunately that's not how it works. The server's VISIBILITY setting is what's used. If the server hosted MP mission has SETVIEWDISTANCE defined internally within the mission's script, then the SETVIEWDISTANCE value overrides the server's VISIBILITY setting for the duration of that mission.

Can weapon inventories be carried over from one mission to the next in multiplayer, like in the Resistance campaign?


Can I use All Seeing Eye (ASE) to find and play in OFP: Resistance MP servers?

Yes. As of ASE version 1.9.3, released at the end of September 2002, native support for OFP: Resistance was added to ASE. You can download ASE from here.

For users with older versions of ASE who want to try to get ASE and OFP: Resistance to work together, have a look at how to try to do this the old fashioned way.

List of server URLs in HOST.TXT file does not display or displays incorrectly.

This was first reported in OFP: Resistance version 1.75 by OFP players ZenIT_SWE and Lt_Dan_Sweden and acknoledged by Ondřej Španěl, BIS' lead programmer. Hopefully, this bug will be resolved in a future upgrade patch.

Flares I fire in Resistance MP games are not seen by other players!

This is a known bug, introduced by OFP: Resistance version 1.75. Upgrade to version 1.85 or later to resolve this problem.

Can OFP's standalone dedicated server run on Linux?


As of OFP version 1.85, yes. Here are some download mirror links for the latest version:

You can read the OFP Linux server installation instructions here.

For OFP versions prior to version 1.85, you can download home-brewed instructions and test out the unofficial method of running on Linux from here.

The mission list in my server.cfg file is not displaying after upgrading to OFP: Resistance version 1.85!

This is a known problem, which BIS already resolved in the version 1.88 beta dedicated standalone server download for Windows. The version 1.88 beta dedicated standalone server download also deals with multiplayer lag and desync problems originally reported for version 1.85. For equivalent corrections to OFP's Linux dedicated standalone server, see this FAQ item.

You can get the latest available standalone dedicated server version from BI's downloads page (dead link).

Is there a cooperative MP version available of the Resistance campaign?

Yes. It was produced by Azimut, of Flashpoint Conversions. You can get it from this download mirror copy.

Unstable aiming when in the tank gunner position.

The OFP version 1.96 patch resolves a problem reported by MP players that complained that cursor control was erratic when in position as a tank gunner.


Why are pistols firing tracer bullets and how do I stop this?

Simple. Update to the latest version of OFP.

Is there a hotkey to switch between my main weapon and my pistol?

Yes. Use the Y key.


How can I pick up the motorcycle when it is fallen down?

When the Jawa motorbike is on its side go ahead and mount the vehicle as the driver. You'll now be on the motorcycle, which is still on its side. Then push the side movement key (right or left - whichever is applicable) and voila! The motorcycle turns upright with you on it.

(With thanks to OFP player Chris G. and to squadmate Uzi for the heads up).


The ADDONS section in MISSION.SQM files must be complete.

In OFP: Resistance, a mission that references addons, must contains an ADDONS section, listing all of the addons used by the mission.

In earlier OFP versions, using OFP's mission editor, addons were automatically added into the ADDONS section whenever an object or a unit from any addon was inserted using the mission editor. However, there were two cases in which an addon object's or unit's name was not automatically inserted into the ADDONS section by the mission editor:

1. When addons were referenced via scripting commands, such as addWeapon.
2. When an object or unit from an addon was referenced by a mission but the addon was not coded correctly and did not list the referenced object or unit in the CfgPatches units list.

The result of the above circumstances in older OFP versions was to frustrate a lot of players who downloaded missions that required addons that the players didn't have. When attempting to play such mission, older OFP versions did nothing but display vague and cryptic error messages about a missing addon.

OFP: Resistance has been improved in this regard, as follows:

1. When you preview your mission and an addon is used via scripting, it is automatically defined in the ADDONS section. As far as keeping the ADDONS section up-to-date, saving a mission after previewing it is almost all that mission makers needs to do from now on. Manual editing of the ADDONS section should be a thing of the past.
2. Any object or unit defined in any addon is recognized as belonging to that addon, whether it is declared in the addon's CfgPatches list or not.
3. If an addon is not listed in the ADDONS section, the mission will not run. SP mission players and server hosts attempting to run such a mission will get a "Missing addon XXXXX" message displayed. There are a few rare cases where an addon will be missing from an MP mission and OFP will allow the mission to run. In such cases, the client player will see the "Missing addon XXXXX" message and will still be able to play the mission.

Positive Benefits

By introducing the above changes in OFP: Resistance, players can now more easily detect if they have all necessary addons to run a mission and, if not, they'll know the names of the addons that are missing.

Potential Difficulties

Many missions that worked without problems until now will cease to work properly. SP missions will display error messages and MP missions will not run at all.

Note for Server Host Administrators

Server administrators need to guarantee that the missions they use have all the required addons listed in their ADDONS section. For most missions, simply opening the mission in the mission editor, previewing it and saving it again should automatically update the ADDONS section list with all the referenced addon names.

What are the mission editor class names for OFP: Resistance's new weapons and magazines?

See this wiki article for a complete list of all OFP weapons and magazines.

Something's wrong with soldier unit addons with OFP: Resistances new pistols!

OFP addon maker MrCrispPacket filed this report regarding tests he made with his own addons:

I've found that for whatever reason my campaign addons which I created, a modified BlackOp and General Guba, were not able to use the new pistols properly. The pistol model didn't appear in its hands and the fire and muzzle flash came from where a normal rifle would fire from.
I assume this is due to the fact that the old models do not support the new pistol animations. Indeed, the problem was solved when I updated both of my addons with the new models from OFP: Resistance's Data3d.pbo file.
If this is true of all models, then it means the dozens of previously made unit addons will not work correctly with pistols and will need to be updated.

My squadmate, Veit, sent me a more detailed technical explanation of the problem:

Whenever some model is added to another model it can only show up on the other model if there is a so called 'proxy' on the other model defined. For instance: If you mount a car in OFP the game engine displays you as a driver. It would not do that if there were not a driver proxy in the car model.
Human models have a number of proxies: one for the rifle, one for RPGs, LAWs etc., one for the binocular, one for the night vision glasses, one for the flag you can carry in capture the flag missions and one for the handgun (I hope I have not forgotten anything). All this is necessary to get the above mentioned items to show up on the soldier model, if used. All pre-Resistance human models are missing the handgun proxy, therefore no handgun will show up if you add it to a pre-Resistance model. As MrCrispPacket already said, you have to redo your addons with Resistance models or if you have the means to edit old OFP soldier models, you have to add the pistol proxy.

Is there updated command reference documentation for OFP: Resistance mission making?

Of course, right here on the wiki. You may also download a zipped html file directly from BI (dead link), although the wiki is a more up to date and detailed reference.

Does Gunslinger's Editor Update work with Resistance?


The answer is not always.

OFP guru Kegetys has therefore revamped Gunslinger's EU to make it 100% compatible with OFP: Resistance. He's wrapped it all up into what's known as Kegetys' Editor Addon. You can download it from Kegetys' OFP site, from Kyllikki's Local Defense Detachment or from here at The FAQ.

Make sure you read the README file that comes with Kegety's Editor Addon. Among other things, Kegetys states there that it is recommended to remove Gunlsinger's EU file, EditorUpgrade102.PBO, before installing Kegetys' Editor Addon in order to avoid conflicts.

Why can't I unpack Resistance addon file O.PBO?

File O.PBO, introduced in OFP: Resistance, has a new 46 byte prefix at the beginning of the file that prevents outdated versions of PBO handling utilities to successfully unpack the contents of file O.PBO.

Download a newer PBO tool from the wiki's community editing tools page.


An error in OFP: Resistance's supplied dedicated standalone server startup file.

OFP: Resistance's CD installs a copy file FlashpointServer.bat in OFP subdirectory SERVER that contains a typographical error. The file begins with the following statements:


In the last statement, you'll see an extra letter "a" in the name of the server execution file, FlashpointServer.exe. Correct the typographical error and save.

(Thanks to squadmate Uziyahu for the heads-up, which he found on OFP Denmark's site).

I'm getting an error message box that says "Out of reserved memory" and "Code change required".

See this FAQ item.

Argh! The AI soldiers and I have become invisible!

This is a bug reported in OFP: Resistance by some players who have ALT+TAB'ed out and back in to OFP. If someone finds a solution to restore the soldier's graphics, please share it!

When I enter a tank as the gunner, the tank starts shaking!

This is being reported by some OFP: Resistance players. The tentative solution is to have someone get into the tank as the driver while you're in the gunner's seat.

When I start up OFP: Resistance, my hard disk access light stays lit forever and the game never starts.

Several players have reported this problem. This is not the same problem as has been reported in the past for earlier OFP versions.

These players have tried modifying OFP: Resistance's graphics and performance setting but to no avail. They tried removing all of their unofficial addons, campaigns and missions from OFP's folder but that didn't change anything.

What finally worked for these people was to delete file UserInfo.cfg in their OFP \Users\player_name subdirectory.

Why are music or voice sounds looping in OFP: Resistance?

Several players are reporting that the music or speech voices in OFP: Resistance get stuck in a loop. The sound plays for about two seconds, pauses for about half a second and then repeats. This happens during cutscenes and in the game itself.

Some players resolved this problem by downloading the latest drivers for their motherboards, BIOS programs, video and sound cards.

OFP player Danko says he solved his sound loop problem on his PC which has an AC97 motherboard with an onboard sound chipset. He went into Windows' Control Panel and chose Sounds and Multimedia. Then he clicked on Sound Playback under the Audio tab and checked the Game Compatible checkbox. It worked for him and for his friend with a similar system.

Other players claim they resolved the problem by reducing their sound card's hardware acceleration settings.

Why is OFP: Resistance so slow and stuttery compared to the old OFP version?

There could be a lot of causes for this. First of all, OFP: Resistance offers much greater graphic detail than the previous OFP version, even when playing old missions and campaigns on the old island. As a result, the recommended system requirements have been upped a notch or two for OFP: Resistance.

If you're new to OFP altogether, I suggest that you search The FAQ for words such as "performance", "tweak", "lag" and "stutter" and that you make sure that all of your motherboard, BIOS, video and sound drivers are up to date.

Even if you've got a relatively fast system with a good video adapter, players have reported stutter and slow performance after they initially installed OFP: Resistance. Some players found the cure was to decrease the new TERRAIN DETAIL and VISIBILITY settings in OFP's VIDEO OPTIONS menu, which they had overenthusiastically maximized to see what Resistance can do.

Some people found that disabling the MULTITEXTURING setting in OFP's VIDEO OPTIONS menu reduced stuttering for them.

I personally experienced problems of sluggishness, heavy processor and memory utilization, slow screen rendering and blurred text with many missions that worked like a charm in earlier OFP versions. With the help of BIS' lead programmer, Ondřej Španěl, we discovered that the problem was caused by me having set TERRAIN DETAIL to HIGH. This happened even though I'm running OFP: Resistance on a 2Ghz machine, with 512MB of RAM and a GeForce 4 video card with 64MB of video memory. When I lowered my TERRAIN DETAIL setting to NORMAL, the problem was completely resolved. Ondřej Španěl concurred that anyone experiencing these symptoms, should try lowering the TERRAIN DETAIL setting.

Another thing to consider is getting more RAM memory. I personally recommend a minimum of 384 MB of RAM.

Some players found that removing all non-official addons, islands, missions and campaigns from OFP's subdirectories resolved the stuttering problems. Other players decided to go to the extreme of uninstalling OFP: Resistance and OFP and reinstalling everything from scratch.

Does OFP: Resistance resolve the problems of warping through buildings that was present in older versions?

From reports in so far, players are saying it is much harder to warp through buildings in OFP: Resistance. Most of the time, their attempts to go through walls of building has failed. This is a nice improvement.

There are, however, some spots that occasionally exhibit warping, especially areas such as stairwells, ladders and elevator shafts.

OFP: Resistance freezes up my PC and I can only reboot.

Needless to say, the first thing you should do is to make sure that your BIOS program, motherboard chipset, video and sound cards drivers are up to date.

Some people are reporting that they have resolved this problem by changing a BIOS setting or two, resulting in no noticeable decrease in performance in OFP or any other software.

In the BIOS program, under 'Advanced Chipset Features' (or something similar) try reducing the AGP aperture setting or similar to 64Mb. If that alone doesn't work, there is a setting called 'AGP-4x Mode' or something similar. Try disabling this BIOS option and see if that resolves the problem.

(Thanks to Roland Gerschwarzenge and others for this entry).

Another thing to check out is if your computer's motherboard is based on the VIA chipset, read this FAQ item.

Overclocking anything on your PC? Then read this.

If none of the above has resolved your problem and you're up the creek without a paddle, follow these instructions (dead link) for contacting BIS support directly.

Hey! My gun is shooting some other gun model's ammo!

This is a bug reported by several players. OFP MP player HunterKiller reports he was up on a roof and looking down, taking out some targets. He reloaded his Russian BIZON rifle and all of a sudden it was filled with 30 rounds of AK-74 ammo. It even sounded like an AK when fired.

On the screen he could still see the BIZON in his hands. He reloaded again just to try and get rid of of the AK ammo. Now the BIZON was loaded with a satchel charge as ammo. He reloaded again and it reverted to the AK ammo once more.

Similarly, OFP player Flockster was in a multiplayer game. When his friend jumped into a tank, his Styer rifle had HEAT tank rounds in it. He was firing the Styer like a tank gun! When his friend switched to Sabot rounds or to the tank's machine gun, so did Flockster's Styer.

Unfortunately no solution is known for this rare bug.

Seeing a lot of flickering or flashing textures in OFP: Resistance?

You may want to try the latest version of DirectX.

Got a Radeon graphics adapter? Look here.

I'm seeing white terrain and windshields in OFP: Resistance!

If you've selected HW T&L as the DISPLAY TYPE setting in the OFP preferences program, try switching to Direct3D to see if that resolves the problem.

Otherwise, it might be this problem.

WARNING: continuing campaigns in older OFP versions after playing them in OFP: Resistance.

If you decided to play Cold War Crisis, Red Hammer or any of the available player-made campaigns under OFP: Resistance and then revert to playing them under an older OFP version, you'll get an error message and you won't be able to play them. The error message will be similar to the following example (showing an attempt to play the 1985 Cold War Crisis campaign): 'Users\player_name\Saved\Tmp\1985.sqc.raP': '|' encountered instead of '='.

This is because OFP: Resistance saves campaign information in campaign SQC files in a different format than in older OFP versions, which do not recognize the new format.

There are three ways to resolve this problem:

1. Continue playing the campaign through OFP: Resistance.
2. Delete the campaign's SQC file and play it all over again with your earlier OFP version.
3. Replace the campaign's SQC file with a completed SQC file. For your convenience, you can download from The FAQ completed 1985.SQC and RedHammer.SQC files that are compatible with all OFP versions.

Vehicles and other objects are sometimes hovering above ground or partially buried below the terrain's surface.

If you've got OFP: Resistance, this is a known problem in versions 1.75 and 1.85. BIS' lead programmer, Ondřej Španěl, says this is a random error in OFP: Resistance's surface handling code. It was corrected as of the version 1.90 upgrade patch.

If you've got an earlier version of OFP and have similar symptoms, take a look here and here to see if either of those cases explains your problem.


Where is the PDF file with the map of Nogova Island?

Although OFP's old version's CD had map files in PDF format for the original three islands, the OFP: Resistance CD does not include a PDF file for the new Nogova Island.

However, you can create a map graphics file of Nogova yourself using the TOPOGRAPHY cheat, as mentioned in this FAQ item.

Who is the voice actor for Resistance's lead character, Victor Troska?

His name is Steven Critchroe. He was hired at the time from Ben Romer Lee, manager of Rhubarb, a voice and audio talent agency in the UK. I find it unusually coincidental that the owner and director of Rhubarb is named Stephen de Montaignac!