Operation Flashpoint: FAQ: Vehicles

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There's a stiff in the driver's seat. Can I drive the vehicle?

In the demo version of OFP, you cannot drive a vehicle if there's a dead person behind the wheel. However in the full version of OFP, all you have to do is approach the vehicle and select GET IN AS DRIVER, as you would for any unoccupied vehicle. In this case, the cadaver will be tossed out on the ground alongside the vehicle.

I'm driving and my vehicle starts zigzagging from side to side!

This problem is resolved as of OFP version 1.30.

If you're running OFP version 1.20 or below, whether you're driving a land vehicle or piloting an aircraft in OFP, there's a bug in OFP that can make you lose control.

One solution is to hit your keyboard's ALT or asterisk ("*") key, which will put you into "mouse look" view but will force your vehicle to go straight. Hit the ALT or asterisk key again to quit "mouse look" view and resume driving.

Another solution to this problem is to jump into 3rd person view and, when the cursor returns to the center of the screen, return back to 1st person view.

Yet another solution is to quickly tap the "A" or "D" keys or right or left arrow keys.

Why are not OFP's AI soldiers boarding boats?

This was a bug introduced in OFP version 1.40 and corrected in OFP version 1.42.

It affected both NATO's PBR and Russia's boats. Many players reported it. This made completing missions such as the 1985 Cold War Crisis campaign's Recon mission very difficult, as you may have had no choice but to kill your teammates in order to complete the mission.

Are vehicle explosions bigger when their fuel tanks or their munitions inventories are full?

Yes. Also, as of OFP version 1.46, fuel stations now explode when destroyed. However, fuel truck explosions are no greater than when other similar trucks explode.

Why do vehicles and planes bounce after being destroyed?

Well, admittedly it is not very realistic, is it? However, BI has reduced the bouncing somewhat in later versions of OFP. So, update to the latest version and see if that reduces bouncing somewhat.

Any submarines in OFP?

There are now! On June 3, 2002, OFP.info link courtesy of
reported the availability of OFP's first sub addon. Several new submarine addons have been released since, and many are available for download from OFP.info link courtesy of

What are LST ships good for?

First of all, they can make impressive and dramatic props in missions.

Second of all, you have the potential of rearming helicopters with more missiles by landing on (if you have OFP: Resistance) or hovering above or near (for earlier OFP versions) the LST's landing pad.