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The ULOTC campaign

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The ULOTC campaign is one, if not the first, fan made campaign for OFP.
The author is Ben Morgan.

Story and background

Ben Morgan said

A 30 odd mission campaign, am I nuts?
Well not entirely, whilst I am a psychology student and ex Territorial Army soldier, I am on my summer holidays, all 4 months of them. I tried hard but failed to get a job and Operation Flashpoint was released.
What resulted, after the thorough playing of the game was this campaign, not merely satisfied by the missions in the campaign I felt the need, initially to create an armored infantry mission and from this (actually the third mission) seed sprung the campaign.
Pretty much everything in it, apart from some of the nationality and nato flags, and the excellent scripting, is my creation and its taken bloody ages! I hope others see it and want to produce missions of their own as a result, and maybe even campaigns.
I hope you enjoy it, its taken me 2 months at 12 hours (!) a day to do this and I'm pretty proud of it.
The first missions are pretty rusty, but after about mission 14 I felt I had a good understanding of the editor and its various strengths and weaknesses. I hope you enjoy it enough to get beyond that stage as there are some truly cool missions after that!

The ULOTC is the University of London Officer's Corps, the actions undertaken
in these missions and the characters actions taken are unrepresentative of the
real life figures they represent.

These missions are dedicated to those I served with and if any of those people
are reading this I hope you enjoy the missions!

Ben Morgan

Any comments/suggestions/CONSTRUCTIVE criticisms email.



JOTC (Joint Officer's Training Corps) ORBAT (Order of Battle): (1)

  • A Coy: HQ of the entire JOTC

ULOTC (University of London Officer's Training Corps)

  • B Sqn: Helicopter assests (gunships and transport) (2)
  • C Tp : Amoured Squadron (approx 24 M1A1 at full strenght,10 WMRs) (2)
  • D Coy: 3 Platoons (Airbourne/Para trained)
  • E Coy: 3 Platoons Mechanized infantry (3)

UWOTC (University of Wales Officer's Training Corps)

  • F Coy: 3 Platoons Light Infantry (4)
  • G Coy: 3 Platoons Light Infantry (4)
  • H Coy: 3 Platoons Light Infantry (Reconaisance)

USOTC (University of Southampton Officer's Training Corps)

  • I Coy: 3 Platoons Light Infantry (4)
  • J Coy: 3 Platoons Light Infantry (4)
  • K Coy: 3 Platoons Marines (beach landings and sea cliff assaults)

ULAS (Univesity of London Air Squadron) (RAF)

  • M Sqn: 2 A-10s (1 WMR) and support (5)

Miscellanious JOTC troops/platoons/batteries. (6)

  • R Bty: 4 M163 Vulcan
  • S Bty: 4 M163 Vulcan
  • T Bty: 4 M163 Vulcan
  • U Bty: 4 M163 Vulcan
  • V Bty: 4 105mm Light guns (7)
  • W Bty: 4 105mm Light guns (7)
  • X Bty: 4 105mm Light guns (7)
  • Y Bty: 4 155mm Howitzer (7)

Attached Platoons (8)

  • Z Sqn: 6 sections Special Forces
  • Logistical, medical, and other support services.

Version History

  • V1 maps 1-4 the original and worst!
    1st Public Release
  • V2 maps 1-9 some fixes and tweaks as my knowledge improves.
  • V3 maps 1-14 some fixes and tweaks, the addition of custom made flags, added
    various addon units where appropriate, added ratings to the missions.
    Mission 4 reprogrammed (4 hours!) and now works as intended (well with a few compromises ;).
    2nd Public release
  • V4 maps 1-27 fixes and tweaks, especially an extensive reworking of mission 1
    as well as an alternative mission one for lower end PC users. Mission 6 reworked.
    Added custom overview textures, custom faces incorporated into soldiers.
    ORBAT added to Glossary.
  • V5 maps 1-33 Play testing and reworkings, Flags updated for v1.20.
    Updated the resolution on overview pics.
  • V6 (Final Version): maps 1-33, play testing and minor tweaking of almost all
    missions, this is the final version and the campaign as I intend it to be.
    Very unlikely to be further updates.
    3rd Public release. Fully play tested.