Operation Flashpoint: Version History

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Operation Flashpoint Version History from v1.00 till v1.46

For versions after v1.46 check here. You can find the download links for all patches of OFP here.

Patch v1.46

(from v1.30)

New features

  • Last-played campaign is selected in the Campaign book.
  • When a user with a different version is connected, a message containing version information is shown.
  • Colors in multiplayer setup dialogs.
  • Soldiers are now better able to aim downwards.
  • Support for simple tables in html files.
  • New scripting function: array set [index,value].
  • New scripting function: array resize newSize.
  • Briefings can be previewed in the mission editor (hold SHIFT when pressing the "Preview" button).
  • Two quote marks encountered in a script expression are parsed as a quote mark.
  • When a starshell is lit, script onFlare.sqs in mission directory is called. Received [[R, G, B], gunner], where R, G, B is the light color from <0, 1>.


  • Memory usage for MC animations optimized. Most MC Data loaded only when needed.
  • SW T&L terrain color randomization removed. This makes terrain memory usage lower. Note: This feature was never present in HW T&L

Bug fixes

  • Fixed (1.46): Destroyed barrels and other empty objects are not reported in statistics nor added to score
  • Fixed (1.46): More ammo for Reammo Ural (same as for Reammo 5tTruck).
  • Fixed (1.46): Appropriate picture for Cessna.
  • Fixed (1.46): 8 men can be transported in Hind's cargo.
  • Fixed (1.46): Helicopter landing with keyboard impossible. When landing, helicopter stops hovering above the ground.
  • Fixed (1.46): Bug in HW T&L code: Material change was sometimes not recognized when polygons shared texture. This caused some trees were rendered darker.
  • Fixed (1.46): net.log file is not being created.
  • Fixed (1.46): Grid location in map one digit only in 1.45
  • Fixed: OGG and JPG files now not compressed during mission export; this bug resulted in ineffective streaming audio support in custom missions.
  • Fixed: Barrels and similiar objects were indestructible.
  • Fixed: Fuel stations now explode when destroyed.
  • Fixed: Vehicle explosions caused no damage to nearby soldiers / objects.
  • Fixed: Briefing HTML error could cause the game to crash during mission startup when malformed HTML was loaded in some custom missions.
  • Fixed: Scripting: Leading and trailing spaces were considered to be a part of label name.
  • Fixed: When an enemy was killed, the killer was always detected, even when there was no one able to detect him. (He was detected by the dead unit).
  • Fixed: When out of memory, the application was crashing. A message should now be shown instead.
  • Fixed: Years in dates now work properly.
  • Fixed: Free look mode is now switched off when getting in/out of vehicle or when a mission is restarted.
  • Fixed: When no display adapter is selected in preferences and no adapter is recognized, select the first one. This resolves the "Cannot create 3D device: Adapter -1" error message.
  • Fixed: Airplane: Autodetection of joystick / keyboard thrust was wrong. After using joystick thrust it was impossible to switch back to keyboard thrust.
  • Fixed: Airplane engines turned off on bumpy surfaces during takeoff, making takeoff with a joystick impossible outside the airport.
  • Fixed: Windows clipboard copy sometimes did not work correctly when non-text data were already stored in cliboard.
  • Fixed: Sometimes the camera followed the wrong person if two players got into a vehicle simultaneously in MP.
  • Fixed: Tanks were jumping after being hit from small weapons.
  • Fixed: Long environmental sounds streaming was not working.
  • Added: Support for looping streaming sounds.
  • Fixed: Scripting: Array parsing inside of brackets was wrong. Example of wrong expression: (+[0]).
  • Fixed: Crashes in MP if player waits in lobby and game is in progress
  • Fixed: Great Monolith gradually growing out of the water after mission reload near A1 grid. (Thanks to WKK Gimbal for discovering when this bug happens.)
  • Fixed: Random crash when custom face texture file was corrupted.
  • Fixed: After MP game in roles display, commanders were red (non ready), but had not button "I'm ready".
  • Fixed: MP: When moving during get in animation, player could see himself as running on top of a vehicle after getting in.
  • Fixed: AI tanks were able to climb hills too fast.
  • Fixed: Infinite loop in script caused game freeze.
  • Fixed: CreateUnit failed when init was specified and could cause crash.
  • Fixed: Crash in joining to empty group.
  • Fixed: Dead AI unit blocked getting out for other AI units in the same vehicle.
  • Changed: Limited helicopter climbing in high altitudes. Maximum possible altitude is now about 2500 m.
  • Helicopter height limit when flying with keyboard removed in multiplayer or veteran mode. It is still used in SP cadet mode.
  • Fixed: Helicopter collective was too sensitive near joystick center position.
  • Cessna flight model and AI pilot improved. (Thanks to WKK Gimbal for a suggestion how to fix it.)
  • Fixed: Airplane joystick throttle was reversed.
  • Airplane climbing in high altitudes limited. Maximum possible altitude is now about 12000 m.
  • Fixed: Player only partially removed from group after respawning to sea-gull. This caused corrupted group list drawing and repeating "xxx is down" message after "Report status" was issued.
  • Fixed: Addons could change config entries that should not be changed, namely base class definiton of ,any class, leading to dammaged functionality or bogus "... uses modified config file" messages.
  • Config protection message "... uses modified config file" is now more specific, the exact location of changed value is displayed.
  • CfgSurfaces protected against addon modification.

Patch v1.30

(from v1.20)

New vehicles

  • BRDM
  • BMP-2
  • OH-58D Kiowa Warrior
  • Bradley

New weapons

  • G36A
  • Bizon
  • Steyr Aug
  • M16 with optics

New single-player missions

  • C01Convoy
  • C02Battlefields
  • B01: Ground Attack II
  • B02: HMMWV
  • B03: Chinook

New multi-player missions

  • 1-7_C_Oilwar
  • 1-8_C_DesertAmbush
  • 1-9_T_Conquerors
  • 1-10_T_TeamFlagFight

Fixes & Improvements


  • Game lobby improved (Game in progress screen contain more information).
  • Voting now possible (missions, kick, restart, reassign).
  • Dedicated server is reporting itself to Gamespy.
  • Network parameter adjustments can be made in Flashpoint.cfg.
  • Bandwidth usage significantly optimized.
  • Ping times are now shown in game lobby and in players overview.
  • Decreased lag when hitting other units.
  • Server performance (CPU load) improved.
  • Server stability improved.
  • Respawning bugs fixed.
  • Vehicle boarding / disembarking / ejecting bugs fixed.
  • Session stability bugs fixed.
  • Fixed - AI killing team killers after respawn.
  • Manual fire enabled if gunner is not another player.
  • Fixed - unkickable ghost players occasionally appeared in player list.
  • Fixed - helicopter gunner did not see any units on the radar.


  • New laser target designators, laser guided bombs and missiles.
  • Several crash bugs fixed.
  • Speed of sound delay is now calculated for almost all sounds.
  • New w-buffer and multitextuing options to help with compatibility issues (Video / Options).
  • AI improved, better reaction to sound, improved bush visibility model.
  • Several ammo and armor parameters were adjusted to be more realistic (including Sabot ammo, AA missiles, ZSU ammo, A10 armor).
  • Boat bugs fixed (east boat gunner, water splash).
  • Soldiers and cars can no longer stay and fire under water.
  • Fixed minor bugs in HW T&L lighting model.
  • Bullet tracers were missing since 1.20. They are now optional (see Options / Difficulty).
  • Tank was wobbling when driving with mouse. Fixed.
  • Airplane ground target engaging improved.
  • Ejection from plane is real ejection, not only jumping out. AI attempts to eject from damaged plane or helicopter.
  • Sky drawing optimized; this can help framerate in high resolutions.
  • Empty tractor and sports cars were flying 1 m above ground. Fixed.
  • iFeel mouse effects did not work. Fixed.
  • When mission was saved while car was braking, car was sometimes frozen after load. Fixed.
  • Player character was sprinting when running up very steep hill. Fixed.

Patch v1.20

(from v1.00 and v1.10)

New Features

  • Steering wheel Force Feedback.
  • iFeel mouse force feedback support.
  • Joystick axis configuration.
  • Joystick support.
  • Pixel shader (1.0) used during night rendering.
  • AT3 (BMP missile) is guided manually (when not locked).
  • Configuration for zoom on right mouse button
  • Rifle recoil to force feedback effect conversion
  • Multiplayer mission wizard
  • Dedicated server support
  • Dedicated server command #shutdown
  • Dedicated server command #reassign
  • MP, Anticheat: Config integrity verification.
  • MP, Anticheat: Exe integrity verification.
  • Additional program parameters - port=... - password=...


  • Damper effects on car wheels is stronger and better visible.
  • Improved: Squad verification is processes on background and no longer causes server to wait.
  • Server display design
  • Context.bin contains more info about process memory.
  • Tank climbing on very steep hills (45-60%)
  • User actions enabled also for AI units
  • Squad validation on server is now processed asynchronously
  • Turret response to aiming quicker.
  • MGun recoil effect was too strong, it was weakened.
  • Temporary directory on server in now Tmp<port> instead of Tmp
  • Multiplayer session description
  • MP code


  • Fixed: Lens-flares are no longer colored in night vision.
  • Fixed: Night vision with HW T&L has no longer colored areas near light.
  • Fixed: Bad state of main menu (no background cutscene). Happens after disconnect from multiplayer game started with command "-connect" or -host.
  • Fixed: AI not attacking on weapon-less targets.* Fixed: Crew leg position after mounting vehicl on the hillside.
  • Fixed: M2 static gun was visible on tank rada.
  • Fixed: fire weapon effects in multiplayer
  • Fixed: Discrepancy between conditions for getting in and automatical eject.
  • Fixed: Landing autopilot now work for all planes both on Everon and Malden.
  • Fixed: Random crash caused occasinally by helicopter flying in formation.
  • Fixed: occasional random crash after unit destroyed.
  • Fixed: Night landscape lighting (terrain was black sometimes even directly undeer lamppost).
  • Fixed: Unit repeats ask for support
  • Fixed: Boat gunner zoom is now limited.
  • Fixed: Apache Hellfires disappers from pylons after release.
  • Fixed: Texture mapping on flags (about 1/8 of texture was skipped).
  • Fixed: Incorrect texture source (like JPG file not loaded) crashes.
  • Fixed: drag & drop empty item in listbox disabled
  • Fixed: Right mouse buttom always zoomed regardless of the controls customization.
  • Fixed: Initial state of ammunition was bad on gunner's computer
  • Fixed: bug in function "removeAction"
  • Fixed: score does not work if squad id entered
  • Multiplayer - Fixed: Ammo reload by gunner in MP (sabot / heat switching)
  • Multiplayer - Fixed: changes of weapons in briefing are sent over network in MP

New Weapons

  • AH64 "Apache"
  • Ch47-D "Chinook"

New Missions

  • Sector Control (Team)
  • Lost Squad (Cooperative)
  • Return to Eden (Cooperative)

Patch v1.10

New Features

  • Customised faces can now be inserted for use in multi-player games, in JPG format.
  • "Walking" mode can be toggled with the 'F' key.
  • It is now possible to turn while reloading.
  • Weapon shadows now reflect the actual weapon held.
  • You can now move when using optics while crouched.
  • You will experience reduced weapon recoil when crouching.
  • It is now possible to sprint when using an ironsight view.
  • Even small hand injuries now cause some weapon trembling.
  • Heavy breathing will cause increased weapon trembling.
  • AI characters now use the "walking with rifle" animation when appropriate.
  • The "NEXT WAYPOINT" command has been implemented for any selected unit - not just the player-commanded vehicle.
  • A server can kick players from the "Players" dialog.
  • A warning message box will be shown in the server briefing if all players are not ready.
  • Blood now appears before an injury is critical.
  • Titles were shown at unlimited distance - distance is now limited to 100m.
  • The ability to create user-defined actions has been introduced.
  • The crash info file context.bin contains more information: CPU registers and version info are saved.
  • Squad pictures and titles are now shown on client machines.
  • New support and checks for add-ons, referenced to version number.


  • AI visual and audible enemy detection is improved, especially for prone targets.
  • AI night vision is less effective.
  • AI now put on/take off NV goggles where appropriate.
  • Interior collisions are improved.
  • Soldiers report sooner for medical assistance.
  • Air friction physics modelling on missiles improved.
  • The LAW and RPG are now faster and burn most of their fuel while in the tube.
  • Missile fire tail is no longer drawn when fuel is burnt out.
  • Airplane target engaging is improved.
  • Airplanes lose less speed while turning.
  • Even if 'turned in', the gunner is now drawn in the external camera view.
  • When connecting through GameSpy arcade, you can now interrupt a "waiting for server" message.
  • Only assigned players, not all connected players, are now shown in a multiplayer game.
  • The design of the server briefing dialog and chat systems has been improved.
  • More transfered properties in multiplayer have been added for airplanes.
  • A more robust handling of the "maximum texture size" and "out of memory" conditions has been introduced.
  • "Invalid vehicle types" are handled better.
  • M113 gunner view improved.
  • Seagull handling improved.
  • Connect/disconnect messages are now localized.
  • Guard band clipping enabled - this solves some issues with clipping sun on nVidia cards, and also increasesperformance on TnT family cards.
  • All reward/penalty cutscenes now marked as played when appropriate.

Mission Fixes

  • Single Mission - 05 Heavy Metal - Mission would rarely not finish.
  • Single Mission - 09 Sniper Team - CPU saboteurs not moving.
  • Single Mission - 10 Commander - Occasionally didn't end.
  • Campaign - 03b Alert - Radio calls M113 'unknown'.
  • Campaign - 12 Spearhead - Spelling errors in briefing.
  • Campaign - 38 StatusQuo - Crash at Laruns.
  • Campaign - 38 StatusQuo - Spanish briefing.


  • Fixed - Problems with prone soldiers invulnerable to being run over.
  • Fixed - Hardware T&L daytime light glitches.
  • Fixed - Watch and compass animations under hardware T&L.
  • Fixed - Problems with compass and watch on re-trying a mission.
  • Fixed - Graphical corruption with Voodoo 3s under Glide.
  • Fixed - In-game resolution switches causing some graphical corruption with certain cards.
  • Fixed - Spinning sight view with an unloaded rocket launcher on your back.
  • Fixed - Preferences resolution not matching in-game selection.* Fixed - Keyboard input disabled during mission loading
  • Fixed - "3rd person view" difficulty option not functioning correctly.
  • Fixed - Autodetect settings for file & texture heap wrong if <128MB reported by Windows.
  • Fixed - Double music volume in Audio options.
  • Fixed - Problems with map marker centring after installation or creating a new user.
  • Fixed - Crash without ammo in ship simulation.
  • Fixed - Save-game corruption if save called when training target was being destroyed.
  • Fixed - User cannot be deleted sometimes.
  • Fixed - Mission objectives not always correctly updated after load.
  • Fixed - Soldier very rarely stays frozen in mid-air when getting out of a vehicle, until moved.
  • Fixed - "End" button in "Player Killed" screen was handled incorrectly.
  • Fixed - Sports car speedometer moving in the wrong direction.
  • Fixed - Friendly units info on map in veteran mode.
  • Visibility during stand up/lay down transitions now correct.
  • Sometimes a tank was aiming at a target in 'prepare' mode only, because the target was already inactive. The tank commander now cancels target in such a situation.
  • When a tank commander was changing weapons often, the weapon change command was sometimes lost. This has been fixed.
  • Minor night-time visibility bugs resolved.
  • AI soldiers watched non-combat enemies, which made weapon selection unstable. Binoculars were also selected for no apparent reason. Only combat enemies are watched now.
  • Tank commander weapon selection is now more stable, especially when engaging cars.
  • When there were no dangerous enemies visible, the importance of weak targets was overestimated. As a result, much stronger weapons were selected than necessary. This problem has been resolved.
  • Camera position is now clipped, so that the camera does not look through objects.
  • Night vision equipment now visible on dead soldiers where appropriate.
  • Reloading with weapon on back is now disabled.


  • Fixed - Problems when two players get into a vehicle simultaneously.
  • Fixed - "Hide body" sometimes not working.
  • Fixed - Vehicle shaking problem.
  • Fixed - Respawn and "high speed soldier" bugs if killed while getting into a vehicle.
  • Fixed - Disabling radio subtitles removes chat ability.
  • Fixed - Procedure "moveInGunner" is now multi-player safe.
  • Fixed - Procedure "moveInDriver" is now multi-player safe.
  • Fixed - Procedure "moveInCommander" is now multi-player safe.
  • Fixed - Procedure "moveInCargo" is now multi-player safe.
  • Fixed - Score register.
  • Fixed - Player assignment bugs.