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Rapify version 1.xx by Mikero.
see readme general

see fixes

Rapify will binarise files into either flashpoint or elite/arma format.

The default is ARMA rapification and can be overridden on the command line to produce Operation Flashpoint format.

ANY file irrespective of it is extension, can be binarised. Thus *.rvmat, *.bikb

  • .ext *.fsm, *.cpp, *.sqm


Rapify [options...] whatever [wherever]

===Output rules===

Rapify provides protection against overwriting the source file (since both plain text and bin file can have same extension)

UNCONDITIONAL: *.cpp to *.bin OR

whatever. * to whatever.*.bin OR

whatever .* to wherever\whatever.*

Options are case insensitive

-S silent (default)
-N Noisy. show processing
-L Lint check only (no save file)
-LE Lint check with external file checking

-A (default) Arma compile.
-O OFP compile
-X Xbox compile

-P do not pause on error

===External File checking ===

Requires that the external file is in the 'correct' location on the <root>: drive. This because all internal references are HARD WIRED to the <root> drive.

The <root> drive is ordinarily P: and it means you would normally extract arma pbo's to achieve this miracle. (Use Arma2P )

Missions can also use relative addressing. There are other subtle nuances to missions and campaigns such as location of the ext folder, mission.sqm should normally be tested inside it is own package folder


There is NO difference in plain text between the them. It is impossible for the dll to determine which way to compile the binary unless it's told how to.

The default compile is for Arma. The -O option specifies OFP

However. it is very, very good practice on your part to be specific, since future engines may use the extract same text (but their binary *might* be different again).

#define _ARMA_ // current default or

#define _OFP_ // or

#define_ XBOX_

should be placed at the top of your config.cpp.

(Note that the dll automatically does this for you on any tool using Derapify )

Similarly the options

-a // current default arma

-o // ofp

-x // xbox

should be specified on the command line.

You have been warned.


For xbox files that require authentication keys use

  1. define_ XBOX_

The 20 key sig will be autogenerated by this application.

       well here we are    

QueryAddons Version 1.xx by Mikero

see readMeGeneral

see fixes

QueryAddons works on individual files, folder(s), or pbo's

QueryAddons works on mission.sqms and/or config.cpp/bin's

file types can be raPified or normal text.

The default use of QueryAddons is to provide a list of addon dependencies for that mission.sqm or config.cpp/bin

it inspects addons[]= and AddonsAuto[]= in mission.sqm. and RequiredAddons[]= in configs

Folder usage is similar. It's intent is to reflect an exploded, or, yet-to-be-made, pbo. Particularly useful for campaign inspection

The files are hunted recursively thru all sub folders (if any)

Pbo usage should be self explanatory, in that QueryAddons is looking inside, as if it were a folder tree.


QueryAddons [-options] File/Folder/OrPbo

Name can be

config.cpp or

config.bin or

mission.sqm or

NameOf[.pbo] or


Options (Optional)

-n csv Output);

-a List Addons (default)

for configs only

-u Units

-w Weapons

-v RequiredVersion

-c ClassName(s) of the addon

config options are aggregated, you can, specify

QueryAddons -aucwv .....

Special considerations:

Pbos are NOT checked or looked for in folder tree mode. It would be illogical to list addons from more than one.

In the unlikely event that both a mission.sqm, AND, a config.cpp is encountered in a pbo or folder. BOTH will make up the list.

Comma Separated Output

csv output (if any) is intended to feed a database, either directly, or, via pipe > .csv

if csv is specified, the type of query (units,weapons eg) is not listed

Config options

are only relevant when config.cpp/bins are encountered. The results of specifying them for mission.sqm's is in-determinate.