Russian Legion

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Russian Legion
Russian legion squad logo.gif
Lernor, STaNuM, RUS, Lord, Fenix, Barsik, Maxim, BOPOH, ILUHA, ska, Ramboofp
Former members
Agent, Estlane, Dark_man, VAmPIRe, Rinza, Raptor, Alex_125mm, Den, Grif, Kir, Ping, Bano, Plastun, Sergio_G, Lex, sanjok, Norik, jecK, MaRio
7th of june 2002


Russian Legion consists of the large group of people from entire world. Our basic language of contact is great and powerful the Russian language. The interest, which unites us into single whole - this is severe virtual war on the Internet servers and all which is connected with it.

We do not strive for world supremacy by power methods. We are not inveterate militarists, simple we are the amateurs of war games and all their modifications in the multiplayer game. If we say that only the game unites us - this is wrong. We are the group of adherents, who are located in the different ends of the terrestial globe, by which it is simply pleasant to associate with each other. We have our own divided and undivided interests, but in essence the spirit of combat brotherhood, aid and mutual assistance connects us. We are not only nameless virtual characters. Many of us are friends in the real life.

The structure of our organization is the original concept, which does not have analogs in the virtual world. The basis of legion - these are rigid military discipline, the culture of contact and the role development of each virtual individual, along the strictly designed system of service ranks and posts. Each legionary is the detail of the enormous organizational mechanism, created for a period of several years. Therefore our system of role contact, beyond the limits of direct battles, is sharpened under the individual user. Each novice, after entering the legion, will find here something and will be able to realize its talents fully. We value initiative and desire, moreover, we support and stimulate it. If you want to create something or to change, why not to discuss this even now?

Our basic purpose, in spite of possible defeats, to bring up in itself high morale. Self-confidence, resistance to all types of attacks and the purposefulness of conqueror. To learn to conquer in any situations and with any conditions. To conquer not only in the virtual battlefield, the political arena, but also in the realias of daily life. But so to conquer itself in itself. It will learn, to preserve composure and composure into the difficult minutes, without forgetting about the friendliness and the command spirit. Task of legion to bring up from the soldiers - commanders, from the uncertain of itself people - real leaders. Soak through the virtual life, to find itself in the real peace. To learn to be a part and one whole simultaneously. To give to understand that victory these are only the style of life, and defeat the unique possibility to understand its own errors.

  • OFP Internet Server: ip port: 2302
  • ArmA Internet Server: ip port: 2302
  • TS2 Server: ip port: 8767
  • IRC Channel: server: port: 6667 channel: #rlegion

At 2007 most of OFP/ArmA Veterans leaved {RL} and independent squad was created under =S= Stroybat name.