Spearhead 1944 CfgGlasses

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Preview Class Name Display Name Used by
G Cigars ca.png G_SPE_Cigar_Moza Cigar (Moza de Trujillo)
G Cigars ca.png G_SPE_Cigarette_Belomorkanal Cigarette (Belomorkanal)
G Cigars ca.png G_SPE_Cigarette_Grundstein Cigarette (Grundstein)
G Cigars ca.png G_SPE_Cigarette_Strike_Outs Cigarette (Strike-Outs)
G Pipe ca.png G_SPE_Pipe_Sir_Winston Pipe (Sir Winston)
Gear Binocular ca.png G_SPE_Binoculars Binoculars
G Ful Vue ca.png G_SPE_Ful_Vue Glasses (GI, Ful Vue)
G Ful Vue Reinforced ca.png G_SPE_Ful_Vue_Reinforced Glasses (GI, Ful Vue Reinforced)
G Dienst Brille ca.png G_SPE_Dienst_Brille Glasses (German, Dienstbrille)
G Sunglasses GER Red ca.png G_SPE_Sunglasses_GER_Red Sunglasses (German, Red)
G Sunglasses GER Brown ca.png G_SPE_Sunglasses_GER_Brown Sunglasses (German, Brown)
G Sunglasses US Red ca.png G_SPE_Sunglasses_US_Red Sunglasses (GI, Red)
G Sunglasses US Yellow ca.png G_SPE_Sunglasses_US_Yellow Sunglasses (GI, Yellow)
G Dust Goggles ca.png G_SPE_Dust_Goggles Goggles (German, Dust)
G Dust Goggles 2 ca.png G_SPE_Dust_Goggles_2 Glasses (German, Dust)
  • SPE_GER_Flamethrower_Operator
  • SPE_sturmtrooper_Flamethrower_Operator
G Polar Goggles ca.png G_SPE_Polar_Goggles Goggles (US, No. 1021)
G SWDG Goggles ca.png G_SPE_SWDG_Goggles Goggles (US, M1944 SWDG)
  • SPE_FR_Flamethrower_Operator
  • SPE_US_Flamethrower_Operator
  • SPE_US_Rangers_Flamethrower_Operator
  • SPE_US_HBT44_Flamethrower_Operator
G GER Headset ca.png G_SPE_GER_Headset Tank Crew Headset