Spearhead 1944 CfgMarkers

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[SPE] Allies

Preview Class Name Display Name
spe icon allies aa cannon.png
SPE_n_Icon_Allies_AA_Cannon [Allies] AA Cannon
spe icon allies aamg.png
SPE_n_Icon_Allies_AAMG [Allies] AA MG
spe icon allies air.png
SPE_n_Icon_Allies_Air [Allies] Air
spe icon allies ammo.png
SPE_n_Icon_Allies_Ammo [Allies] Ammo
spe icon allies armored.png
SPE_n_Icon_Allies_Armored [Allies] Armored
spe icon allies armored at.png
SPE_n_Icon_Allies_Armored_AT [Allies] Armored AT
spe icon allies armored infantry.png
SPE_n_Icon_Allies_Armored_Infantry [Allies] Armored Infantry
spe icon allies artillery.png
SPE_n_Icon_Allies_Artillery [Allies] Artillery
spe icon allies at.png
SPE_n_Icon_Allies_AT [Allies] AT
spe icon allies fuel.png
SPE_n_Icon_Allies_Fuel [Allies] Fuel
spe icon allies gun.png
SPE_n_Icon_Allies_Gun [Allies] Gun
spe icon allies gun battery.png
SPE_n_Icon_Allies_Gun_Battery [Allies] Gun Battery
spe icon allies halftrack.png
SPE_n_Icon_Allies_Halftrack [Allies] Half-track
spe icon allies howitzer.png
SPE_n_Icon_Allies_Howitzer [Allies] Howitzer
spe icon allies hq.png
SPE_n_Icon_Allies_HQ [Allies] HQ
spe icon allies infantry.png
SPE_n_Icon_Allies_Infantry [Allies] Infantry
spe icon allies mechanized.png
SPE_n_Icon_Allies_Mechanized [Allies] Mechanized
spe icon allies medical.png
SPE_n_Icon_Allies_Medical [Allies] Medical
spe icon allies mg.png
SPE_n_Icon_Allies_MG [Allies] MG
spe icon allies mg gun.png
SPE_n_Icon_Allies_MG_Gun [Allies] MG Gun
spe icon allies mortar.png
SPE_n_Icon_Allies_Mortar [Allies] Mortar
spe icon allies motorized.png
SPE_n_Icon_Allies_Motorized [Allies] Motorized
spe icon allies platoon.png
SPE_n_Icon_Allies_Platoon [Allies] Platoon
spe icon allies recon.png
SPE_n_Icon_Allies_Recon [Allies] Recon
spe icon allies repair.png
SPE_n_Icon_Allies_Repair [Allies] Repair
spe icon allies rocket.png
SPE_n_Icon_Allies_Rocket [Allies] Rocket
spe icon allies scout car.png
SPE_n_Icon_Allies_Scout_Car [Allies] Scout Car
spe icon allies section.png
SPE_n_Icon_Allies_Section [Allies] Section
spe icon allies spg.png
SPE_n_Icon_Allies_SPG [Allies] SPG
spe icon allies squad.png
SPE_n_Icon_Allies_Squad [Allies] Squad
spe icon allies tank.png
SPE_n_Icon_Allies_Tank [Allies] Tank
spe icon allies td.png
SPE_n_Icon_Allies_TD [Allies] TD
spe icon allies truck borne.png
SPE_n_Icon_Allies_Truck_Borne [Allies] Truck Borne

[SPE] Axis

Preview Class Name Display Name
spe icon axis aamg.png
SPE_b_Icon_Axis_AAMG [Axis] AA MG
spe icon axis aa cannon.png
SPE_b_Icon_Axis_AA_Cannon [Axis] AA Cannon
spe icon axis air.png
SPE_b_Icon_Axis_Air [Axis] Air
spe icon axis ammo.png
SPE_b_Icon_Axis_Ammo [Axis] Ammo
spe icon axis armored.png
SPE_b_Icon_Axis_Armored [Axis] Armored
spe icon axis armored infantry.png
SPE_b_Icon_Axis_Armored_Infantry [Axis] Armored Infantry
spe icon axis artillery.png
SPE_b_Icon_Axis_Artillery [Axis] Artillery
spe icon axis at.png
SPE_b_Icon_Axis_AT [Axis] AT
spe icon axis axis car.png
SPE_b_Icon_Axis_Axis_Car [Axis] Axis Car
spe icon axis fuel.png
SPE_b_Icon_Axis_Fuel [Axis] Fuel
spe icon axis hq.png
SPE_b_Icon_Axis_HQ [Axis] HQ
spe icon axis infantry.png
SPE_b_Icon_Axis_Infantry [Axis] Infantry
spe icon axis mechanized.png
SPE_b_Icon_Axis_Mechanized [Axis] Mechanized
spe icon axis medical.png
SPE_b_Icon_Axis_Medical [Axis] Medical
spe icon axis mg.png
SPE_b_Icon_Axis_MG [Axis] MG
spe icon axis mortar.png
SPE_b_Icon_Axis_Mortar [Axis] Mortar
spe icon axis recon.png
SPE_b_Icon_Axis_Recon [Axis] Recon
spe icon axis repair.png
SPE_b_Icon_Axis_Repair [Axis] Repair
spe icon axis rocket.png
SPE_b_Icon_Axis_Rocket [Axis] Rocket
spe icon axis spg.png
SPE_b_Icon_Axis_SPG [Axis] SPG
spe icon axis td.png
SPE_b_Icon_Axis_TD [Axis] TD

[SPE] Standard Military

Preview Class Name Display Name
spe icon military std ambush.png
SPE_n_Icon_Military_Std_Ambush Ambush
spe icon military std arrow 1.png
SPE_n_Icon_Military_Std_Arrow_1 Arrow [1]
spe icon military std arrow 2.png
SPE_n_Icon_Military_Std_Arrow_2 Arrow [2]
spe icon military std circle.png
SPE_n_Icon_Military_Std_Circle Circle
spe icon military std destroy.png
SPE_n_Icon_Military_Std_Destroy Destroy
spe icon military std dot.png
SPE_n_Icon_Military_Std_Dot Dot
spe icon military std end.png
SPE_n_Icon_Military_Std_End End
spe icon military std flag.png
SPE_n_Icon_Military_Std_Flag Flag
spe icon military std flag alt.png
SPE_n_Icon_Military_Std_Flag_Alt Flag [Alt]
spe icon military std join.png
SPE_n_Icon_Military_Std_Join Join
spe icon military std marker.png
SPE_n_Icon_Military_Std_Marker Marker
spe icon military std objective.png
SPE_n_Icon_Military_Std_Objective Objective
spe icon military std pickup.png
SPE_n_Icon_Military_Std_Pickup Pickup
spe icon military std start.png
SPE_n_Icon_Military_Std_Start Start
spe icon military std triangle.png
SPE_n_Icon_Military_Std_Triangle Triangle
spe icon military std warning.png
SPE_n_Icon_Military_Std_Warning Warning

[SPE] Animated Briefing

Preview Class Name Display Name
spe icon ab allies 1.png
SPE_n_Icon_AB_Allies_1 Allies [1]
spe icon ab allies 2.png
SPE_n_Icon_AB_Allies_2 Allies [2]
spe icon ab axis 1.png
SPE_n_Icon_AB_Axis_1 Axis [1]
spe icon ab axis 2.png
SPE_n_Icon_AB_Axis_2 Axis [2]
spe icon ab obj ammo.png
SPE_n_Icon_AB_Obj_Ammo Ammo
spe icon ab obj armor enemy.png
SPE_n_Icon_AB_Obj_Armor_Enemy Armor [Enemy]
spe icon ab obj armor friendly.png
SPE_n_Icon_AB_Obj_Armor_Friendly Armor [Friendly]
spe icon ab obj atgun enemy.png
SPE_n_Icon_AB_Obj_ATGun_Enemy AT Gun [Enemy]
spe icon ab obj attack.png
SPE_n_Icon_AB_Obj_Attack Attack
spe icon ab obj box.png
SPE_n_Icon_AB_Obj_Box Box
spe icon ab obj crossroads.png
SPE_n_Icon_AB_Obj_Crossroads Crossroads
spe icon ab obj danger.png
SPE_n_Icon_AB_Obj_Danger Danger
spe icon ab obj default.png
SPE_n_Icon_AB_Obj_Default Default
spe icon ab obj default alt.png
SPE_n_Icon_AB_Obj_Default_Alt Default [Alt]
spe icon ab obj defend.png
SPE_n_Icon_AB_Obj_Defend Defend
spe icon ab obj destroy.png
SPE_n_Icon_AB_Obj_Destroy Destroy
spe icon ab obj documents.png
SPE_n_Icon_AB_Obj_Documents Documents
spe icon ab obj exit.png
SPE_n_Icon_AB_Obj_Exit Exit
spe icon ab obj farmstead.png
SPE_n_Icon_AB_Obj_Farmstead Farmstead
spe icon ab obj halftrack enemy.png
SPE_n_Icon_AB_Obj_Halftrack_Enemy Half-track [Enemy]
spe icon ab obj halftrack friendly.png
SPE_n_Icon_AB_Obj_Halftrack_Friendly Half-track [Friendly]
spe icon ab obj heal.png
SPE_n_Icon_AB_Obj_Heal Heal
spe icon ab obj help.png
SPE_n_Icon_AB_Obj_Help Help
spe icon ab obj intel.png
SPE_n_Icon_AB_Obj_Intel Intel
spe icon ab obj kill.png
SPE_n_Icon_AB_Obj_Kill Kill
spe icon ab obj kill alt.png
SPE_n_Icon_AB_Obj_Kill_Alt Kill [Alt]
spe icon ab obj meet.png
SPE_n_Icon_AB_Obj_Meet Meet
spe icon ab obj mines clear.png
SPE_n_Icon_AB_Obj_Mines_Clear Mines Clear
spe icon ab obj mines plant.png
SPE_n_Icon_AB_Obj_Mines_Plant Mines Plant
spe icon ab obj railway.png
SPE_n_Icon_AB_Obj_Railway Railway
spe icon ab obj roadblock.png
SPE_n_Icon_AB_Obj_Roadblock Roadblock
spe icon ab obj scout.png
SPE_n_Icon_AB_Obj_Scout Scout
spe icon ab obj search.png
SPE_n_Icon_AB_Obj_Search Search
spe icon ab obj strongpoint.png
SPE_n_Icon_AB_Obj_Strongpoint Strongpoint
spe icon ab obj truck enemy.png
SPE_n_Icon_AB_Obj_Truck_Enemy Truck [Enemy]
spe icon ab obj unknown.png
SPE_n_Icon_AB_Obj_Unknown Unknown
spe icon unit able armor.png
SPE_n_Icon_Unit_Able_Armor Able [Armor]
spe icon unit able armored infantry.png
SPE_n_Icon_Unit_Able_Armored_Infantry Able [Armored Infantry]
spe icon unit able baker armored engineers.png
SPE_n_Icon_Unit_Able_Baker_Armored_Engineers Able&Baker [Armored Engineers]
spe icon unit able blank.png
SPE_n_Icon_Unit_Able_Blank Able [Blank]
spe icon unit able charlie armored infantry.png
SPE_n_Icon_Unit_Able_Charlie_Armored_Infantry Able&Charlie [Armored Infantry]
spe icon unit able easy armor td.png
SPE_n_Icon_Unit_Able_Easy_Armor_TD Able&Easy [Armor&TD]
spe icon unit able easy charlie armored infantry.png
SPE_n_Icon_Unit_Able_Easy_Charlie_Armored_Infantry Able&Easy&Charlie [Armored Infantry]
spe icon unit able spg.png
SPE_n_Icon_Unit_Able_SPG Able [SPG]
spe icon unit able td.png
SPE_n_Icon_Unit_Able_TD Able [TD]
spe icon unit baker blank.png
SPE_n_Icon_Unit_Baker_Blank Baker [Blank]
spe icon unit baker fox atinfantry.png
SPE_n_Icon_Unit_Baker_Fox_ATInfantry Baker&Fox [AT Infantry]
spe icon unit baker mg.png
SPE_n_Icon_Unit_Baker_MG Baker [MG]
spe icon unit baker sappers.png
SPE_n_Icon_Unit_Baker_Sappers Baker [Sappers]
spe icon unit charlie baker infantry.png
SPE_n_Icon_Unit_Charlie_Baker_Infantry Charlie&Baker [Infantry]
spe icon unit charlie blank.png
SPE_n_Icon_Unit_Charlie_Blank Charlie [Blank]
spe icon unit charlie infantry.png
SPE_n_Icon_Unit_Charlie_Infantry Charlie [Infantry]
spe icon unit dog blank.png
SPE_n_Icon_Unit_Dog_Blank Dog [Blank]
spe icon unit dog recon.png
SPE_n_Icon_Unit_Dog_Recon Dog [Recon]
spe icon unit easy blank.png
SPE_n_Icon_Unit_Easy_Blank Easy [Blank]
spe icon unit easy mech.png
SPE_n_Icon_Unit_Easy_Mech Easy [Mech]
spe icon unit easy spg.png
SPE_n_Icon_Unit_Easy_SPG Easy [SPG]
spe icon unit easy td.png
SPE_n_Icon_Unit_Easy_TD Easy [TD]
spe icon unit easy td 1.png
SPE_n_Icon_Unit_Easy_TD_1 Easy [TD]
spe icon unit fox atg.png
SPE_n_Icon_Unit_Fox_ATG Fox [ATG]
spe icon unit able 3d.png
SPE_n_Icon_Unit_Able_3D Able [3D]
spe icon unit baker 3d.png
SPE_n_Icon_Unit_Baker_3D Baker [3D]
spe icon unit charlie 3d.png
SPE_n_Icon_Unit_Charlie_3D Charlie [3D]
spe icon unit dog 3d.png
SPE_n_Icon_Unit_Dog_3D Dog [3D]
spe icon unit easy 3d.png
SPE_n_Icon_Unit_Easy_3D Easy [3D]
spe icon unit fox 3d.png
SPE_n_Icon_Unit_Fox_3D Fox [3D]

[SPE] Flags

Preview Class Name Display Name
spe icon flag ffi.png
SPE_n_Icon_Flag_FFI FFI
spe icon flag fra.png
SPE_n_Icon_Flag_FRA FRA
spe icon flag ger.png
SPE_n_Icon_Flag_GER GER
spe icon flag us.png
SPE_n_Icon_Flag_US US

[SPE] Insignia

Preview Class Name Display Name
spe icon insignia 1stid.png
SPE_n_Icon_Insignia_1stID 1st ID
spe icon insignia 275th.png
SPE_n_Icon_Insignia_275th 275th
spe icon insignia 29thid.png
SPE_n_Icon_Insignia_29thID 29th ID
spe icon insignia 2ndad.png
SPE_n_Icon_Insignia_2ndAD 2nd AD
spe icon insignia 30thid.png
SPE_n_Icon_Insignia_30thID 30th ID
spe icon insignia 352nd.png
SPE_n_Icon_Insignia_352nd 352nd
spe icon insignia 352nd 2.png
SPE_n_Icon_Insignia_352nd_2 352nd [2]
spe icon insignia 3rdad.png
SPE_n_Icon_Insignia_3rdAD 3rd AD
spe icon insignia 4thad.png
SPE_n_Icon_Insignia_4thAD 4th AD
spe icon insignia 4thid.png
SPE_n_Icon_Insignia_4thID 4th ID
spe icon insignia 6thad.png
SPE_n_Icon_Insignia_6thAD 6th AD
spe icon insignia 9thid.png
SPE_n_Icon_Insignia_9thID 9th ID
spe icon insignia generic ffa.png
SPE_n_Icon_Insignia_Generic_FFA Generic FFA
spe icon insignia generic ffi.png
SPE_n_Icon_Insignia_Generic_FFI Generic FFI
spe icon insignia generic sturm.png
SPE_n_Icon_Insignia_Generic_Sturm Generic Sturm
spe icon insignia generic us.png
SPE_n_Icon_Insignia_Generic_US Generic US
spe icon insignia generic wehr.png
SPE_n_Icon_Insignia_Generic_Wehr Generic Wehr
spe icon insignia pzlehr.png
SPE_n_Icon_Insignia_PzLehr PzLehr