Spearhead 1944 Scenario Effects

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The effect objects added by Spearhead 1944 allow scenario creators to add special effects, such as fire, sounds, smoke and light effects, to there scenarios without the need of scripting.

Ambient Light Effects

Light 100 m Illumination

Creates a light source with a slightly concentrated light source.

land spe fx light 100.png

Light 300 m Illumination

Creates a light source, illumination is uniform within 300 m, useful when you want to have visibility during night time.

land spe fx light 300.png

Artillery Ground Lights

Simulates light casted by distant explosions. Can be used either to create the atmosphere of a battle or as a way to illuminate the area around the player from time to time.

land spe fx artillery ground lights.png

Artillery Sky Lights

Simulates the light of explosions reflected by clouds or particles in the air.

land spe fx artillery sky lights.png

Ambient Misc Effects

Ground Fog linked to player

Creates fog out of particles around the player, in principle to be used in conjunction with vanilla fog for a more dramatic effect.

land spe fx player fog.png

Low Fog

Creates rectangular patches of fog, to be placed over puddles, lakes, river beds etc. It can be rotated to fit the area better.

land spe fx low fog.png

Night Clouds linked to Player

Simulates night clouds during night time made out of particles. Useful when you want to benefit from the lighting of a full moon without using vanilla overcast and still have clouds.

land spe fx night clouds.png

Ambient Sound Effects

Big Fire Burning Sound

Creates a sound source of a burning place.

Binaural Battle Sounds

Plays sounds of distant explosions and shots straight into the headset using binaural sounds. Useful when you want to create a battle environment.

Fire Effects

Big Fire

Creates a relatively big fire, with its own light source and sound. Does damage to players and AI.

land spe fx big fire.png

Fire Burst

Creates a fire, with its own light source and sound. Does not do damage and its direction can be tweaked by rotating the object.

land spe fx fire burst.png

Line of Fire

Generates a 1 meter line of fire effect. Does not have its own light or sound source, does not do damage. Its direction can be tweaked by rotating the object.

land spe fx line of fire.png

Roof Fire

Creates fire effect which sticks to the highest point in the vicinity either is a roof or floor. Does not have its own light source, though it has a sound and it does not do damage.

land spe fx roof fire.png

Small Area Fire

Creates a fire effect covering a small area on ground, it has no light source of its own and does not do damage.

land spe fx area fire.png

Small Flame

Creates a fire effect in a column. Does not have its own light source, it has a burning sound and does not do damage.

land spe fx small flame 01.png

Small East-West Flame

Creates a 1 meter line of fire on the east-west axis, it has a sound, the orientation of the effect/object is not tweakable as for the line of fire effect from above.

land spe fx east west flames.png

Small North-South Flame

Same effect as above only that is generated on north-south axis.

Smog Big

Creates a plume of smoke above an area.

land spe fx smog big.png

Smog Night

Creates a smoke effect which is visible during night time and simulates distant fires or smoking area. Does not have a light or sound source.

land spe fx smog night.png

Smoke Medium

Creates a smoke effect, when you want to make a fire more “smoky”, it has no sound or a light source of its own.

land spe fx smoke medium.png

Wreck Fire

Creates the wreck on fire effect, uses less particles than vanilla one, it has some randomization built in so the same effect may differ in appearance when used more times. It does damage to units and it has a light and sound source.

land spe fx wreck fire.png

Technical Description

All visual special effects are executed on the client side of our game hosting system. Currently we don’t have SFX executed on the server. They are not synchronized across clients per se but they behave like they are (with some delays which should not impact gameplay). If it is needed we can have scripts executed on the server and synchronized.

Visual appearance of the special effects in Eden Editor will be different most of the time from what you see in the mission. That is why you should inspect them while running the mission to see the final outcome. In Eden Editor, for example, you might notice lights flickering when placing objects that have a light source. Also, some sounds might be muted, with the exception of the SFX objects which are sounds only.

SFX objects are dependent on player distance to those objects, so make sure your character is close enough to see the SFX in action. The “activation” distance may differ in the future but for now, most object’s triggering distance is set to style="text-align:right;" | 500 m meters.

There are a series of objects that will not be executed in Eden Editor because they are not dependent on distance to the player or position on the map, and this will save performance. Also these objects can be placed anywhere on the map. You only need to place one to get the desired effect. Any additional object of those types will be auto-deleted.

So far in this list of objects we have:

  • night_clouds
  • fog_around_player
  • artillery_sky_lights
  • artillery_ground_lights
  • binaural_battle_sounds

Some effects depend visually on the direction of the object set in Eden Editor, e.g. fire burst. Some effects are calibrated for usage during night time, usually the name of the object will provide a hint, e.g. Smog Night. Not all fire SFX have a light source or a burning sound. For saving performance you can use only one light source and/or one sound source in case you have a group of fire effects in a relatively small area. (Sound source can be found in assets under SPE effects in Eden Editor as objects)

Related Functions

The following functions handle the SFX objects.

SPE_fnc_initObjectFX \WW2\SPE_Core_f\FX_ParticleEffects_f\FX_System\fn_initObjectFX.sqf
SPE_fnc_isObjectFXActiv \WW2\SPE_Core_f\FX_ParticleEffects_f\FX_System\fn_isObjectFXActiv.sqf
SPE_fnc_ObjectFXHandler \WW2\SPE_Core_f\FX_ParticleEffects_f\FX_System\fn_ObjectFXHandler.sqf
SPE_fnc_setObjectFX \WW2\SPE_Core_f\FX_ParticleEffects_f\FX_System\fn_setObjectFX.sqf

SFX Entities in Eden Editor

Display Name Class Name Activation Distance Multiple allowed Direction has Effect
Small Column Flame Land_SPE_FX_small_flame_01 200 m Checked Unchecked
Small East-West flame Land_SPE_FX_East_West_Flames 200 m Checked Unchecked
Small North-South flame Land_SPE_FX_North_South_Flames 200 m Checked Unchecked
Small Area Fire Land_SPE_FX_Area_Fire 200 m Checked Unchecked
Roof Fire Land_SPE_FX_Roof_Fire 200 m Checked Unchecked
Smoke Medium Land_SPE_FX_Smoke_Medium 500 m Checked Unchecked
Fire Burst Land_SPE_FX_Fire_Burst 200 m Checked Checked
Smog Big Land_SPE_FX_Smog_Big 2000 m Checked Unchecked
Smog Night Land_SPE_FX_Smog_Night 2000 m Checked Unchecked
Big Fire Land_SPE_FX_Big_Fire 500 m Checked Unchecked
Small Flame Land_SPE_FX_small_flame_02 200 m Checked Unchecked
Light 100 m Illumination Land_SPE_FX_light_100 500 m Checked Unchecked
Light 300 m Illumination Land_SPE_FX_light_300 500 m Checked Unchecked
Big Fire Burning Sound Land_SPE_FX_burning_sound_big 200 m Checked Unchecked
Night Clouds linked to Player Land_SPE_FX_night_clouds 20000 m Unchecked Unchecked
Artillery Sky Lights Land_SPE_FX_artillery_sky_lights 20000 m Unchecked Unchecked
Artillery Ground Lights Land_SPE_FX_artillery_ground_lights 550 m Unchecked Unchecked
Binaural Battle Sounds Land_SPE_FX_binaural_battle_sounds 20000 m Unchecked Unchecked
Low Fog Land_SPE_FX_low_fog 2000 m Checked Checked
Ground Fog linked to Player Land_SPE_FX_player_fog 20000 m Unchecked Unchecked
Line of Fire Land_SPE_FX_line_of_fire 1000 m Checked Checked
Wreck Fire Land_SPE_FX_wreck_fire 200 m Checked Unchecked

Eden Editor Attributes

The following attribute can be used to turn off all effects without the need to remove carefully placed objects from the scenario.

Eden Editor >> Attributes >> General... >> [SPE] Effects >> Enable Objects Effects

In order to only turn off a specific effect use the attribute found in the object specific attributes.