Storied Veterans

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Storied Veterans
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brombeerwilly, Balu (Merc), Cyclone, futureMan, Hannibal, haselnusshans, Hoot, Jironimo, Kettenhund, Li77le3w0k, Loox, milchmann, NaBoKi, odIN, Sphinx, Treffnix
Former members
Grisu, Mordechai, SnIpErPiT, trauma, aikon, speedy, cOnFu
Successes Hell-of-Vietnam CUP (2nd), Classic Combat League (2nd), Kings-of-Battlefield (1st), Last Combat League (unfinished)

The Storied Veterans (aka StoV) is an Operation Flashpoint & Armed Assault Clan, that serves since quarter II of 2002 on the fields of glory of OFP.


The Storied Veterans were founded in Berlin (Germany) in 2002 by three ex-soldiers of the german federal army, that have served together in the Kosovo-War in 1999. The clan was foremost called

Today the StoV consists of people from Austria, Holland and Germany (all civilians nowadays), organised in 4 squads consisting of two grunts, one assistant squadleader and a squadleader. Although it looks like mil-ranking, potentially, these ranks are nothing more than representative ranks.

The structure is simple: it is called democracy! Nothing happens without a clanwide poll.




The AlphaSquad is skilled to gain air and land superiority by using aircrafts, APCs and their feet, mostly to protect first strongholds or any other vital position and second friendly armoured vehicles. They are also specialised in MOUT.



The BravoSquad is a recon and support squad that secures friendly units on advances or fallbacks. The common gear is a handgun, long-range rifles or aussault rifles, plus at least one shot anti-armour just to protect the squad from attacks by hostile APCs.



The CharlieSquad is the storied veteran's one and only tankplatoon, ever riding the main battle tanks on the battlefields. The squad is also skilled in destroying or disabling hostile MBTs afoot, that potentially endangering friendlies. However, the chance to get a shot from a 120mm Rheinmetall main-gun, is much higher than beeing contacted with a shouldered AT from Charlie.



The DeltaSquad is the storied veteran's SpecOp Squad, therefore not much intell is available, but one thing: Silence means nothing!

Clan tag

The [StoV] tag is a wilful play on words. In german the StoV is an abbreviation of the 'Standortverwaltung', the civilian lead (housekeeping, grass mowing and so on) management of a german batallion. Although they are handy sometimes, the mils don't like them much and due to the slowness of the StoV in thinking, acting and organising, the mils have declared the slowest measurable speed as 'one StoV'. In memory of the 'Standortverwaltung' of the batallion the founders of the storied veterans come from, the 403th, this tag was choosen. Doubtless with a big smile on the face!

A leading '[', preceding the member's nickname, is a simple sign of relatedness between the member and the clan.

ArmA-Gameserver (Online: Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays)

The gameserver is currently equipped with the following Mods:

* crCTI 1.0rc @DVD v0.52

Access is available through goArmA the ArmA-Ingame-Browser, or directly via The ArmA-Server is a now a penguin powered 1.08 ArmA-Server. The ArmA-Server-Port is 2402.

Find all allowed modifcations and addons named here as soon as we have managed to bring the signatures online:

Watch out for future listings

OFP-Gameserver (Online: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays & Sundays)

The gameserver is currently equipped with the following Mods:

* BAS - complete
* Bw-Mod
* Bw-CTI 1.73 -new-
* DesertCombat
* FinMod - includes WWII Addons
* GDT Pack
* Invasion44 - Demo
* LOL Pack
* Russian Naval Infantry
* Suchey USMC
* WGL5
* Winterofp

and hundreds of missions of any kind - from Deathmatch to CTI. Access is available through the OFP-Ingame-Browser, the All-Seeing-Eye or directly via

The OFP-Server is a (win32) 1.96c OFP-Server, running on a penguin powered machine. The Port is 2302. Players that are trying to be annoying with a countless attempt (10 times per minute) to connect to our server, will face an 24 hours IP-Ban. Cheaters will face auto bans of both, the IP and the ID. If you have the feeling being banned, surf to our Bantester to learn more about a possible ban of your ID.

Please note that our system will automatically load maps subject to the loaded Mods. That means in short, that you won't find a BAS mission loaded with the server, when the USMC Mod was loaded only. Furthermore only members of the Storied Veterans can change the server settings through a handy AdminPanel. Admin voting is enabled.

Allies and Friends

The Storied Veterans are hand in glove with the following Clans:


  • StoV remote AdminPanel for Flashpoint internally released
  • WinterOFP
  • goArmA released April 2007