Swedish Army Mod

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Swedish Army Mod


2D Tobe
3D Tobe, Nordin, Matte54, Zsalheden
Script Nordin
Code Stiltman, Nordin
Betatest SSG-Clan
External Gustav Embretsen (AK5C)
Released March 2010
Version 1.1 beta
Web http://www.samstudios.se/
Swedish Army Mod


The Swedish Army Mod was founded at Christmas 2009. Swedish Army Mod, mostly known short as SAM, is a completely free modification-project for the military simulator Arma 2. The goal is to add a modern and realistic vision of the Swedish military into the game, giving you the possibility to simulate all kinds of scenarios with friends or by yourself through the the games powerful mission-editor. Much focus is put on functionality and details, in order to “force” players into using given equipment as realistically as possible. SAM is also dependent on the huge popular modification Advanced Combat Environment (ACE2), which provides a lot of useful mechanics and interfaces to push the functionality and realism of our content to the highest possible level that the current game-engine allows.


On March 2010 the mod released their first beta 1.1. The mod built up on the CBA Addon.

  • SAM 1.1 beta (dead link)

Future Plans

From the release of the public beta in 2010 the SAM team has been continuing to work on SAM focusing mainly on infantry combat, during 2011 and 2012 a number of internal betas has been released to SSG-Clan for testing and will lead up to the release of SAM 2.0 hopefully sometime in 2012.

This will include new character models vests, puches, helmet, new systems like the buddy reloading for KSP58 (M240) and GRG (Carl Gustav recoilless rifle) and also the SUAV Falken with custom interface and functions that can be seen in the features playlist on our youtube.


Official Project Website

Official Youtube Channel