Take On Helicopters: Custom Liveries

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By using the PSD templates available in the samples package, you can create your own custom liveries. But after you save out the final TGA texture files, you'll still need to configure the game to use them.


  • Place the TGA textures in an appropriate data folder.
  • List the files in a textures.lst so they get packed into the PBO (depends on the packing pipeline you're using).
  • In the CfgVehicles class of your helicopter, configure the new textures like shown below.


hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"HSim\MyHelicopter_H\data\heli_light01_MyLivery_ext_co.paa"}; //Heli_light01_ext_CO_TEMPLATE.psd


hiddenSelectionsTextures[] =
	"HSim\MyHelicopter_H\data\Heli_Medium01_MyLivery_main_co.paa", //heli_medium01_main_co_TEMPLATE.psd
	"HSim\MyHelicopter_H\data\Heli_Medium01_MyLivery_ext1_co.paa" //heli_medium01_ext1_co_TEMPLATE.psd


hiddenSelectionsTextures[] =
	"HSim\MyHelicopter_H\data\Heavy_MER_1_MyLivery_CO.paa", //Heavy_MER_1_CO_TEMPLATE.psd
	"HSim\MyHelicopter_H\data\Heavy_MER_2_MyLivery_CO.paa", //Heavy_MER_2_CO_TEMPLATE.psd
	"HSim\MyHelicopter_H\data\Heavy_MER_3_MyLivery_CO.paa" //Heavy_MER_3_CO_TEMPLATE.psd


Use the setObjectTexture script command to change the livery on-the-fly. The index corresponds to the place in the above config samples. So texture listed first is index 0.