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Not working with every vehicle type!

The engineOn command not working with all the vehicle types. You can turn on the engine of every vehicle (Air, Land and Sea), but you can't turn off the engine of helicopters. This is a known problem, and it was already reported in Arma 2 Link to DevHeaven.net (dead link), but somehow it's still not working in Arma 3 Beta 0.70.


           (vehicle player) engineOn true;
           -Turn on any vehicle.
           (vehicle player) engineOn false;
           -Turn off any vehicle except Helicopters (Air).

If you still want to turn off the engine of a helicopter, you can use the Action - EngineOff commands instead of engineOn. You also can use this to turn it on.


           player action ["engineOff", (vehicle player)] ;
           -Turn off any vehicle.

Arma 3 logo black.png1.28 engineOn False Arma 3 1.28.127008 Helicopters

RE:"(example corrected, note edited (engineOn false works fine on helicopters, if you experience problems, report it on feedback tracker))"
Just tested still does not work, I will submit a report but im pretty sure im not the only one. Killzone Kid what version did you test this on, are you using Dev branch? If so I see no reason to report this yet.
--Benargee, Sep 06 2014

Make a ticket with repro, I cannot answer this until I can see what you are doing. --Kk
Ok so I did this with the included Arma 3 debug menu. I place a empty helicopter in editor(MH-9), name it heli. In game I run heli engineOn true engine starts up fine, I wait a few seconds, then I run this code: heli engineOn false Nothing happens, engine still keeps on spooling up.
I will try and run it from a script instead of debug, but i doubt that will make much difference. I can also upload a video too.
--Benargee, Sep 07 2014
Works for me --KK
Arma 3 logo black.png1.35Just tested this on dev 1.35, Works flawlessly! --Benargee (talk) 05:24, 16 October 2014 (CEST)