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Effects not global? After testing (ArmA2 v1.05.62017) on a dedicated server with multiple clients, I believe that the effects of setDamage are not global. I conducted two rounds of tests. Round one involved using an addAction to manually setDamage a shack (Object ID 3137) on Utes to .5 and another addAction to display a hint. I executed the action on one client (client 1) and then displayed the hint which said .5. I then activated the hint on a second client (client 2) and the damage still showed 0. If I then shot the shack on client 1 and re-displayed the hint the damage incremented showing .51378. Then switching to client 2 I re-displayed the hint and it showed damage of .01378 which reflected the damage from bullets but not the previous setDamage on client 1. I thought perhaps since the effects of addAction are local that it influenced the results so in the second round of tests I disabled setDamage on the clients and instead had a server only script setDamage the shack to .5 and then send the damage level to the .rpt via diag_log. The .rpt showed .5 but hints on the clients on showed damage as 0. --Loyalguard 03:00, 26 March 2010 (CET)