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What exactly is the condition to work setMissileTarget and setMissileTargetPos?

I searched config upside down and so far, I think this is the way to detect the ammo class has ability to use setMissileTargetPos.

_ammoClass = (configFile >> "CfgAmmo" >> _class); ({getText (_x >> 'componentType') == 'LaserSensorComponent'} count ("true" configClasses (_ammoClass >> "Components" >> "SensorsManagerComponent" >> "Components")) >= 1 and (getNumber (_ammoClass >> 'manualControl') == 1))

But TBH I'm really not sure this detects accurately. Anyone who has more IQ and knowledge of CfgAmmo configuration, can give me/us more information about this? Does SensorsManagerComponent actually do something in these commands?

-POLPOX (Jun 25 1603 UTC)