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TASKFORCE is a Team vs Team gamemode for Armed-Assault 2

  • Team vs Team
  • One base (safe area, enemy NoGo) each team
  • Fixed organisation of four squads
    • Free choice of weapons (some are limited at all), but only in base
    • two player/squad have to be medic class
  • Squad leader can build
    • a Forward Operations Base (FOB)
    • some defence weapons
    • medic tent
    • ammo supply
    • needs 2 special assets in vicinity to build and squad has a limited budget
    • FOB is a teleport target for all players of a team from main respawn
  • Respawn time of player depends on teamkills and civilian casualties
  • Personal heavy anti-tank weapons are limited
  • Only a few amount of armored vehicles
  • Only a few amount of attack aircrafts
  • Repair/Refuel only by truck
  • Ammo boxes can be loaded/transported by truck and transport helicopter
  • Civilian inhabitants as a neutral element (AI).
    • A kill costs the player a higher respawn time
    • a IED will be randomly placed near another friendly player
  • Global ticket count, decreasing by
    • Death of players
    • Kill of a civilians
    • time of securing key areas

Actual status

  • Work in progress, v0.0.1
  • Roadmap (dead link)

Project page

Taskforce - Projectpage at Dev-Heaven.et (dead link)