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Template GVI/branch stands for Game Version Information: branch.

  • {{GVI}} uses this template.
  • This template defines {{GVI}} CSS styles (GVI frame colours, with <span style="value">), and icons such as arma3 beta version.gif or arma unknown version.gif (versus arma version.gif).
  • Only arma and arma3 games are supported.



  • game: in the Template:GVI format, e.g arma3, ofp, tkoh etc.
  • version: (Optional, default 1) game version in format <Major>.<Minor>, e.g 1.00, 1.86 etc.
Code Result
{{GVI/branch|arma1|?}} unknown
{{GVI/branch|arma3}} release
{{GVI/branch|arma3|0.00}} alpha
{{GVI/branch|arma3|0.25}} alpha
{{GVI/branch|arma3|0.50}} alpha
{{GVI/branch|arma3|0.74}} beta
{{GVI/branch|arma3|0.75}} beta
{{GVI/branch|arma3|0.99}} beta
{{GVI/branch|arma3|1.00}} release
{{GVI/branch|arma3|4.00}} release
{{GVI/branch|arma3|dev}} dev
{{GVI/branch|arma3|diag}} diag