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Displays an Armaverse Timeline item - a line in the big table of Time.



  • type: See icon template
  • metadata: more information, usually the mentioned person's name (not displayed, hidden by CSS)
  • year: a number
  • date: a more precise date if available, to format MM / DD ("approx" if no more information)
  • description: text describing the event. Use html <h4></h4> tags to name an event (usually the mission name), <h3></h3> for a title.
  • bgColor: background color - (Optional, default "white") use LightSteelBlue for title
Named parameters
  • start: defines the top border's thickness (in px). e.g: |start=2
Code Result (put in an additional table)
{{Timeline_Item |ARMA3| |2035|08&nbsp;/&nbsp;02| <h4>Within Reach</h4> Kerry joins a small team bound for Stratis. }}
Existing table

Arma 3

2035 / 08 / 02

Within Reach

Kerry joins a small team bound for Stratis.