Terrain Processor: Heightmap: ASCII DEM Convert

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Task details

Task name : Heightmap: Create from Geodetic .asc

Dll plugin name : BITasksPlugin.dll

Geometry type : None

Heightmap : Yes


Algorithm creates UTM ASCII heightmap from geodetic .ASC digital elevation models.

TerrainProcessor Heightmaps.png

  • Orange  - regular geodetic heightmap
  • Blue - new terrain UTM heightmap

Task parameters

  • Easting - UTM easting coordinate
  • Northing - UTM northing coordinate
  • Zone - UTM zone
  • Hemisphere - UTM hemisphere (Northern, Southern)
  • Rows & columns count - Rows and columns count
  • Cell size - Cell size in meters.


Conversion tool, creating UTM heightmap from Geodetic heightmap.


  1. Load geodetic ASCII DEM.
  2. Prepare heightmap with size and position in UTM.
  3. For each cell in heightmap:
    1. Get its UTM coordinate
    2. Convert UTM coordinate to geodetic coordinate.
    3. Get height from geodetic ASCII heightmap with bi-cubic spline function.