Terrain Processor: Line: Segments Objects

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Task details

Task name : Line: Segments Objects

Dll plugin name : BITasksPlugin.dll

Geometry type : Polyline, PolylineM, PolylineZ

Heightmap : No


Method puts objects on polylines nodes with rotation to next node.

Task parameters

  • Objects distance - Distance between objects.
  • Centerline offset - Offset from center line to objects line
  • Spline interpolation - Use Bezier spline instead of original polyline.

Object prototype parameters

  • OBJECT - Object's prototype name
  • PROB - Object's probability
  • MINHEIGHT - Minimal size in %
  • MAXHEIGHT - Maximal size in %
  • ROTATION - Rotation offset in °


You may create polylines of powerlines with node on each pole, and use this module to place the poles with correct rotation.


For each shape (linear) do :

  1. For each node on polyline do:
    1. Compute right forward rotation
    2. Add object prototype