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A great deal of angst, frustration and misunderstandings surround would be map makers using animated buildings on their maps.

The very first, and very infamous misunderstanding is that your animated building opens doors when you place it in the game editor, but simply does not work when you bake it into a map (wrp).

For this magic to happen, you must have class land_nameOfP3d and model = NameOfp3d;

It is that simple.

class house_f; // almost always 
class land_my_great_building: house_f
    ..... the rest doesn't matter
  • Note that you can have land classes for other p3d class 'types', and they are optional. But if you wish to use the unique and very special properties of class=house, you must have a land_xx to go with it.

It is that simple.

And for these animations to happen at all either in the in-game editor or otherwise, your p3d has to have it's geolod property set to class=house as a minimum. There are other, less used, animation class types, such as 'housesimulated' and 'fuelstation' but you are on pretty firm ground using class=house if you expect doors to open.

It is that simple.

A land_xx trigger list of all objects used on the map that *need* land classes to operate correctly is automatically baked into that wrp by pboProject. (Geolod class=house is the prime candidate, but there are other much less used class= types that pboProject also takes care of.)

if doors (eg) still won't open, then you don't have that land_xx class in any config.cfgVehicles in the game.

Under those circumstances, it's up to you to create one.

See also: Building Land Classes


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