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PboProject Version 2.xx by Mikero
see aaaReadMeGeneral and fixes

For dos mode, see the accompanying document.


The self installer ensures that this tool is integrated with other Mikero PboTools. It is not designed for manual installation.

This tool also requires:

1) Mikero's tools

  • DePBO.dll
  • MakePBO.exe
  • Rapify.exe
  • DeOgg.exe

Grab the self installers for these here

2) Bis tools


  • Personal Tools 2.5.1 for Arrowhead OR
  • Steam Tools for Arma3 OR
  • OfpTools package from ofpec for Ofp/Resistance OR
  • XboxTools package from ofpec for Elite OR
  • All of above.

3) Microsoft dll's Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 Update 4 (64 bit)

It may already be installed on your system via other application downloads unrelated to these tools.

What is pboProject?

All mention of 'binpbo' also means 'addon builder' for a3

pboProject is binPbo on steroids. It has been in existence for some years as the tool behind cwr2. A mod that packs dozens of pbos for distribution.

pboProject allows you to build one, or dozens of pbos in one operation.

(A 'pbo' is an .xbo, .ebo, .ifa, or .pbo, dependent on engine type selected)

The basic philosophy is:


  • For your interest, this is the topology used by BIS with their chained model.cfgs. Advanced model makers will already be using this architecture and they now have a packer they can use.
  • For your interest, this is the method of providing patch pbos. So called hotpatch. One huge pbo later followed by smaller ones only containing a child folder or three.

Selecting any one of the above 'Source Folders' will generate one, or, multiple pbos determined by the content of that source folder and it is children (if any)


  • P:/MyProject -> (re)builds everything
  • P:/MyProject/MyMissions-> (re)builds all the missions only
  • P:/MyProject/MyObjects/MyPlants->(re) builds a single 'plants' pbo
  • There is no restriction in depth. MyPlants, could be separated into (at least) two other pbos MyPlants,/MyBushes, and MyPlants/MyTrees
  • For simple use, clearly, if there are no child folders of consequence in MyProject, then only MyProject.pbo is built.

Folders of consequence: The presence of a config.cpp/bin, mission.sqm. or desc.ext (for campaign) marks the beginning of a pbo for that folder and all it is children (if any).

Note that any subsequent configs in child folders are NOT pbo's in their own right. They become part of the classic, 'multiple addons within a single pbo'. This is the method by which you initially release one big pbo, and for subsequent patches to plants (eg) you merely repack plants!!!

The other major features of pboProject are:

  • Exhaustive file reference checking in any file containing them. (configs, bisurfs, rvmats, wrps and p3d's etc)
  • Ability to have any mix of pre-binarised/pre-rapped AND plain Jane files in the source folder.
  • Binary animations other than ofp2_manskeleton
  • No requirement to have a copy of ca\ (or any other 'addon') in your_projects folder
  • No requirement to have p3d helper p3d's to pack textures that are only referenced by configs (icons eg)
  • Absolute certainty that a mixture of all texture types (tga,png, pac, pax) produce the very latest paa file.
  • strips the log file of irrelevant messages making it readable again for locating problems with your p3d
  • The full power of dePbo.dll including compression, and all the other good stuff hidden away and transparent to the user.
  • Automatic delivery of the target pbo(s) into the correct location of an @mod folder
  • Automatic detection of the typeof pbos required. Any mix of addon, mission, and campaign pbos.
  • Implementation of Bi's += array syntax for configs.

Be aware: All mikero's tools will initially frustrate you. The intent is to PREVENT you building crap. Better to frustrate you before you load Arma, than constant crash to desktops. You will come to prefer professional results over persistent, build, start game, wait crash, build start game, wait crash, build....., ask on the forums, get a silly answer, build, crash, ask again, build wait a long time, crash only if in corner of the map. Aaaaaaaaaargh!

The dll is quite likely to give you a specific reason for the bad result, and it expects you to fix it. 'Errors' range from simple typos to known, under-the-covers issues with the engines(plural) that break if you create a p3d with no geolod (exaggerated licence used).

The most forbidding of all errors is your addon works, but unknown to you at the time, destroys all others. The dll wont let you. Expect to be frustrated and thank me later.


Bis tool sets:

pboProject autodetects the location of bi's, and other, mikero tools. It utilises pal2pace, dssSignFile, and binarize.exe and (dsCreateKey if discovered).

pboProject distinguishes the difference in tools between Arrowhead 2.5.1 and Steam. Both are accommodated.

pboProject only uses bis binarise.exe for UNbinarised p3'ds, wrps and rtm. All other file types are handled by the dll.

Pbo Types:

pboProject distinguishes between:

  • Addons (any folder containing a config.cpp/bin)
  • Missions (any folder containing a mission.sqm and no config)
  • Campaigns (any folder containing a desc.ext and no mission or config)

The differences result in:

  • pbos with/without prefixes
  • pbos sent to different parts of the mod folder

Internal packing characteristics

  • All relevant bi files are transparently checked and packed. All non relevant files are not packed. There is no need to specify exclude, or include lists.
  • All relevant files are binarised (or rapified if they can be rapified). Examples are config.cpp, rvmats, bisurfs, texheander.bin, wrp, p3d.
  • The packer analyses specific file types for errors. Typo's in mission.sqms, bad references in p3ds, missing classes in configs.....
  • tga pax and png files are checked for staleness. Unlike binPbo it is an almost-certainty that the correct filedate is worked with. Picture files intended only for configs or missions are fully accounted for.

The Gui Dialogs

Main Panel

Mod Folder : AnyDrive:\any\where

This is the mod folder. It is NOT the destination of the pbo, it is the root of the destination(s).

The mod folder can be anywhere. It is intended to be the same specification as you supply to the arma -mod= command line

The packer will create pbo's in


as appropriate.

Also see the setup panel for creating a mod.cpp for your entire mod.

Source folder: workspace\your_tag\some\where

Is always specified from the root drive. workspace must match the workspace in setup.

the 'workspace' can be as simple as p:\ The workspace defines the start of the engine's virtual address space.

PboProject successively scans the Source Folder looking for pbo's to make.

examples are shown in the foreword above

There are variations on this simple folder topology based mostly on your own creativity and imagination.

Note that configs within configs are not deemed to be pbo's in their own right. It is a reasonably common practice to have multiple addons (configs) in the same pbo.

The practice of BI to sometimes NOT provide a cfgPatches class in a pbo is unacceptable. It prevents crash to desktops and assists in correct loading order.

If you wish to build addons without configs, without a cfgpatches class, this quality tool is not for you.

The detection of a config establishes the prefix of the pbo (but see comments re $pboprefx$.txt at end of document)


Should be obvious.

View Output

You can view the output with mild interest to see whether specific files are being compressed eg, or rapified eg, or simply being excluded. At the end of the day, EITHER, you get no errors, OR, you will get an error listed as the last message on the console and an accompanying messageBox to warn you of the failure.

bis binarize.exe has never been fixed by Bis to return anything except good status. As a result, the packer can only assume everything is ok. Fortunately, binarize does show a halt gui to warn you. (but is of no use for a calling program or dos batch file)

View BinLog(s):

This only applies to p3ds wrps and rtms.

Similar to binPbo, a .log is .generated for each pbo it binarises.

The location of these logs are in workspace\temp

As a convenience, individually processed pbo's can be viewed here. The button cannot (obviously) view multiple pack logs and will display the folder of logs instead


Noisy Output:

Should only be used when you strike trouble to locate the, offending error via View Output. It should not be used for normal packing. The output content is enormous and consequently ties up a lot of processing time.

Strip log:

Since arrowhead, bi broke a great deal of binarize.exe and it produces erroneous class conflicts and missing stringtables. This because binarize no longer respects the cfgpatches class for load order. Perhaps a necessary evil to speed processing up since it is only scanning for land classes, each one of which is unique.

In additon, bis binarize produces a great deal of (unimportant) st warnings.

The end result is that the .log is too noisy to find REAL errors.

striplog removes this noise.


StripLog.bat is installed in mikero's pbotools folder.

You can tailor it to suit your needs by adding / removing phrases that you don't/ do want appearing in the log. As suppled, it removes 99% of noise.

Sign Pbos:

the pbo is signed after transfer to the mod folder.

An invalid, or lack of, a privatebikey results in an error

Full Build

Identical in intent to binPbo's clean temp. Essentially an 'all bets are off, rebuild everything' check box.

Unlike binpbo some files are always rebuilt. You can safely do a full build, once, using this packer. And, faster-rebuild steps for subsequent alterations. The packer is very aware of all nuances of tga / png files and the need to include them even when they are not used by a p3d or wrp. It is very sensitive to changes of source files that binpbo ignores.

Check Externals:

Uses the dll to scan all file references in all files of the pbo to ensure they are valid.

This presumes you have all necessary pbo's extracted to your workspace. And for almost all creations (such as visitor and oxygen, this will be the case anyway).

Mission Folder is?

pboProject cannot distinguish between SP and MP missions. You need to tell it where to place the resulting pbo in the mod folder.


sets less used parameters that are not normally changed between sessions such as location of your private bikey and which engine you're compiling for.


Establishes the correct 'pbo' as required:

  • Arrowhead: Produces arma files as generated by Personal Tools 2.5.1
  • Arma3: produces arma 3 files as per steam tools.
  • Operation Flashpoint: a different Rapifier and different file referencing (almost as brain dead as the current method, but they had an excuse back then).
  • Xbox:, a different checksum (and unicode output)
  • Ifa: produces arma pbo's with ifa extensions.
  • vsblite: produces xbo, pbo files with appropriate encryption


Normally set to P:\ You can however set it to \any\where.

Any\where becomes the start of 'what the engine sees'.

Private Key : AnyDrive:\any\where\YourTag.biprivatekey

specify your biprivatekey if signing pbo's

you can create a personal key using the createkey button. pboProject comes with it is own copy of dssignfile if none can be found.

Addon folders: Island builds only


The packer ignores

  • Source\*.*

The packer only use this for wrp creation. Ignoring it for all other pack types which dramatically increases throughput.

There is now, no requirement to copy configs into your project area (which was, frankly, ridiculous).

When creating island wrps, bis binarize needs to locate the land_p3d class for each p3d encountered in the wrp (if any). This to enable animations (such as doors) to happen IN an island. (identical editor placed objects ON and island behave differently).

Binarize locates the land_p3d class by scanning configs. It is your responsibility to provide (a series of) extracted addons that contain configs that contain p3d references for objects you use on your island. Hardly a difficult task, since in order to add objects to islands you've already extracted those folders!

pboProject simply synchronises the "workspace" you're already using in an understandable manner.

The config can be a config.bin or a config.cpp

The default addon is workspace\ca which, by inference contains all addons in the official bis pbos. Much the same could be said for workspace\a3 if you are building islands for Arma3. Neither are relevant to your island if none of your island objects derive from ca (or a3) p3d's !!!

What will be relevant is a comma separated list of paths to all addon(s) used on your island.

EG: If you're using some custom buildings on your terrain, and they, and their config, are located in workspace\MyTag\CustomStuff, then you'd ADD that folder to the "Addon Folder(s)" list simply by clicking the Addon Folder(s) button and navigating to the required location.

This will ensure your custom building classes are located and any animations, etc your buildings may have will be properly implemented.

You can add as many 'addons' as required. Note that the more precise the list, the less time is spent by binarize.exe in scanning.


Allows you to rebuild the comma separate list of paths to scan.


mod.cpp is a file placed directly in the root of your @mods folder. It provides various displayable elements about you and your mod in the game engine.

the panel should be fairly self explanatory.

When things go bang.

Use the View Output button.

Simply select the noisy option and reprocess. The exact cause of the problem and it is location in a file is pretty verbose.

technical notes

the packer is hard-wired to use workspace\temp to store files for bis binarise

The 'temp' folder behaves in identical manner to binPbo. It is a place to store intermediate files for packing.

The temp folder is only used if bis binarize.exe is invoked and pboProject tries to avoid doing so.

Using $PBOPREFIX$.txt : Optional

Bis have made increasing use of var=something in the header of pbo's to expand the meaning of that pbo. These strings are called token pairs. (bis binarize calls them -properties)

Such examples are


product=ifa // a pbo intended only for ifa engines

product=a3 // ditto

svn= 1567 // a vbs2lite encryption key



These token pairs are as numerous (and as long) as a piece of string. There is no limit to their quantity. Anything not understood / not looked for, in the header is ignored by the various engines. Most token pairs even if understood are optional (even prefix=)

$PBOPREFIX$.txt if present in the same folder as the root config.cpp (eg the root folder of the intended pbo) is examined for token pairs

such pairs are inserted into the header of the pbo.

This mechanism works via the dll and is unconditional. It is not dependent on bis binarize or any other tool.

If you place (or leave after extraction) a prefix.txt in the folder, it is contents will be reflected into the new pbo.

Thus, if you were making a pbo intended solely for arma3, you would state

  • product=a3

you could just as easily state

  • Author= I am famous

It is quite legal to have multiple $prefixes$ in child subfolders (with attendant configs). They are ignored.

They are used at the time you choose to issue only a pbo of that subfolder. It is the subject of pbo patching and outside the scope of this document.

Historical $PBOPREFIX$

$PBOPREFIX$.txt is an alias for any of the following file names

  • $PBOPREFIX$.txt
  • pboPrefix.txt

The reasons for the different names are a progression from the early dayz of xbox elite to the present time. The dll recognises any of them as being valid.

Rtm Skeletons

All animation.rtm's can be binarised (for engines arrowhead and beyond). BinPbo can only binarise ofp2_manskeleton. This packer does better.

pboPacker examines the rtm for the 'correct' skeleton to use. By default, this is ofp2_manskeleton.

For all other skeletons pboPacker reads the model.cfg of this pbo and uses the last (or only) class cfgskeletons entry.


//model.cfg in this pbo folder

class CfgSkeletons
class Default;


class BridgeSkel : Default
skeletonInherit = "Default";
skeletonBones[] =
"1","", //components that will animate on destruction

For whatever reason the packer cannot binarise the rtm, there is no ill effect, the rtm simply appears in the pbo as a plain jane.

For this mechanism to work the following rules apply:

  • Only rtms containing a common skeleton can be binarised in this pbo. You can have any number of p3ds and any nubner of skeleton classes pertaining to those p3d's in the model.cfg for this pbo, but the last skeleton class must pertain to this pbo's collection of rtms (and potentially p3d's as well)..
  • The first model.cfg encountered in a reverse traverse is the model.cfg used by pboProject to binarise rtm's
  • A reverse traverse occurs in identical manner to bis. There need not be a model.cfg in the pbo folder, but one just behind it, or just behind that, and etc.

Reading the above rules, it should be obvious that you can't have soldier.p3d's and bridge.p3d's in the same pbo.

As a general rule, there is no issue here, since, in general, a pbo contains nothing but one or several variations of the same tank, bridge, building or spotted girraffe.


Mike Andrew, Norfolk Island, Oct 2013